Syrian Kurds Grow More Assertive

Syrian Kurds Grow More Assertive
The PYD has repeatedly denied colluding with Damascus stressing that Kurds were seen as second class citizens by the regime, often denied passports or government jobs. … "They told us not to come now, because they are still clearing the area, but soon.
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SIDF – A slush fund
Douglas is not reporting to the people about the people's money neither is he telling us how and why our passports are getting into the hands of people much to the annoyance and consternation of the government of Canada and the U.S.A.. Douglas does not …

Movie review: Our Man in Tehran
The passports were returned to the U.S. for corrections, and the rest is history. It was history American-style in the Oscar-winning film Argo, which glorified an American plan to spirit the hostages out of Iran by pretending to be a Canadian movie …
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Most Americans don't know what the USA has achieved at World Cup
Then again, most of those in-the-know didn't rate the Tomahawks much of a chance anyway. Matterson, the US's head coach, doesn't mind if the Oval Office stays oblivious, but he does care that people acknowledge it was no fluke the US team has survived …
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