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Anger as passport fees increase
Jamaicans yesterday reacted in anger at the pending increase in fees for processing passport applications announced by the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA). PICA on Sunday said that as of Tuesday, May 26, the cost of a regular adult …
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S/Leone: Senior officials summoned over passport deal
The immigration department is under fire for hiking the cost of acquiring passports by about 400% – from Le100, 000 (US$ 20) to Le500, 000 (US$ 100). Those opposed to this say the high cost will deprive many Sierra Leoneans of acquiring a document they …

'The name on the passport and the one visa must match'
To learn more about work visas for the U.S., please visit Please visit our website for information on how to apply for a visa and for fee structures. I recently …
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$18M sticker shock: City cancels north Omaha industrial park deal because of

M sticker shock: City cancels north Omaha industrial park deal because of
The City of Omaha has backed out of a north Omaha redevelopment deal because of sticker shock over the projected environmental cleanup cost: $ 18 million. That's vastly more than city officials had expected to spend on environmental remediation for the …
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Fund gives .1 million in aid this year to private school students
The Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha helped substantially more families this fall than it did in 2013. The group, which works with private schools to offer financial aid for K-12 students, awarded $ 2.1 million in scholarships for the 2014-15 school …
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AT&T To Sell Blackberry Passport
It is currently available at BlackBerry's retail website, and various other online retailers, for $ 599. The price is slightly less than Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which cost $ 650 and $ 750, respectively, … Considering T-Mobile's spat …
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Ooredoo Qatar runs Eid Passport offer, iPhone 6 deal

Ooredoo Qatar runs Eid Passport offer, iPhone 6 deal
Under the Passport offer, Shahry and Hala customers who subscribe to or renew the Ooredoo Passport service from 01-31 October will get an additional 1 GB of data that can be used while roaming anywhere in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and …
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Wethersfield Library Calendar
ARTIST GEORGIA STATHOULAS EXHIBIT: The artwork of Wethersfield resident Georgia Stathoulas is on display at the Wethersfield Library. Born and raised in Kalamata, Greece, Stathoulas moved to Wethersfield in 1992 and discovered an emerging talent …
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US Expats Sue Over Canadian Deal to Tell Washington About Their Accounts

US Expats Sue Over Canadian Deal to Tell Washington About Their Accounts
She has never worked in the U.S., nor has she held a U.S. passport or paid taxes there. "I consider myself Canadian," Ms. Deegan said in a telephone interview, noting she has been a dual citizen since birth. In filing the lawsuit, "our intent was to …
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House, Senate intel chiefs offer bipartisan pressure for Obama to do something
… towns and vast tracts of land in northeastern Syria and northern and western Iraq. It views Shiites as apostates and has carried out a number of massacres and beheadings — often posting grisly videos and photos of the atrocities online. (AP Photo …
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How United Airlines Just Made It a Lot Easier to Check Your Bags
American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL ) debuted a similar program at O'Hare in March, at which time the airline told the Tribune that the new self-check process is more than 50% faster than checking bags at the ticket counter. Alaska Airlines (NYSE: … The …
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Obtaining A Lost U S Passport Replacement While Traveling Overseas

When traveling abroad in a foreign country, even the simplest tasks can be more complicated. When there is a language barrier, things become even more difficult. You can imagine how a normally difficult task in your home country, such as lost passports replacement, can be a stressful thing to deal with while traveling. In order to make the process run as smoothly as possible, it is best to be prepared ahead of time.

Most people would never leave on a vacation without first packing their bags, making reservations at a hostel or hotel and saving up a little bit of spending money. So why would you leave on vacation without taking all the necessary precautions to deal with a lost passport? A little bit of planning can help tremendously in a complicated situation like applying for a replacement Emergency American Passport in a foreign country.

Before leaving your home country, you should make copies of everything. You should pack your passport, credit cards and ID in a different bag than the copies you made. If your backpack with all of your important documents gets stolen, you will still have the copies to prove to the embassy that you are who you claim to be.

Another thing you should do before leaving on your trip is set money aside for such a situation. Many people have an emergency fund in case of a medical accident or stolen travelers checks. Prepare for a situation where your passport and credit cards are lost or stolen by talking with a friend about the possibility of them lending you money to replace the passport.

If you are already traveling and you notice your passport missing, you should immediately call local authorities to report it. If it was stolen they can begin searching for the person who stole it. Often times you cannot get a new passport until you have officially reported your original one missing.

If you have computer access, you should log onto the American embassy’s website and download a DS-11 form. Fill out the form and bring it with you to the embassy. This form, along with identification and a fee will allow you to get a new passport. Original identification cards such as a driver’s license will work best, but if you only have photocopied versions, bring those.

You will be required to pay a fee for the passport. Without paying this fee you cannot receive the document. If your money was stolen or lost with the passport, you should contact family and friends to see if they can wire you money.

Losing your passport should not mean that you have to miss or delay flights. Furthermore, lost passport replacement can be a speedy process if you are adequately prepared ahead of time to deal with the situation. Expedite the process with Emergency Pass Port services. This way, you’ll get a temporary passport in time to make it onto your flight.

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Passport's IntelliSource named Category Leader in 2013 Best in KLAS Report
FRANKLIN, Tenn., Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Passport®, a part of Experian, today announced that IntelliSource® has been named Category Leader in Patient Access — Eligibility Verification, according to the 2013 Best in KLAS: Software and Services …
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Brought to you by
To get to here, under more than 3,000 feet of stone and earth, I showed my passport (something I didn't have to do to enter the country from Germany), had my finger scanned repeatedly, and passed under security cameras and motion detectors. A blast …
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Greenman first in 'passport' deal
Greenman's authorisation includes the entitlement to "passport" their services to other EU nations and market their funds to investors in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France and Luxembourg. "We saw AIFMD as a real advantage and embraced its concept.
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Commentary: 'Passport Olympians' play let's make a deal

Commentary: 'Passport Olympians' play let's make a deal
… the passport-swapping norms of the Olympic movement, in which athletes have been competing for countries other than their original ones for decades, Ahn's gambit is an extreme case, coming closer to something approximating international free agency.
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Cuba suspends consular services in the US due to banking problem
MIAMI Feb 14 (Reuters) – Cuba suspended nearly all its consular services in the United States on Friday after it was unable to find a bank to handle the accounts of its diplomatic missions in Washington and New York, it said in a statement released to …
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SCHEER: Honoring the 'accomplices' to truth
But Mihdhar — who was being tracked by the CIA as well as the FBI — was allowed to leave the country and return on his valid Saudi passport to hijack a plane "in 2001 because he still had not been placed on any watchlists." Even more … As with the …
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Who Needs a US Passport?

There’s no getting around it – getting a passport is expensive! So, most people wait until they actually have international travel plans to apply for one.


However, there are some groups of people who need to keep a valid US passport handy at all times, even if they don’t have travel plans in the near future. If you fall into any of the categories below, you need a US passport:


People With Family Abroad


Whether it’s a joyous occasion like a wedding or a tragic one like an illness or funeral, people who have relatives living overseas should maintain a valid US passport at all times, just in case. If something comes up, you will want to be able to go to your loved ones quickly, without having to deal with a lot of bureaucratic hassle. If you don’t have a passport, get one. If you do, keep tabs on the expiration date. If there are children in the family, remember that their passports will expire in five years rather than ten.


People With Jobs that Require Travel


If your job requires international travel on short notice, you should keep a valid passport on hand at all times, even you aren’t required to travel outside of the country very often. Can you imagine having to miss a meeting with important clients because you had to replace your passport? In these circumstances, having a US passport is an important part of remaining competitive.


Travel Bargain Hunters


Do you dream of standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, or of partying underneath the full moon in Thailand? The cheaper your flights and accommodations are, the more money you’ll have for other travel expenses.

Some flight sales and travel deals are last-minute and short duration, so if you’re serious about getting away on a budget you’d do well to get a US passport just in case. Then, join some travel discount mailing lists or set shop monitoring airline accounts and travel deal accounts on Twitter. If a good deal last-minute deal becomes available, you’ll be ready to pounce with your passport in hand!


If you do have a last-minute international trip and you don’t have a passport yet, don’t panic. It’ll take a little bit more effort and a little bit more money, but you can get a passport quickly. If you have travel plans within the next two weeks, either make an appointment to submit your US passport application at one of the nation’s twenty-four regional passport agency locations, or use a reputable private expediting company to submit your application for you.  

Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry. 

Information You Need To Know Regarding Renewing An Expired Us Passport

If you are planning on traveling abroad for any amount of extended time, it is important that you know you have all of the correct traveling documents with you. But often times, people will make the mistake of having expired documents with them while they are traveling. If you find yourself in this situation, the information listed here will help you with pasport expired.

Though you may not initially expect it, there are many people who deal with the problem of being stuck overseas or not being able to take their trip because they have allowed their documents to expire. It is important that you always pay attention to the overall expiration date so that you can avoid the situation. Most countries will require that your document is valid for at least six months before you can travel.

If you find that your documents are expired by the time you are actually in the country that you have traveled to, you have a few options. Commonly, you may have to deal with most of the arrangements on the internet to simplify the process. However, you may also need to go to the appropriate consulate while you are in the country in order to obtain the proper documents so that you may leave.

If you are going to use the internet to help you in such an emergency, then you should consider getting expedited service. This will help you to have your renewed or replaced documents quicker than you usually would on standard terms. Realizing the amount of time that it usually takes for anything to be shipped internationally, expedited processing will make the solution much quicker.

Discovering that pass ports are expired before travel, then you will have to take the appropriate action to have them renewed before you leave. Generally if you are able to provide some proof that you are leaving soon for your trip, the government will be willing to put a rush on your processing. However, this depends reasonably on the amount of time you have before you leave as well.

There are specific forms that you will need to complete in order to start a submission for a document renewal. You will find these available on the appropriate government sites depending on where you are located. These can be completed online and then printed out before submitting them to the facility that is approved in your area.

If it is specifically important that you have your documents expedited, you should consider some of the many different expediting options that will be available. You should expect that these types of services are going to be more expensive than if you were typically having your documents renewed. However, when this is the only option to ensure you can travel, the price is quite reasonable.

You should always consider these factors if your pass port expired. Numerous people make the mistake of allowing their documents to expire in various traveling situations. Above all, if you find yourself in such a situation, you should ensure that you contact the correct facility in the area and remain calm so that you may get American passports processed as soon as possible.

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TSU offers quick passport deal

TSU offers quick passport deal
“Kids didn't have passports,” Rawles said. His solution was a campus passport fair on Tuesday — the first of its kind on a public college campus in Tennessee, according to university officials. Getting a passport is the biggest barrier for students …
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Passport to nowhere: Printers decline supply of passports till dues clearance
Passport crisis was all set to deepen with 90,000 laminates for passports left pending with no quick solution at hand. The Directorate General of Immigration and Passport (I&P) owes Rs406 million to Printing Security Corporation of Pakistan (PSCP …
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FP Passport: Labor unrest on Everest is older than you might think
So on April 27, when a fight erupted between three mountaineers and a group of Sherpa guides who had been tasked with fixing ropes along the mountain's steep and exposed Lhotse Face, news outlets around the world were quick to report the tale of the …
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