The People Vs. Nan-Hui Jo: Domestic Violence Victim Becomes Criminal

The People Vs. Nan-Hui Jo: Domestic Violence Victim Becomes Criminal
In the state's eyes, 43-year-old Nan-Hui Jo was a child abductor; Jo herself maintains that, when she left the United States in 2009, she was fulfilling her visa obligations and fleeing a long history of domestic abuse. Before her return to the United …
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Athena becomes first humanoid robot to buy a seat on a passenger plane

Athena becomes first humanoid robot to buy a seat on a passenger plane
It had a passport and ticket, and had to go through the usual security procedures as its fellow human passengers before boarding flight number 9801 from LAX to Frankfurt. … It was met by TV crews and many fellow passengers took photos of the humanoid.
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Why depression sucks even harder at Christmas – and what you can do about it
This year, as I popped my Christmas cards in the post and hung the last decoration on my computer (forget the tree: this year my Mac is madly festooned with tinsel, fairy lights and baubles), I felt a surge of festive excitement. I realised I was …
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Security experts doubt North Korea hacked Sony
Given that the hackers were apparently able to obtain unreleased movies as well as personnel records, Social Security numbers, passport photos, technical documents and other material, Young said it is unlikely they used just a single point of access.
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Expired Domain Names

Are you looking at putting your business online but do not have a domain name registered for it yet? Have you already found the right domain name but is it already registered to someone else? If these are a few problems that you face then you can get an expired domain name for your website.

There are many domain name owners who dont bother about renewing their domain names. They either let the domain name expire due to lack of interest or because they have many similar domain names. Sometimes they forget to pay the domain registrar to renew it.

A domain name becomes available to anyone once the registration expires or lapses. However, the domain name should go through a few steps before it can be available to anyone who wants to register it.

Owning an expired domain name is not bad. It does not lose its value just because its previous owner let it expire. Having an expired domain name can be helpful as the domain name has been around for sometime and hence has been aged in the eyes of the search engine. Also if a domain name has been previously used, then you may get all the links and traffic that used to previously go to the domain name if you register it to your name.

When a domain name expires it goes through a grace period before becoming available to be registered by someone. This grace period can last from a couple of weeks to up to a year. This is followed by a redemption period. This is usually 30 days. During this period all the owners information is removed from the domain. However, they still have the ability to reinstate it. At the end of these periods, the domain name can be purchased.

Some registrars let you backorder expired domain names. When you back order a domain name, the domain name in question will be monitored and as soon as it becomes available, the registrar will inform you about it or will attempt to register it in your name.


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Minnesota becomes fifth state to offer enhanced driver's licenses and ID cards

Minnesota becomes fifth state to offer enhanced driver's licenses and ID cards
Tweet Share via Email. Starting Monday, Minnesota residents can apply for an enhanced driver's license or identification card that will allow them to re-enter the United States from Canada, Bermuda, Mexico and the Caribbean without needing a passport.
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Dubai 800: Your one-stop number of the future… starting 2021
Such an interface will provide uninterrupted updates for all transactions in progress, as well as recalling important dates such as renewal dates of passport, residence, car ownership or licence, amongst others. The interface will also set up reminders …
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Malta becomes the latest 'sunny haven for shady people'

Malta becomes the latest 'sunny haven for shady people'
They form community bonds but are constrained to renew visas and residence permits. Instead of a clear framework and citizenship tests for good-quality members of the community, Malta wants to sell EU passports at €650,000. Scratch that. Bring your …
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Passports in a jiffy
“It took just about 10 minutes to get my passport today, but three years ago it took my dad (Choong Kai Wai), seven hours to drive from Melbourne to Canberra to renew our passports,'' said Andrew. “I am impressed by how fast it can be done in Melbourne …
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Latest Apply For A Passport News

Passport approvals day and night
Those wanting to apply for passports may do so at the Urban Transformation Centre as the Immigration Office at the Federal Government Office Block B would be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, said Sabah Immigration Department Director Noor Alam …
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Avoid long lines; Pick up your passport now for holiday travel
Now is the time to apply for a passport book or card or bring your current one up-to-date. The County offers walk-in passport services at the County Administration Center downtown at 1600 Pacific Highway in Room 402. You can apply for a passport book …

When getting an Australian passport becomes a kafkaesque nightmare
A couple of years back I tried to apply for a passport,and was stalled because my mother, a permanent resident at the time of my birth, only became a citizen a few weeks after it. The justification I was given was that she may have been here illegally …
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Va. woman becomes US citizen after 64 years

Va. woman becomes US citizen after 64 years
But now at a federal office in Fredericksburg, the clerk was telling her she was not who she thought she was. Worried about the possibility of not being able to claim her Social Security benefits, Dubicka immediately started what she assumed would be …
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Pakistani's iron grip, wielded in opulent exile, begins to slip
His London home and offices have been raided, and the police have opened new investigations into accusations of money laundering and inciting violence in Pakistan. The scrutiny has visibly rattled Hussain, who recently warned supporters that his arrest …
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Companies lay off workers, demand more immigration
Some of the companies that signed the letter have recently laid off thousands of Americans. Hewlett-Packard, for example, fired 29,000 people in 2012. United Technology is laying off 3,000 this year, and American Express is firing 4,500, according to a …
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Bishop Says Allegations Against Him Are 'Politically Motivated'
According to the Office of Congressional Ethics, on July 13, a referral was sent to the Committee on Ethics of the United States House of Representatives regarding Bishop. The report states that in May, 2012 Bishop agreed to help a Sagaponack …