New Passport Rules to Come in Force from November 2016 for USA Citizens

Citizens of USA, who are looking to get a new passport or renew their passport, will need to follow some new rules and regulations for the same. Rules regarding passport photos are changing and it will come in effect from 1 st November 2016. As per information obtained from AAA Northeast, candidates looking to apply for fresh US passport or passport renewal need to remove their spectacles while clicking pictures for the passport.

This step is being taken as it is getting difficult for the U.S State Department to verify the identities of various travelers. Continue reading

The People Vs. Nan-Hui Jo: Domestic Violence Victim Becomes Criminal

The People Vs. Nan-Hui Jo: Domestic Violence Victim Becomes Criminal
In the state's eyes, 43-year-old Nan-Hui Jo was a child abductor; Jo herself maintains that, when she left the United States in 2009, she was fulfilling her visa obligations and fleeing a long history of domestic abuse. Before her return to the United …
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Regional Paper Talk: Carvalho eyes PL

Regional Paper Talk: Carvalho eyes PL
… his frustration at his season so far but was delighted to get on the scoresheet at Wembley for England last night. USA international DeAndre Yedlin is not ruling out the possibility of moving to Tottenham in January as he waits to receive his …

Brannan leads in campaign spending
With less than a month to go before the mid-term elections and early voting set to begin in a few weeks, the remaining hopefuls for school board and clerk of courts are in the home stretch of their respective campaigns. Most of the four candidates …
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