Wanda's Picks for August 2014

Wanda's Picks for August 2014
The Central High School transplant is so funny as he dons many hats or personas – men and women, most relatives and younger selves – as he takes us on a journey into an American history lesson civics classes should not miss. His is the kind of history …
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Cycling-Pinot leads the way for new French generation
PARIS, July 27 (Reuters) – For the first time in 30 years France had two riders on the Tour de France overall podium on Sunday – and there could be more to come from a wave of rising talent. Veteran Jean-Christophe Peraud and youngster Thibaut Pinot …
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Russians being forced to report dual nationalities
One Muscovite who went to the authorities said officials were cheerful and helpful when asked about renewing her passport. “But when I asked about declaring my second nationality the woman turned to stone and told me to come back after the law enters …
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Thai government forced to beg access to offices

Thai government forced to beg access to offices
Tens of thousands of passport applications were piling up, they said. Bankruptcy declarations needed …. "But I told them I'm a civil servant and I have to serve the people … if I have to quit my job to let us go back to work, I'd do it." ___ …
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Dear America, I Saw You Naked
The TSA saw the near-miss as proof that aviation security could not be ensured without the installation of full-body scanners in every U.S. airport. But the agency's many critics called its decision just another knee-jerk response to an attempted …
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