Ways to Cut Foreign-Travel Hassles in 2015

Ways to Cut Foreign-Travel Hassles in 2015
On-arrival visas are now available at India's key international airports to travelers with U.S. and Mexican passports. Apply and pay online (indianvisaonline.gov.in; $ 60) at least four days before arrival, receive authorization by email, print it, and …
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France's Le Pen says Paris attacks work of US or Israeli agents: report
He compared this to the “miraculous fact” – beloved by conspiracy theorists – that one of the passports of the 9/11 hijackers was found on the ground in New York after two planes collided with the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in 2001, the …
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Supreme Court To Consider Case On Passports Of Jerusalem-Born Citizens
The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Monday for a second time in a case that combines Middle East policy with the dueling foreign policy roles of the president and Congress. It's a political hot potato that asks what U.S. passports should say about …
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passport plans spark human rights fears
“We should never forget that these are exceptional powers which could be mistakenly used against any of us, and in a civilised democracy there must always be processes for subjecting the claims of the state to independent scrutiny,” Mr Francis said.
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ASIO fears extremists slipped net

ASIO fears extremists slipped net
Going overseas brutalises them, it militarises them, it gives them far more capacity to do us harm then they had before they left,” the Prime Minister said. Canadian terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had his passport cancelled before he attacked Canada's …
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Migrant Workers Don't Need to Live in Slavery
But you have an unexpected need for cash because your kids are sick, or maybe because your family business has gone under, so you decide to apply for the job. Your new employer, acting through … You can't leave, because you don't have your passport …
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