Jitters over dual passport ban

Jitters over dual passport ban
"The government cannot make someone stateless. You cannot have a situation … allow for families to be split." Chantelle du Plessis, a South African who also holds a US passport, said her second citizenship made it easier to travel and look for work …
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Why is travelling with an African passport so difficult?
I carried a Cameroonian passport, and the job of the consulate team was to presume I had no intention of leaving the US, unless my documentary evidence convinced them otherwise, which clearly it hadn't. As I left the embassy, my face wet with tears, I …
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Second Passport, Dual Passport, Dominica Passport, Secondary Passport

Second Passport

A passport is a legal document that identifies the person as a citizen of that particular country; thereby confirming its identity and validity to travel worldwide. Nowadays, smart business travelers prefer to have a second passport from a specific country that offers multiple benefits at a reasonable price.
Furthermore, many individuals obtain a second passport for freedom, protected life, secured money and peace of mind. A second passport makes you an independent multinational citizen with maximum personal and financial confidentiality.

Dual Passport

Dual passports are no longer restricted to people who grew up in more than one country. You too can now legally have a new nationality and an original second passport. Recently governments of some regions have developed rules and regulations that permit legal action against an individual for unseen reasons.

A dual passport can protect you from such undue circumstances; including public prosecution, civil upheaval, litigious ex-spouse, political domination, fiscal oppression, governmental coercion etc.

Dominica Passport

Dominica is an English speaking island located in the Caribbean, known for its natural beauty, lush green flora and several rivers. Second Citizenship Ltd. is a reputed Dominica based company providing Dominica passport; that ensuresgreat returns as follows:

Citizenship of a safe and beautiful nation; avoid forced military services for self and family; avoid paying surplus taxes; freely conduct business with the whole world; do business and invest in a foreign country; trouble-free and visa-free travel to many countries; freely open bank accounts, permission to live and work in the certain countries like UK, USA, Canada etc.

Second Passport Program

Every country has its own laws to grant citizenship. Many nations welcome people with nationalized relatives; while some issue passports only to individuals of a particular religion; whereas certain countries provide passports via investments in real estate; and through economic citizenship programs.

The second passport program incorporates several advantages and is exclusively prepared to provide freedom and privacy; for people commencing a new life in another country; for travelling in secrecy and protecting your life and resources.

The procedure for the economic citizenship program is very systematic, regulated and well managed to retain its high value and reputation. People who can afford a second passport should think no further; as there is hardly anything to lose and lots to gain by acquiring a secondary passport.

Second Citizenship Ltd. is a Dominica based company offering professional services for Dominica citizenship, Dominica passport, secondary passport services and secondary citizenship services for Caribbean citizenship, European Union citizenship, American citizenship and US Citizenship.

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