Surprising downtown bar selected to have first Austin bitcoin ATM

Surprising downtown bar selected to have first Austin bitcoin ATM
UPDATE: Since this article was published, it has been reported that bitcoin ATMs were installed in Albuquerque on February 18 and Boston on February 19. Austin's bitcoin ATM will be the first machine installed by Robocoin, which announced on February …
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Bill Hancock's Olympic letters home: Grandfather Frost, don't forget your
Here are excerpts from his latest update, Friday Feb. 14: • Walked through about four blocks of fairly new houses here. All had red roofs. … A little dog yapped at us in Russian. A man sat on his front porch. It was an upscale neighborhood, but …
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First 'world citizen' Garry Davis dies

First 'world citizen' Garry Davis dies
WASHINGTON – Peace activist Garry Davis, who dramatically renounced his U.S. citizenship in the dark days of the Cold War and founded a government for self-declared “world citizens” like himself, has died. Davis passed away in a … Lacking papers from …
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Coming to America? If it's a Sunday, get ready to queue
The restaurant was all noise and bustle, but most of us could work out what was happening: as people left, you'd move up the queue and eventually you would be seated. This was not good enough for my friend, who, … This is the capital city of …
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UPDATE: Passport Potash Completes First Phase of Drilling on Hopi Property

passport update
Image by jpmatth
well this is it, the last night before i leave. tomorrow i work until lunch, then ride the train to chicago and leave o’hare sometime around noon the next day. 13 hours later we get to narita international and head off to the first of three hotels.

updates from me will be sporadic or non-existent until i get back on november 3rd. i imagine it’ll take some time to process all the pictures, so my daily shooting practice is now officially on hiatus until the japan pictures are finished.

i’ll have my laptop and cellphone so whenever i can get a wifi signal i’ll be able to read email and check in to a few places, so i should be semi-reachable through normal methods. response times will be delayed though and remember to account for the time zone difference: +14 hours if you’re in illinois.

580ex, 35mm, 1/128 about 8" away at upper right, vivitar 2000 firing up into ceiling as soft fill on the flat surfaces.

UPDATE: Passport Potash Completes First Phase of Drilling on Hopi Property
Passport Potash Inc. (PPI.V) has completed the first phase of its drilling program on the Hopi private land that is "checker-boarded" with Passport's southern landholdings in the Holbrook Basin in Northern Arizona. A total of 8 holes were drilled in …
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This New App Is Your Passport To Hassle-Free Account Management
Well, that's because Passport functions in a markedly different way from how Twitter for iOS does. Passport is actually the official account management app. If you have an account, you can use Passport to update …
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Eat and drink your way through Passport DC's European Union embassy tour
Embassy of the European Union Delegation: Ambiguous “refreshments” are promised. (Update: According to Ren Althouse of the E.U. Delegation, “We will have assorted pastries in the morning and European sandwiches in the afternoon, free for visitors.”) …
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