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Why I'm Giving Up My Passport
He'd like to renounce his citizenship, but said the process was “very difficult.” It is, but I am doing it. My “in-person final loss of citizenship appointment” is scheduled for Jan. 14 at the United States Consulate here. My British passport, acquired …
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Syrian refugees become less welcome in Lebanon, as new entry rules take effect
BEIRUT — Lebanon introduced unprecedented entry restrictions for Syrians on Monday, imposing visa-like requirements in an apparent effort to curb inflows of refugees fleeing Syria's civil war in massive numbers. The new procedures … “These measures …
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New UK visa, immigration and passport fees in effect

New UK visa, immigration and passport fees in effect
'These increases will allow us to continue to improve our customer service and ensure that those who benefit most from the immigration and visa service meet more of the costs,' said an immigration department spokesman. visa. Most application fees have …
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Passport and visa costs in Malaysia
For example, if you wish to apply for a USA tourist visa, you not only have to pay US$ 160 (RM522) and fill in the form for your application, you will also need to go for an interview where you will be questioned about your intentions. And if they deem …
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Try TSA Pre-Check program to get through security faster
“DFW's new TSA Pre-Check application center will enable many more local travelers to apply for expedited screening benefits,” TSA Administrator John Pistole said in a statement. “TSA Pre-Check is enabling us to move away from a … But the only people …
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