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Valley woman claims passport service overcharged, bungled travel plans
She filled out the online forms and expected to pay around $ 170, which is what she saw on Travisa's website. However, she says the charge ballooned to $ 340 when Travisa added on fees and service charges. And charges kept being added on until Travisa …
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Man arrested at Sands faces federal charge for false passport

Man arrested at Sands faces federal charge for false passport
In an interview with Special Agent Colin Espanet of the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, Connally admitted he bought the card because he is on parole in New York and not permitted to leave the state. He said he believed the …
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Obama's Passport Data Leaked in Australian Email Blunder
According to the document, the assistant director of the visa services support section of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship intended to send the information about the 31 leaders to another official “to assist in the department's overall …
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BlackBerry Passport Tips & Tricks: BB10.3 Features & How To Use Them
And while you're at it you can see what else BlackBerry has in store for us in 2015 with the BlackBerry Leap and an as-yet-unnamed slider device. BB10.3 has A LOT of new features and because it's not a widely used platform (at least, not yet …
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Interpol May Charge to Screen Passports

Interpol May Charge to Screen Passports
LYON, France — Interpol, the international police agency, is considering whether to seek a profit out of fighting crime by using its global database of stolen passports to charge airlines, banks, cruise lines and hotels to screen identity documents …
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The New York arrests and a Brooklyn mother's struggle to keep her son away
An ethnic Uzbek immigrant from Kazakhstan, she worried about other older Uzbeks in New York with whom her son was associating, like Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, who was also arrested. … 19, he called her once more to ask for his passport.
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Can amateur journalism bring justice to Rio's favelas?
He volunteered at an Alemão youth center and joined the local offshoot of the global Occupy movement. Then, a … Almost 5,000 miles away in New York, Raull's posts caught the attention of Priscila Neri, a 35-year-old filmmaker and activist. Neri moved …
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US Passport Fees Boosted And Value Of Citizenship Set

US Passport Fees Boosted And Value Of Citizenship Set
In addition to the increase in the application fee, the department will now charge $ 82 – up from nothing – to add new pages to a U.S. passport. It says the fee is needed to offset the cost of the pages, the time spent affixing the pages into the …
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US passport: The cost of your first one could go up to 5
Washington — Want to see the Eiffel Tower or soak up the sun on a Bermuda beach, but don't have a passport? It could cost you a little more to get one. Later this year, the State Department could charge an adult – anyone 16 and older – $ 135 for a …
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Feds charge two Minnesotans with trying to aid ISIS

Feds charge two Minnesotans with trying to aid ISIS
When a passport office official asked about the cost of his trip, Yusuf said it was about $ 1,500. Federal … Nur left the Twin Cities for Turkey on May 29, also after obtaining an expedited U.S. passport and depositing $ 1,540 in cash to his checking …
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Terrorism forcing more Americans to obtain a passport
And still some will contend that the expensive cost to travel abroad makes it prohibitive. But proof shows that flights from the U.S. are about the same in price to flights from the U.K. to foreign lands at equal distances, and there are many ways to …
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China Increases Tourist Visa Validity from 1 to 10 Years, Starting Today
There's no doubt that obtaining a visa for travel is a headache, and for a long time Chinese visas were among the worst. There was the price ($ 140), the consular visits, the being separated from your passport during processing, and then the frustration …
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Vodacom has big M-Pesa plans
Today, says Singh, M-Pesa has 700 000 users active on the system – although about 300 000 more than that applied, but were rejected because they were either under 16 years of age, or not in possession of a South African passport. Channel growth … "It …
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Absentee ballots available for Nov. 4 election

Absentee ballots available for Nov. 4 election
You can update your information by going by the Walker County Board of Registrars office on the first floor at the Walker County Courthouse, or by going to to print out an update application and return it by mail to the board of …
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Apple Addresses iPhone 6, 6 Plus Bending Issue, Releases Software Update
(Photo : Getty Images) Apple has officially addressed the never-ending complaints on its new generation of iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The Cupertino-based tech giant defended its products that are reportedly and literally bending …
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Police found Ty Hoffman's passport, ammo in suitcase, murder charge says
A murder charge unsealed Friday against Lyle “Ty” Hoffman revealed that authorities found his passport, folded clothes, prescription drugs and the ammunition magazine for a .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun in a suitcase at a friend's Minneapolis condo.
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Passport Verification Process

Passports are essential documents that you need to travel into other countries. Your national government will issue them to you on proof of who you are. There are several different pieces of information that are on the passport to identify the holder. These include your name, date of birth, country of birth, and a photo of the holder. This information needs to be verified when traveling outside the country.

If you are traveling via airplane, there is nothing more annoying than standing in line. It is, however, completely necessary, especially if you are traveling on an international flight. Be prepared to stand in line for anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, particularly when going through the passport verification checkpoint.

The process of getting your passport verified is very important, and it is something that you will experience in each country you visit. In order to prepare for your international travels, it is essential that you know what to expect. Bear in mind that the process will be different according to the country you visit, as well as the country from which you fly.

Here is what to expect from the passport verification process:

Step 1: Wait in a long line until you finally make it to the desk.

Step 2: Hand your passport to the officer who is in charge of checking it.

Step 3: The officer will take a close look at your passport, and possibly scan it through the computer. The scan will reveal whether or not your passport has been flagged as one belonging to a terrorist, wanted criminal, or other miscreant that countries are warned to watch out for.

Step 4: If your passport is scanned and nothing appears on the computer screen to identify you as a dangerous person, the officer will usually ask the nature of your visit to the country. Those traveling for business will inform the officer of their intentions, while those on tourist visits will tell the officer how long they will be in the country.

Step 5: The officer will put a stamp on one of the blank pages of the passport, and the passport will be handed back to you.

This is the simple passport verification process, and this is how it will go 9 times out of 10. If you are unlucky, you may be pulled off to the side to answer further questions, but you shouldn’t need to worry about it too much. Almost all of the people that travel go through the passport verification process get through nice and easy! Happy travels!


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UK Programme to Assess Visa Feedback

UK Programme to Assess Visa Feedback
The British Deputy High Commission in Chennai has announced that it would implement a pilot programme to gauge reaction and operability of the 'Passport Pass-Back Service'. The programme is aimed at simplifying the application process for visas to the …
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Online applications for UK's E-Visa Waiver from January 1
There is no need to provide biometric information (photo and fingerprints), attend a visa application centre or hand in the passport in advance of travel. Those intending to study or stay in the UK for more than six months, work, get married or …
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Canada plans to charge foreign tourists electronic application fee
Visitors would apply through the Citizenship and Immigration website by entering biographic details, passport and background information — the kind of data now requested by officers at Canadian entry ports or in a visa application, says a recently …
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Would-be voters are exasperated by Kansas' new registration law
Weeks later, the Johnson County election office notified Albee he needed to prove citizenship — with a birth certificate or a passport — if he wanted to register. As it turned out, no one had asked him for those documents at the DMV office. Now he …

Haitian radio host pleads guilty to passport fraud
A prominent Haitian radio broadcaster admitted Tuesday that he used someone else's identity to secure a U.S. passport, then used it again last year when he tried to renew it. James T. Leger, 37, pleaded guilty to passport fraud, a charge punishable by …
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Hillsdale Lake offers variety of outdoor activities
Residents can also now purchase a Kansas State Park Passport for $ 15.50 per vehicle when they go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew their vehicle tags. The passport serves the same purpose as the annual permit, but it is cheaper. There is no …
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