Texas Asks Full Appeals Court to Hear Voter ID Case

Texas Asks Full Appeals Court to Hear Voter ID Case
Acceptable forms include a state driver's license or ID card that is not more than 60 days expired at the time of voting, a concealed handgun license, a U.S. passport, a military ID card or a U.S citizenship certificate with a photo. The acceptable …
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Ordonio prepares son of Gilas
But since the sons were born in Makati when Ordonio was a PBA player, they're exempted from the rule of obtaining the passport of the country they plan to represent in FIBA competitions before turning 16. However, they must be cleared as dual citizens …
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In EU and US, virulent immigration debate strains solidarity
3, 2015 file photo, migrants rescued off the Libyan coast peer out a gate on the Siem Pilot Norwegian ship to get the first sight of the island of Sardinia as they sail in the Mediterranean sea towards the Italian port of Cagliari. As of September 2015 …
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Summer Travel Tips For Passport And Visa Holders
When should I renew my foreign passport? The answer is “as soon as allowable.” Typically a passport can be renewed within 12 months of the current expiration date. Renewing a foreign passport in the U.S. can take several weeks or even months.
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Would-be jihadi bride helped Mohammed Nahin Ahmed fight in Syria
In January 2013, Ahmed told her he wanted to be a “mujahid” or warrior and Shafiq replied that she prayed: “Allah gives you the pleasure of being shaheed (martyr)”. Shafiq was accused of helping Ahmed by giving him advice on renewing his passport and …
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X (Children) and Y (Children) [2015] EWHC 2265 (Fam)
8 The father is forbidden to retain, obtain or to attempt to obtain any passport, identity card or papers or any other travel document relating to [the children] until 16:00 hours on the 22.04.2016 or until further order." 9. A further order made by …
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Would-be 'jihadi bride' advised Syria-bound man, court hears
He told the jury that Ms Shafiq helped Ahmed by giving him advice on renewing his passport and suggesting he do a first aid course – "like in case u get stopped at borders u can show that certificate nd say ur going there to help the ppl". Mr Hehir …
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Jerusalem passport, Facebook case opinions next up for Supreme Court?

Jerusalem passport, Facebook case opinions next up for Supreme Court?
United States was argued on December 1, 2014 and itis a case originating near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is one of three cases still pending from December, with nine other cases already decided. Anthony Elonis is challenging a 44-month prison sentence …
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Visa complexity vexes parents of dual nationality Chinese children
This means that Chinese authorities will not recognize a child's passport from the home country of one of his parents until the parents make a formal — and complicated — application to "cancel" their child's Chinese citizenship. The process can take …
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Video Review:BlackBerry Passport
Side-loading still works if you are happy downloading the APK (Android app installer file) file directly. I actually downloaded apps for my Nexus 7, then used a file manager app to copy the APK files onto my NAS drive, which the BlackBerry Passport …
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Why not stepfather's name on 19-year-old girl's passport, asks Bombay high court
A division bench of Justice V M Kanade and Justice Anuja Prabhudessai heard a petition by 19-year-old law student, Disha Mhaiskar (name changed), urging for direction to the assistant regional passport officer (policy) to process her April 2013 …
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Court grants application for release of Emenalo's passport
Justice Adebukola Banjoko, who had earlier refused the application for stay of proceedings brought before her by counsel to the accused persons, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), ordered that Emenalo should return his travel document to the court registrar on …
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Court: Proof Of Citizenship Not Required On Federal Voter Forms

Court: Proof Of Citizenship Not Required On Federal Voter Forms
According to a decision issued by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Election Assistance Commission will not be forced to add proof of citizenship requirements to federal voter registration forms in Kansas or Arizona. In short, the ruling …
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concerns raised with companies
However, he did not check my original passport and ID and advised that if the bank checked for verification, I should reply that my ID had been verified. He made me sign the application form without reading its content and told me that he would fill …
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United States Court System

Confused by the number of courts the legal system uses? We don’t blame you! There are many and the differences between them can range from minor to major. If you have any questions please comment or contact us and we will try to help answer your question.

First of all there are two major court branches: Federal and State.

We will first break down the Federal court system and follow that with the State court system.

Federal Court System

US District Court Info

There are 94 US District courts.
Each state has at least one.
Each court has at least 2 judges and can have as many as 28.
This is where most federal cases begin!
These courts can here both criminal and civil cases.

U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal

13 Circuit Courts of Appeal in the United States.
Anyone found guilty in any court of law may appeal their case to the appropriate court of appeal in their regional area. Federal appeals go to the Federal Court of Appeals which is in Washington D.C.
These courts are usually overseen by three judges.

U.S. Supreme Court

This is the top of the US court system.
It consists of 9 judges (called Justices) that are appointed to life terms by Presidents of the United States. The head judge is called the Chief Justice.
Citizens who are not satisfied with the results of the Appeals courts or State Supreme Courts can petition the U.S. Supreme Court.
This is typically done by filing a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari.
The court typically hears between 100 and 150 cases out of an average of 7,000 petitions.(around 1 in 50-70 depending on the year and number of cases seen and petitioned)
4 Justices must agree to hear the case (this is called a grant cert).

Special Article III Courts

1. U.S. Court of Claims: Handles lawsuits against the Government and is found in Washington D.C.
2. U.S. Court of International Trade: Handles international trade disputes and tariffs. This court can be found in New York.

Special Courts Created by Congress

1. Magistrate judges: Handle certain criminal and civil matters agreed to by all parties involved.
2. Bankruptcy courts: Handles bankruptcy and bankruptcy code and law.
3. U.S. Court of Military Appeals: The final appellate court for those that fall under the Military court system.
4. U.S. Tax Court: Handles cases involving tax fraud and other tax related issues.
5. U.S. Court of Veterans’ Appeals: Denial of Vet benefits can be taken here (along with other Veterans’ issues).

State Court Systems

All state court systems have some differences, but the similarities are strong enough that we can at least give an overview and general feel for how they all work.
Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Most of the cases that come to one of these courts are overheard by a single judge without a jury.

1. Probate court: Handles the estates of those that have died. Makes sure that the will is properly executed.
2. Family court: Handles such things as annulments, divorce, custody, child support, alimony, adoption, and other typical family legal issues.
3. Traffic court: The typical location that minor traffic incidents are handled.
4. Juvenile court: This court handles cases of children who have committed crimes. In some states it is under 18 – others it can be 21.
5. Small claims court: Civil matters are handled here and typically involve cases with damages under $ 5,000.
6. Municipal court: City ordinance violations are typically handled here.

Trial Courts of General Jurisdiction

These are the main trial courts in the state system.
They can involve both civil and criminal cases.
Typically one judge with a jury hears the cases here.
These courts are usually called one of the following: Circuit courts, Superior courts, Courts of common pleas, and Supreme courts.

Intermediate Appellate Courts

Many states have intermediate courts which fall between the typical trial courts (listed above) and the state Supreme courts (listed below).

In states with these courts this is the first step in the appeals process.

Typically these are a matter of right (meaning the court -must- hear them regardless of their validity).
The only address errors of law and procedural mistakes.

Typically two or three judges review cases in these courts.

Highest State Courts (often state Supreme courts)

All states within the U.S. have some form of High Court.

They are usually called State Supreme Courts, however in some places they are called courts of appeal (Maryland is an example of this).

States that do not have intermediate courts (the type of court listed prior to this) usually allow appeals to this level of court as a matter of right (again, any case will be heard regardless of validity).

Like the intermediate courts, these courts usually hear cases based on error of law and not on facts of the case itself.

These courts tend to be overseen by panels of judges (3,5,7, or 9).

We hope this article has helped to break the Federal and State court systems down into more understandable terms. We wish you luck with your day in court and if you have any questions please ask or contact an attorney.


How to Get a Child Passport

Kids need passports just like adults, but getting them can be something of a challenge. The Department of State has issued a special set of rules and procedures for children under the age of 16, and it’s important to be aware of the extra steps you’ll need to take before you apply. Here’s what you need to know to get a child passport:




You’ll need one passport photo to submit with your child’s application. As long as your child is old enough to understand instructions and you can bribe him to be still and not make faces, this shouldn’t be a big deal. For infants, however, child passport photo requirements can cause a good deal of consternation. First of all, the child has to be awake for the photo, looking at the camera and not crying. Second, neither the parents’ arms, a chair, nor any other means of support can be visible in the photo.


Fortunately, you don’t have to levitate the little darling- just place baby on his back on a plain white bed sheet, and pray he cooperates.




When you apply for a passport on behalf of your child, you must do so in person at a post office or other passport acceptance facility. You’ll also need the following documents:


Proof of identity for you, like a driver’s license. Bring both an original and a plain photocopy.

Proof of your relationship to the child, like the child’s birth certificate, an adoption decree or a court order giving you guardianship.

Evidence that the child is a US citizen, such as a birth certificate or a certificate of citizenship.

Proof that both parents are okay with the child being issued a passport.

The easiest way to prove parental consent is for both parents to mosey on down to the passport office. However, if this is not possible, one parent can go with a notarized “permission slip” from the other parent giving consent.

If you have sole custody of your child, you may bring one of the following: a copy of the other parent’s death certificate, a copy of the child’s birth certificate or adoption decree with only your name on it, a court order awarding sole custody to you or permitting you to travel overseas with the child, or a court order declaring the other parent incompetent.

A copy of passport application for DS-11, which you will fill out on behalf of your child.


Once you’ve gotten everything together, simply go to the post office, pay the required child passport fees and the passport agent will send your child’s paperwork to the Department of State for processing. The new passport should arrive in about 6 weeks for regular processing and about 3 weeks for expedited processing.



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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USA: India diplomat 'made nanny work 7 day week'
AN INDIAN diplomat accused of visa fraud and lying about underpaying her maid coached the nanny to mislead United States officials, confiscated her passport and made her work 100-hour, seven-day weeks, according to a US grand jury indictment. Devyani …
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St Albans Vermont Post Office Mural
post office passport
Image by jimmywayne
New Deal mural entitled "Haying" painted by Philip von Saltza in 1939. The post office shared space with a Federal courthouse and when the post office moved to new quarters around 2008, the mural became off limits to the public until 2011 when a new Passport Agency opened in the old post office quarters.

Neighbors, court documents suggest strained past between murder victim, suspect
Suzanne Parsons was found dead Monday inside the RE/MAX Heritage office in the 4200 block of Heritage Trace Parkway. The 49-year-old was a real estate agent for the company. St. Angelo's Facebook page has pictures of Parsons on it, along with …
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Albany Area Coming Up Calendar – Jan. 1-7, 2014
Children receive a free F.U.N. Passport that is stamped on each Sunday visit. Free with RiverQuarium membership or with regular admission. Farmers' Market: 1402 S. Slappey Blvd. (across from main post office); open 2 to 6 p.m. Fridays and 8 a.m. to 2 p …
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US man on run nabbed in Kingston faces court today

US man on run nabbed in Kingston faces court today
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Thirty-two-year-old Jermaine Anthony Smith, otherwise known as 'Saquan Rasheed Heath', of a Brooklyn, New York address in the US is to face the court in Jamaica today, December 5, following his arrest last week after being on the …
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The top editor of the British newspaper The Guardian told Parliament on Tuesday that since it obtained documents on government surveillance from a former National Security Agency contractor, Edward J. Snowden, it has met with government agencies in …
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