Business Aircraft Ops to Costa Rica: Documentation & Local Area

Business Aircraft Ops to Costa Rica: Documentation & Local Area
Valid passports are required for both passengers and crew to enter Costa Rica. Depending upon nationality, the required remaining validity on your passport may vary. For some nationalities it's sufficient to have passport validity to cover the intended …
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Botswana passport makes top four in Africa
The research shows that passport holders from Seychelles can visit 126 of 194 countries in the world without having to apply for a visa. The Mauritian passport allows visa free or visa on arrival travel to 123 countries. The South African passport …
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Apply Now for an Australia Student Visa or Australia Business Visa

The passport entry visa and the immigrant entry visa are two common types of visa in any foreign country. In Australia, the person is permitted to visit the country on a specified duration using the passport entry visa. For those who want to move to Australia for permanent residence, the immigrant visa is for them. To get an entry to Australia, the most common Australia visas being utilized are the Australia student visa and the Australia business visa. These two types of visas have different purposes and it depends on the person’s needs.

Formal supports endowed by a certain government on a person’s passport are called visas. It also signifies that the person’s passport has already been thoroughly checked and found valid by the country he likes to visit. Visas similarly allowed the holder to travel to his destination. Accordingly, the visa allows the holder to enter a country as a visitor. Governments strictly implements visa to control aliens coming into their country.

Australia Student Visa

A student is permitted by an Australian student visa to stay in the country until he finished a degree from the Australian University. Certain rules are set when applying for a student visa in Australia. The student is required to enroll subjects that should make worthwhile degree since the Australian government will review the subjects enrolled by the student. A student can’t enroll getting subjects like leisure studies, philosophy or general studies since they are so extensive, making impossible to easily get a job. So, know the field of your study first prior to applying for a student visa in Australia. This student visa Australia will be the starting ground in applying for a permanent residency in Australia once it is approved and when the individual finished his studies in Australia.

Australia Business Visa

Individuals who have business interest in Australia are fit to apply for an Australian business visa. Proof of business credentials and contacts in Australia is required. Employees who are delegated to represent their country in Australia for business transactions are getting this business Australian visa. However, there should be a time framed presented by the company to inform how long he will be staying in the country. The term of the visa is twelve months with each visit permits a maximum of ninety days stay in Australia.

Planning to come to Australia will never be hard as Global Visas, the world’s leading authority on Immigration will help you process your visa, just refer to for further details.

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Aussie business travellers get fast-track lane at London Heathrow

Aussie business travellers get fast-track lane at London Heathrow
The UK's most frequent visitors can now apply for the 'Registered Traveller' scheme to skip the queues at passport control when arriving into London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports. After being vetted by the UK authorities, eligible jetsetters with …
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Unique Shinning Points, USPs for Your Business in Tough Times


It doesn’t take a downturn in the economy to create problems for your business. Every business has its ups and downs even in booming markets. The question is; Are you and your business well prepared and equipped to face the challenges of a soft or hard economy?

Many entrepreneurs fear the downturn, and dread the prospects of losing their customers, their people or their profit. They reason that if the economy is weak, clients and customers will cut back on projects, stop spending and might even seek cheaper alternatives from the competition.

All of this is true, but only to certain extent.  Sure, an economic slowdown and negative consumer sentiment can be challenging for your business. Or on the other hand, it can present you with an opportunity to gain new customers and boost your sales by developing effective strategies that can work best in a declining market, and brilliant for the boom times.

Depending on the industry you are in, there are numerous strategies that you can deploy to maintain and even increase your sales, while your competitors struggle to stay afloat.

The following USPs “Unique Shinning Points”, define measurable objectives and recommend key strategic initiatives that will assist you in steering your business effectively through uncertain economic times, while others struggle to get by:

USP No. 1: Utilize the slow down time to enhance your business’ basics and fundamentals

Like a machine that needs fine-tuning, after a long period of operation, so does your business needs tightening of its knots and bolts, and greasing of its parts so as to stop the squeaks.  Start from the top by revisiting and re- enforcing your company’s values, vision and mission. Ensure that your people are motivated to keep the torch of the company’s spirit alight, by demonstrating a clear understanding of the business challenges and by articulating their contribution to uphold the company’s values at all times.

Most importantly, align your company’s objectives and values with your team’s incentives and rewards. Share the information across the whole business so as to allow your people the opportunity to show initiative. Involve your team in problem solving and ask them to come forward with innovative ideas to increase profitability, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

USP No. 2: Out think your competition

Pause for a moment and ask yourself the following question; if what I sell or offer is essentially the same as my competitors, what do I need, to be different and better in many aspects including my level of customer service, my approach to marketing, promotion and sales?

The answer to this question goes beyond creativity and innovation, to positively differentiating your company from your competitors utilizing “thought leadership” with inspiring ingenuity, which will have to become a second nature to you and your business in challenging times. Your ultimate objective is to truly stand out in the minds of your customers by utilizing visionary sales and marketing strategies to create a Unique Shinning Points (USPs) that are exclusive to your company and unique to your industry. In other words, differentiate your company positively from its competitors or die.

USP No. 3: Reactivate old leads

With just little extra sales effort, old leads can be converted into profitable business. Many leads that you gave up on in the past can be reactivated and turned around, you just have to persevere.  A study by Harvard School of Business in 2007 revealed that most sales people regardless of the industry give up too early. According to the study, 75 percent of sales to business or clients are made on the fifth sales call, 25 percent of salespeople call beyond three calls!

USP No.4: Give superior level of service to your clients

Holding on to your existing customers during tough times is like holding on to fire in your hand, it is therefore of paramount importance to your business’ survival and longevity. Going the extra mile, pleasing your customers and giving them more than their money’s worth by maintaining a sales- service excellence culture, is a sure way to sustaining the impetus in your business. Now is the time to do that extra bit that can mean the difference between just merely satisfying your customers and flabbergasting – dazzling them.

USP No. 5: Plan and Implement an aggressive new marketing strategy

The truth of the matter is that, to prevent a lull in your business from ever happening in the first place, you should market consistently and aggressively all year long and every week. Not just when you need the business. Planning an ongoing marketing strategy ensures a steady stream of new business leads. Marketing done today begins a selling cycle that will result in new business when you need it six months down the track.

USP No. 6: Add value to your existing products or services

In a downturn, customers are more concerned with price than ever before. So address their concern by making sure you give them the best value for their dollar. There is no need to “give the store” or to provide an excessive level of service. Just a little extra effort or service will be perceived as a significant increase in value by your customers. Utilize technology and social media to drive business growth and in the meantime as an added value to customer service, communication and follow up.

USP No. 7:   Be positive and enthusiastic

It is imperative that you stay positive and not to become depressed in slow business periods. If you are depressed, your people and your customers can sense your depression which might have negative effect on your internal and external business. Don’t despair, be enthusiastic, believe in your people, your products and your services, and transfer that energy of enthusiasm and belief to your people and your customers.  Don’t give up too soon, remember that you are not alone, because in a downturn everybody in the market place are under the same umbrella and going through the same conditions as you are.
Seek the help of a professional coach and mentor who can assist in addressing your strengths and weaknesses while helping you discover your inner motivation and refocusing your efforts on the big picture

USP No. 8: Suspend any planned price increases

Needless to say that a business downturn is not the ideal time for you to increase your prices, even if you feel you deserve it, and that an increase is long overdue. Rearrange your prices during this transient period of business respite to accommodate a wider range of customers.

USP No. 9: Control negative and incompetent people in your business

Negative people at the best of times can be detrimental to your success. The last thing you need during tough times is a negative or incompetent person that does not “buy-in” to your values and your enterprise culture. Control and handle these situations with courage  promptly and swiftly, and remove any one who does not  “buy- in” to your business culture, as  it takes just one incompetent or negative person to hold back the entire team.

Finally and simply put, in every business cycle, and in every businessman’s life term there are defining moments that require remarkable actions congruent with the task at hand.  However, due to the pressures of the challenging moments, business people tend to overlook the big picture. Ensure the right coaching for yourself and your team so that you can focus on “back to basics” and take your team to the next level where everyone in your company is proficient at the basics and the fundamentals. Above all, keep sight of the big picture while defining the best strategies, programs and services that will boost your revenues, position your company for continued success, and most of all, that will truly differentiate your company from the others in your marketplace.

I would like to leave you with this thought from my Mentor, Peter Drucker; “ Don’t tell me what you have learned, tell me how you are going to do things differently”


Michael Yacoub is the CEO and Founder of Advantex International. Advantex International is located on the Gold Coast, Qld Australia and provides business coaching, strategic planning and business development services. For more information on receiving guidance from a Gold Coast business coach, please visit

Get an NYC Office Address for Your Japanese Business!

It’s very common nowadays for Japanese businesses, big and small, to do business with Americans. The Internet and other communication technology have facilitated easy international communication and inexpensive global marketing. Even so, when you’re dealing with an overseas company you like to establish their credibility before you place your order. When dealing with American companies, many overseas buyers are careful to check that they’re dealing with a legitimate company – preferably one with a verifiable street address. Americans are just as careful when buying from overseas firms.

If your main business location is in Japan and you’re not in a financial position to open your own NYC offices, there’s no reason for you to miss out on tapping into one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. Obtaining a legitimate and verifiable NYC office address and telephone number is as easy as obtaining a NYC virtual office from VH International Business Solutions.

Having a NYC virtual office isn’t as expensive as you might think. For just $ 25 a month you can have a NYC office address for your business cards and website. Should anyone stop in at your office address they’ll be greeted by staff at our reception and a message will be taken.

You can choose from other services too – like mail forwarding and a NYC telephone number with a messaging service or live answering. Mail and telephone messages can be forwarded to you promptly and should you need anything faxed in the US, our staff will be happy to help you. Your clients won’t know you’re not physically in NYC.

If you’re at a level where you travel internationally to meet clients, your NYC virtual office can become your physical office space too.

We have meeting spaces and private office space that are available at a low cost for temporary usage – so you can meet your prospective American clients at your NYC office!

Having a NYC office address can enhance your international business prospects and give you increased credibility. If you’re planning on expanding in 2010, why not dip your toe into international waters with a NYC virtual office from VH International Business Solutions? At $ 25 a month, there’s little to lose and much to gain!

VH International Business Solutions, Inc. Since 1990. Offering unbeatable service to individuals, small and mid sized local companies; as well as larger domestic and international firms seeking to establish a presence in the U.S., and particularly in the New York market. As the pioneer of offering Virtual Office services online in New York City, we are the leader and have the most expertise of working with local and global businesses when entering the New York marketplace. While others emphasize services, we emphasize service. Manhattan Virtual Office How can VH International Business Solutions help you? Tel: 1.212.627.8900 Fax: 1.646.861.6610 Since 1990.

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AUSPC2013 | US-Arab Business, Finance and Human Resource Development
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Passport Delays
HARRISONBURG— If the government shuts down the state department will continue processing u-s applications for passports, since fees are collected to finance those services. There may be a delay in issuing, however, so plan for the process to take an …
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Zetes wins Gambian deal
It also includes the delivery and installation of 10 permanent enrolment posts, to be placed at various locations including embassy buildings. Additionally, Zetes will … As part of the project implementation, Zetes employees are based in the capital …
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