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Don't get stuck in the millions-strong surge of passport applications. Renew now.
“We encourage passport applicants to apply for or renew U.S. passports well ahead of planned travel,” said Brenda Sprague, deputy assistant secretary for passport services, “as we anticipate longer-than-average wait times for passport processing …
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Syrian refugee applicant dreams of unified family in Halifax after years apart
Youssef Aasar, his wife Alya and his son Yaqub, stand in the dining area of their apartment in Halifax on Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. Aasar says he dreams of his family being reunited, coming together after their flight from violence-torn northern Africa …
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Ten days into dharna, family members of 40 Indians abducted in Iraq get little

Ten days into dharna, family members of 40 Indians abducted in Iraq get little
For the past 10 days, 36 family members of the abductees – all from low-income families in Punjab – have been sitting on a dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, demanding some information about the government's attempts to bring back their loved ones. Of …

State of the nation address 2015: Foreigner voting rights an opportunity for
With the June 7 referendum in mind, the PM commented that “we are of the opinion that participation should not be limited to those people who have a Luxembourg passport, but must also apply to those, who live, work and reside her.” … of a 10-year …
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Emmanuel Sithole Is Dead
Standing in the queue you wonder what there is to prevent armed robbers from coming out of the dark and relieving us all of our $ 81 application fees and passports. Then the waiting begins. Outside, by the gate and facing the building is a paved, shaded …

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Josh Thomas' items stolen in NJ
New York Jets reserve cornerback Josh Thomas tweeted Monday that his "playbook" — stored on a team-issued iPad — was stolen. So was his passport, and he issued a public appeal to have the items returned. The Jets confirmed the playbook is missing …
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For Family Sued by Nanny, a Vacation Becomes Legal Limbo
The reason for the refusal is related to an allegation by the family's former nanny that she was physically and emotionally mistreated and underpaid in the eight weeks she spent in their employ in New York. The family will spend the weekend finding a …
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Tips to make your next road trip a learning experience for the whole family

Tips to make your next road trip a learning experience for the whole family © 1996-2014 The Washington Post. Help and … What started for us as a spontaneous day trip to simply check another state (Iowa) off our list ended up being one of the most fun and meaningful learning experiences to date. … Our …
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Fall 2014 Passport day at UT Tyler Oct. 18
“The UT Tyler Office of International Programs has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to provide this important service to the campus community and public,” Dr. Kennedy said. “We want to make applying for a passport convenient for everyone.”.
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How 1280 Artworks Stolen by the Nazis were Hidden in a Munich Apartment

How 1280 Artworks Stolen by the Nazis were Hidden in a Munich Apartment
The old man produced an Austrian passport that said he was Rolf Nikolaus Cornelius Gurlitt, born in Hamburg in 1932. ….. (Nazi-era art hoarders—they're just like us!) A Very German … German restitution laws that apply to looted art are highly …
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Friends, family doubt arrested Dearborn man was on way to join Hizballah
Hamdan said the timing of his trip to Lebanaon would depend on his ability to get a Lebanese or U.S. passport. To be able to apply for a temporary passport, he filed a police report March 4 with Dearborn Heights police saying his passport had been stolen.
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A young, gay immigrant comes out of two closets
Born in Guatemala, he is in the U.S. illegally, even though he speaks and thinks in English and considers himself as thoroughly American as his U.S.-born classmates. Nor until recently had he … Vicente didn't have a driver's license, passport or …
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Atletico success led by family values
His name is also written forever in English football folklore because, at the 1998 World Cup Final in France, he fouled David Beckham and then went down when Beckham retaliated, getting Beckham sent off. That was Simeone: brutally devious. Back in …

On USA vs. Russia And What Happens When You Miss The Most Patriotic
I had to leave my apartment to get on the subway by 9:45 a.m.—which meant going underground and losing all connection with the hockey-watching world—because I am the worst at planning weekend trips. Long story short, I didn't check the calendar three …
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Replacing a Lost Passport Overseas

A lost passport is inconvenient enough when you’re at home, but when you’re overseas it can be terrifying. After all, you need your passport to get home, and being stranded in a foreign country with no ID is just not fun. Fortunately, you can get your lost passport replaced quickly if you take the proper steps to do so.


The procedure for replacing a passport while overseas is different from the procedure for replacing a lost passport in the United States. Here’s what you’ll need to do:


Contact your nearest US Embassy. It’s a good idea to make a note of where the nearest US embassy is and get its contact information before you travel. You can look up this information here.

You will need to visit the embassy or consulate in person and provide information to verify your identity, including your name, your birthday, where you were born, your passport number, and when and where your lost passport was issued to you. This is why experts recommend that you make copies of your passport’s information pages and carry them separately from the actual document. The embassy will do its best to help you obtain and verify any information you don’t have.

If you don’t have any proof of identification, you may need to get a traveling companion to vouch for you.

If you’re completely alone, your friends or family may be able to contact the embassy and confirm your identity.

You will need to pay the standard passport fees, but if you don’t have money and there’s no way for you to get access to funds before you are supposed to leave, the Embassy may issue you a free passport good only for 3 months.

Passports are not issued on weekends or holidays; however, there is always one officer on duty for life and death emergencies and if you have an urgent situation the officer may be able to make arrangements with your airline and immigration to have you transported home to the US without a passport. However, this is not guaranteed.

You’ll need new photos, and the embassy will direct you on where to get them.



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Minecraft offers a virtual way to be with their deported friend
Rodrigo Guzman, 10, lived with his family in Berkeley until U.S. officials took their passports while the family was traveling to Mexico. It could be a place with their own rules, where it would seem as if their friend was still next to … Rodrigo was …
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Nevada DMV mulling driver privilege card paperwork
People will need to obtain and renew cards annually, and the cards won't be used as official identification to board a commercial aircraft or enter a U.S. federal building. Applicants will need to verify their identity with documents such as a passport …
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Immigration snafu looks like it will impact family, business
When the couple came to the United States earlier this year, Krykant received a stamp on his passport waiving his criminal record specifically for his tourist visa. To get his business visa, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services … denied, because …
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