It's 'heartbreaking' being stuck in Italy's most exclusive resort for

It's 'heartbreaking' being stuck in Italy's most exclusive resort for
Now the Chilean-born New York socialites refused re-entry to the US, after being accused of 'enslaving' their Chilean nanny, have broken their silence to – to say that it is 'heart-breaking' spending Christmas in Portofino. Malu Custer …
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Illegal immigrants, including 50000 Bangladeshis, in New York City getting IDs
More than half a million illegal immigrants including over 50,000 Bangladeshis living in New York City are going to receive Municipal Identification Card to access key city services previously beyond their reach.
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Passports Just in Time for Boarding
So there they were on June 11, one surprisingly collected young Brooklyn couple, outside the New York Passport Agency at 376 Hudson Street, the busiest of the nation's 17 passport centers, serving up to 3,000 frazzled travelers a week. There are 9,400 …
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Exclusive: Libya oil rebel's brother arrested in UAE

Exclusive: Libya oil rebel's brother arrested in UAE
Siddiq al-Sour, a chief investigator in the state prosecutor's office, said Khalid Jathran was arrested in the United Arab Emirates when he had tried to renew his passport at the Libyan embassy. "The information we got from Interpol is that he was …
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Barack Hussein Soebarkah?
Now to Ann Soetoro's links with Subud and to a brief discussion of the Barry "Soebarkah" mystery associated with Ann Soetoro's 1968 passport renewal application. Read the following excerpt from SubudVoice in 2011 (and please note that I have italicized …
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Sudanese refugees tell of turmoil, poor living conditions in east African nation
… feel it is too dangerous to return to their homes, despite a truce between the warring factions, highlighting the danger of renewed violence as both sides trade blame for sporadic violations of a ceasefire agreement signed last week in neighboring …
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How your passport is made — exclusive behind-the-scenes footage

More than 5 million passports are printed a year and this is how they are made. The famous red books — which will be 100 years old on 1 January 2015 — are …

SA FastTrack Services SA Fast Track is the leader in renewing or replacing South African Passports for South African Citizens living abroad. We pride ourselv…
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