Being An Overseas Indian Has Never Been Better

Being An Overseas Indian Has Never Been Better
It cannot measure, for example, the effect of a given passport on a person's chance to get a specialised work visa (like H-1B in the US) or a student visa, because such visas are usually issued on grounds that are different from an ordinary tourist …
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Crackdown on black money: Absconders won't have a passport to evade taxmen
Tax authorities will be able to initiate action against those having undeclared overseas assets even after a change in residency if these were held while being an Indian resident."If the overseas asset was acquired and held as a resident and not …
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UK stripped Brits of Passport Before Being Killed in Drone Strikes

Since 2010, home secretary Theresa May has revoked the citizenship of 16 people, leaving them open to torture, rendition and illegal detention. The information released by the Bureau of Investiga…
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US Citizenship Naturalization Test 2015, 2016; OFFICIAL (All 100 Questions and Answers)

Quick Civics Lessons from USCIS and Civics Flash Cards for Cut-Out: ———————————————————————————…
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It's 'heartbreaking' being stuck in Italy's most exclusive resort for

It's 'heartbreaking' being stuck in Italy's most exclusive resort for
Now the Chilean-born New York socialites refused re-entry to the US, after being accused of 'enslaving' their Chilean nanny, have broken their silence to – to say that it is 'heart-breaking' spending Christmas in Portofino. Malu Custer …
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Illegal immigrants, including 50000 Bangladeshis, in New York City getting IDs
More than half a million illegal immigrants including over 50,000 Bangladeshis living in New York City are going to receive Municipal Identification Card to access key city services previously beyond their reach.
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Passports Just in Time for Boarding
So there they were on June 11, one surprisingly collected young Brooklyn couple, outside the New York Passport Agency at 376 Hudson Street, the busiest of the nation's 17 passport centers, serving up to 3,000 frazzled travelers a week. There are 9,400 …
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'Your passport is being verified by local police'

'Your passport is being verified by local police'
As part of a slew of efforts to streamline the passport application process, the Pune police commissionerate has now started sending SMSes to passport applicants on the same day that an application is sent to their local police station to keep them …
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Passport Office To Resume Online Application Processing From Nov 5
Passport Officer Srinagar, Firdous Iqbal told KNS only those applications will be entertained which will come through proper registration through website and through proper appointment. “The service provider is releasing appointments from 11 in the …
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Smith 'most likely had help' getting passport
Internal Affairs says passport applications are checked for court orders before being issued. There were no court orders against Smith under his legal name of Traynor when he was convicted, so no grounds for the Department to reject his passport …
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Scandal forgotten, Cherie calls on her friends in high places
Keith Vaz, who had also phoned the Home Office about the Hinduja passport application, stood down from his post as Europe minister for health reasons following allegations that he had failed to declare hospitality from the Hindujas. Mr Vaz, who is now …