Poland hopes for EU approval of visa free travel for Ukrainians

Poland hopes for EU approval of visa free travel for Ukrainians
Poland gave up control of its visa policy, when joining the Schengen area, where passport and all other border controls have been abolished. All EU member states, except the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia belong to the visa union, …
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Zim Thanks South Africa
PRESIDENT Mugabe has thanked South Africa for its patience in dealing with the problem of illegal Zimbabwean immigrants in that country, while also calling for recognition of the contributions by his other countrymen and women in making that country …
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Our own Stalin? – Zaid Ibrahim
Your passport is impounded as well. You are treated like a terrorist. No other country in the world puts religion in the public sphere and makes it a … It will apply even to you. Let's say your sister is entangled in a custody dispute and is unable …
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Emily and Jack get a passport to popularity

Emily and Jack get a passport to popularity
Welcoming the new passport holders, Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan said: “Amelia and Lily entered the top 10 names for girls, and while I was disappointed to see Charlie drop two places, I am pleased that it remains in the top 10 for boys.
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Former Fiji PM says passport seizure is harrasment
The director of Immigration, Nemani Vuniwaqa, is quoted in the Fiji Sun newspaper as saying Mr Chaudhry is not entitled to such a passport, but can apply for an ordinary one and then travel on that. Mr Chaudhry describes to Bruce Hill how the incident …
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After 522 Years, Spain Seeks To Make Amends For Expulsion Of Jews
… that occurred in 1492," says Mauricio Toledano, secretary-general of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, which is one of the groups that will help the Spanish government evaluate passport applications from Sephardic Jews around the world.
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New passport card for travel in EU arriving early in 2015
A passport card for travel within the EU is to be made available early next year. Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has backed the initiative by the Passport Service, which began before his appointment. Mr Flanagan intends to launch the new …
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EU, Interpol fight epidemic of stolen, fake passports
Some people use false passports to get a visa for a particular country while others use them to get out of their own countries, especially when trying to go abroad on asylum claims. "Often, asylum seekers come from countries without a functional …
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Passport adalat planned for southern districts
Applicants waiting to get passports and those with other grievances can approach the officials at Madurai Regional Passport Office (RPO) here on June 10. People who had submitted their applications seeking fresh passport booklets, but still waiting to …
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British nationals wanting to renew or obtain a British passport should avoid leaving their applications too late. You currently need to allow at least six weeks for a passport renewal and eight weeks for a first time application, according to Her …
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Applying for a Passport
If you're leaving in two weeks or sooner, make an appointment with a Regional Passport Agency. In Washington, the center, at 600 19th St. N.W., is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on …
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Manaus, Brazil: Gateway to the Amazon

How to Shut Down the Government: A Primer
apply for a passport online
Image by Merrill College of Journalism Press Releases
By Dean Donald F. Kettl
School of Public Policy
University of Maryland

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – So, you’d like to shut down the federal government? Here’s an easy how-to primer, in four steps:

STEP 1: Just sit there.

No action required here. The federal government is exactly the opposite of the private sector. In the private sector, you can do anything you want, as long as it’s not forbidden by law. In government, you can do only what the law specifically requires. No money, no work.

This is the easy part. The federal government’s current authority to spend money expires on March 4. If Congress does nothing, the government can’t spend money.

Congress was supposed to have passed a new budget before the government’s official new year’s day on October 1. It didn’t – and passed a short-term continuing resolution (called a CR up on Capitol Hill). Actually a couple CRs. One expired in December, and that was extended until March.

Call it Crazy, but when the current CR expires, so does the government’s ability to do anything that spends money.

Well, almost. Some government operations are self-funded, like the U.S. Mint and the Postal Service. Because they raise their own money, they can stay open.

Some government operations – mostly entitlements – have permanent appropriations, and money continues to flow until the law is changed. So, the government could continue to pay Social Security. It’s just that it can’t pay anyone to sit in the Social Security offices to process applications. However, during the government shutdowns 15 years ago, complaints built up so fast that exceptions were made.

Congress stays in business. The President still goes to work. So does the cabinet. But they’re very limited in what they can do.

STEP 2: Don’t plan on doing business with the federal government. There won’t be anyone at the Social Security Administration to answer your calls about your check.

The friendly rangers at the National Parks won’t be able to let you in because they won’t be there. The Wright Brothers flyer and the Apollo 11 command module will still sit in the National Air and Space Museum, but you won’t be able to see them. The Washington Monument will be closed. The beautiful recreation area overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge will be chained shut. So too the hiking trails at the Angeles National Forest.

Also, don’t look to the Centers for Disease Control to keep an eye on flu outbreaks.

We won’t be able to hire new border control agents, though the ones we have will still be at work.

Projects to clean up toxic waste dumps will stop.

The Iraqi vet who just returned home won’t be able to visit a health clinic or apply for benefits.

STEP 3: Keep an eye open for the "excepted activities." Employees performing work deemed essential to public health and safety will show up.

The air traffic controllers in Chicago will be at their radar screens and federal prison guards will keep an eye on their charges. TSA screeners will still be running everyone’s favorite scanners.

Patients in V.A. hospitals will get care, even if the outpatient clinics for vets will be shuttered.

And, not to worry: the IRS will happily collect your taxes, though you might not be able to call for advice about your deductions.

The State Department will run its Middle East desks to keep an eye on the turmoil sweeping that part of the world, but federal agencies won’t be able to process grants to help beleaguered state governments. The feds will watch demonstrators in Tripoli but not manage grants for Wisconsin.

STEP 4: Get ready to clean up the mess afterwards. Government shutdowns are never very pretty. Beforehand, government employees watch nervously about whether they’ll be able to go to work. Afterwards, everyone scrambles to clean up the accumulated debris.

Citizens get profoundly unhappy that the government they count on isn’t there. (Don’t expect your emergency passport request to get processed – you’ll be stuck at home because no one will be at work to issue you a new one, and new applications will pile up fast while workers are furloughed.)

Thousands of small businesses will be hurt because they won’t receive the federal payments they’re counting on. Some contractors won’t get their checks. And, at a time when the Chinese are vying to replace the dollar with the yuan as a major international currency, anything that further suggests to the world that we don’t have our economic act together will only weaken our claim to global leadership.

Fans of the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, will recognize the theme. The movie’s central character, George Bailey, received a special gift: he got to see what the world would be like if he had never been born.

We might sometimes not much like the federal government, but when it shuts down we begin to see the foundation it has woven underneath all of our lives.

We’re at an historic turning point where we’re rethinking government – what it is, how much of it we want, and how to pay for it. George Bailey’s education came through a fantasy. With the federal government, the lessons will be far more painful to learn. The big question is whether it will take a shutdown to teach them.


Donald F. Kettl is dean of the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy and author of more than 20 books, including The Next Government of the United States: Why Our Institutions Fail Us and How to Fix Them.

Online: newsdesk.umd.edu/bigissues/release.cfm?ArticleID=2358

Manaus, Brazil: Gateway to the Amazon
Passports and visas: Your passport must be valid for at least six months, and U.S. citizens must have visas. Get one by applying in person at the consulate office in Los Angeles, or use a visa-expediting service. (Compare services online by searching …
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Passport to an Indian success
In 2010 clients began asking the plucky pair to shift online and within eight days of floating the idea they launched a website. “The only thing we knew about an internet business was how to register a domain name,” says Mr Bahl, who is dubbed …
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EU plans to simplify travel to Schengen zone
In future, visa applications can also be made online. The reform also forsees allowing border … The new rules would apply to the 22 EU states that fully adhere to the Schengen Agreement on passport-free travel. That does not include Britain. For the …
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The best man in the county clerk's office is named Sue

The best man in the county clerk's office is named Sue
As she does with lots customers, Smolka chatted with them, getting to know them. Shortly after that, the … Following checks and searches all over, the clerk's office had to ask people to come back in, and they redid the passport applications. Not too …
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Sizemore battling for job as Red Sox starting center fielder
According to a police report, after producing a passport and an Arkansas license that was suspended because of a previous DUI arrest, Denney cussed at two officers and said he was a Red Sox player and made more money than either of the officers, likely …
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Criminal records may not be a bar to getting EU citizenship
In one exchange with the reporters, Ms Petrova said that if the crime had occurred some time ago, it would be possible to get a passport: “If he's rehabilitated it doesn't count, it should not show on his certificate. So if he's rehabilitated that's …
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On the right track
As the most movement in ticket confirmations happen four hours before the train departs, a low number "WL" means there is a good chance of not only getting on the train but making it to CNF. If you don't have internet, check the sheet of paper stuck on …
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Gwynne Dyer: EU citizenship is the gold standard in terms of passports

Gwynne Dyer: EU citizenship is the gold standard in terms of passports
A U.S. passport is no longer so desirable, because U.S. tax and reporting requirements apply to American citizens no matter where they live in the world, and many countries impose tit-for-tat visa requirements in response to U.S. border controls …
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The Independent View: Non-gender-specific passports – why the EDM matters
This motion would help to give us an equal place in society. It would help, not hinder, identification, as many of us would then find our bodies more closely matched our ID, avoiding the familiar confusion and unpleasantness at passport control. It …
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'Passport for sale' plan raises concern among EU members
Perhaps the closest comparison with Malta's plan – which awards buyers an EU passport as soon as their application has been approved – can be found in Cyprus, which operates a direct citizenship-by-investment scheme. Introduced this year, it … But …
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Best new airport amenities in 2013
U.S. citizens can use these machines – for free – to scan their passports, answer customs declarations questions and cut short the time they need to spend in conversation with a customs officer. The first machines were installed in May at Vancouver …
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Man sentenced to prison in passport fraud case
After that, he used the Iowa identification card and the birth certificate to apply for a U.S. passport in Waterloo. When State Department officials became suspicious and began to investigate the application, he gave them a fake name and date of birth …
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Government Shutdown Update: How the Bay Area Will Be Affected

Government Shutdown Update: How the Bay Area Will Be Affected
Passport offices: The State Department says it will try to keep passport and visa services open since they pay for themselves. But it might not be possible if offices are located inside federal government office buildings that themselves have been shut …
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US shutdown impact on travelers: National parks to be deserted, air traffic
Passport services, because they are funded by other revenue, are generally "unaffected by a government shutdown," according to a State Department spokesperson. There's just one possible catch: If the passport office is located within a government …
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Why are Turks paying the budget deficit of EU countries?
As a diplomatic reporter working in Ankara and knowing diplomats, I had not endured visa torture until I moved to Istanbul. The first time I had to renew my Schengen, I was heading to Spain for a holiday; but since I had several old Schengens in my …
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Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation

Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation
The company would expedite passport claims for Argentines with Italian decent. Their services also extended into the illegal as they would also fabricate Italian heritage to secure a passport and allow soccer players to move to EU countries more freely.
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Pack light for your honeymoon trip
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Verification delays issuance of 18000 passports
In a recent meeting with police officers, Home Minister K J George too expressed concern about this and directed them to take steps to expedite the verification process. The statistics suggest that there has been a sharp rise in the passport …
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