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Ohio asks deer hunters for feedback
Passport to fishing is a one-day instructor training program that qualifies individuals to become Division of Wildlife certified fishing instructors. All participants will need to pass a background check … •Ducks Unlimited recently announced the …
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Assault rifle rules long overdue
… in the United States, which a Raleigh, N.C. range officer labels “Legos for guys.” A gun industry researcher says many young men who won't be in the military have a “male compulsion to warriorhood” and “owning an assault weapon is a passport to that.”.
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How To Find The Right Gym For You
Of course, there are more than 32,150 health clubs in the United States, so choosing the right one can take a little doing. Here are 10 must-know tips to make sure you … Also, ask if a gym partake's in IHRSA's Passport Club. The program gives gym …
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As Islamists Assault Iraq, Pressure Mounts for PM al-Maliki to Resign

As Islamists Assault Iraq, Pressure Mounts for PM al-Maliki to Resign
Major General Pete Chiarelli, then the second highest ranking U.S. military officer in Iraq, and his British counterpart sought an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, himself a Shiite who just a year earlier had been a midlevel official …
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CIA planned rendition of Edward Snowden
He was unable to do so, as the Obama administration cancelled his passport. Earlier that month, Snowden had made public, via the Guardian and other newspapers , revelations that the US, British and other governments were carrying out programmes of …
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Snowden's German NSA dossier leaks online
According to Edward Snowden, over 50 files in the dossier contain information about the locations, where NSA agents stay in Germany. Also, the … went to Latin America. However, due to the fact that the U.S. revoked his passport, he had to stay in Russia.
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