23-year-old twins allegedly tried to rip off the State Department and sell a

23-year-old twins allegedly tried to rip off the State Department and sell a
Last week they were indicted by the Department of Justice on accusations of hacking into various computer systems, stealing credit-card funds, and hatching a plan to access US government computers and sell passport and visa data. In total, the Akhter …
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Letter: Passport Day success
On the first Saturday, May 2, 76 passport applications were processed by the clerk's staff, helping citizens fill out, and mail, their passport applications to the U.S. Department of State. Again, on May 16, the clerk's staff will be available at the …
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Australia's immigration department bans email autocomplete after G20 leak

Australia's immigration department bans email autocomplete after G20 leak
On Monday the Guardian reported an employee of the department had inadvertently disclosed the passport numbers, visa details and other personal identifiers of the world leaders attending the G20 summit in Brisbane after an email was mistakenly sent to …
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Iran nuclear deal has hungry investors circling
The first time he answered his phone, Xanyar Kamangar was in the passport queue at Tehran airport, the day after Iran and world powers agreed on the framework for a nuclear deal. The second time was a couple of days later, well past midnight Tehran …
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New Passport Office Provides Same Day Service to Southerners

In the old South, life sometimes seems to move at a different, slower pace. That can make it easy deadlines to creep up on you- including the deadline for applying for your passport.


Typically, it takes about six weeks from the time you submit your application for your new passport to arrive in your mailbox. When planning a trip, you should allow more time than that if at all possible.

If six weeks is too long, you do have options. Expedited processing is available from the Department of State for an additional fee of $ 60.00 per application processed. This will cut the processing time down to about three weeks, though there is always a possibility that it could take longer if the Department of State is especially busy. To get an accurate estimate of processing time, it’s always a good idea to check at the Department of State’s website.


But what do you do if even three weeks is too long? In that case, you need to go directly to the Department of State yourself, instead of having your application sent in through the mail. The State Department has, at present, 25 regional passport agency offices open to help travelers with urgent travel needs. This includes a new passport office that just opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to the opening of the Atlanta passport office in May of 2011, the only other offices in the Deep South capable of issuing same-day passports were in New Orleans, Miami, Arkansas and perhaps Texas (depending on how you define the term “Deep South).


To make an appointment at a regional passport agency office, call the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778. In addition to the documents normally required to get your passport, you’ll also need a paper copy of your itinerary to prove that you are eligible to use the passport office. Appointments are available to US citizens who have travel plans that require them to leave the country within the next 14 days. If you are leaving within four weeks but need your passport in order to apply for a travel visa before you depart for your destination, you are also eligible to make an appointment.


Once you arrive at the passport office, you’ll wait your turn to present your paperwork to an agent. As long as all of your documents are in order, your new passport should be ready within 24 hours.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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State Department reverses course on emergency passports

State Department reverses course on emergency passports
"The Office of Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen, USVI Delegate to Congress, may continue the longstanding practice of referring life/death emergency passport cases via express mail to the Miami Passport Agency, working with USVI passport …
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Clifton residents express postal concerns
Maryanne Batten, the district's manager of postal operations, said 99 percent of the calls they receive are related to the Paulison Avenue passport center. To help distinguish mail delivery complaints from the latter, Batten said the USPS has …
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Bid to Smuggle Pond Turtles Foiled
Hussain's passport examination revealed that this was his second trip abroad. Earlier, he had visited Singapore on a tourist visa. Though Hussain claimed innocence, the forest officials suspected he was part of a larger smuggling racket operating out …
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Getting an Emergency Passport for a Child with Only One Parent

In order to minimize the risk of international child abductions, the Department of State requires that children under the age of 16 must have the consent of both parents in order to be issued a passport. Also, adults applying for a passport on behalf of a child under the age of 16 must be able to prove that either the child is theirs or that they are otherwise authorized to apply for the passport.


It may seem absurd to have to prove your relationship to your own flesh and blood, but you won’t be able to get a passport without doing so. Here are the documents that the Department of State will accept:


Your child’s birth certificate listing you as the parent. If your child was born overseas and the document is not in English, you’ll also need a translation.

A Consular Report of Birth Abroad, again listing you as a parent.

An adoption decree listing you as the adopting parent

A court order establishing that you have custody or guardianship of the child.


The easiest way to demonstrate that both parents consent is for both parents to accompany the child to apply for a passport. However, in today’s world, that often isn’t possible, especially if the family is applying for an emergency passport. The following documents will help you demonstrate that both parents have consented to the emergency passport being issued:


A notarized Statement of Consent Form DS-3053 signed by the other parent.

A certified birth certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad that shows only the name of the parent applying for the passport.

A court order awarding the applying parent with sole custody.

Adoption decree that only has the applying parent’s name on it.

A court order permitting travel

Legal proof that the other parent is either deceased or has been declared legally incompetent.

If you can’t reach the other parent to get any of the documents listed above, submit Form DS-3053 explaining why you cannot provide evidence of consent from the other parent.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Expedited Passport Fees

When you realize that you need a passport fast, two questions immediately come to mind:


Can I get a passport in time for my trip?

How much is this going to cost me?


Whether or not you can get a passport in time depends on how much time you have. Generally, when you purchase expedited passport processing through the Department of State, you can get your passport within two to three weeks door-door, although this time frame can vary depending on how many applications the Department is processing at the moment. If you need your passport more quickly, you can make an appointment with the nearest regional passport agency office. As long as you show up for your appointment with all of the necessary documents, they will generally have your passport for you within 24 hours. If you can’t make it to an appointment, private passport expediting companies also offer fast service, with the best companies offering turnaround times of 24 hours.


Expedited Passport Costs


But what are the costs for each of these scenarios? Regular passport processing service for a passport book is $ 135 for a new passport and $ 110 for a renewal. Expedited passport processing through the Department of State costs an additional $ 60 on top of that. Overnight shipping from the passport office is optional but recommended if you want your passport in the 3 week time frame.

This will set you back an additional $ 14.96. It’s also recommended that you spring for overnight shipping TO the passport office. The cost for this varies.


Making an appointment at a regional passport agency does not cost anything, but you will have to pay the $ 60 expedite fee listed above in most cases. Of course, if you don’t have a regional passport agency office in your city, you’ll need to consider the costs of traveling to and from the nearest location that can serve you. Regional passport agency offices are only open during business hours, so also consider how much money you’ll lose from taking time off work if you work during the day. Private passport expediting companies charge a range of fees depending on how fast you need your passport. 24-hour-service may seem quite expensive, but depending on your situation and how much it could cost you to get to a passport office yourself, it may prove to be the more economical choice.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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