Corridors of power

Corridors of power
We are told several Kenyans have complained of delayed passport renewals. Corridors has been told some … On Obama's visit, a governor was heard saying he is praying hard to get a photo opportunity with the US President. The man said if he gets the …
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Nine surprising facts about passports
Did you know the U.S. government recommends you send your passport application in a special envelope? Or that losing a lot of weight may trigger the need for a renewal? Would you be surprised to find out that some people's passports are longer than …
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BVN goes abroad as NIBSS allays fears of Diaspora Nigerians over enrollment levy
… in gathering data for visa applications, passport renewal application because by law they are covered and allowed to gather that data and under that premise we can then get them to also help us with the BVN and that is how OIS came into being”, he …
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