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Syriac Christians to build Turkey's first new church
Among the grievances aired was the ban on religious officials teaching at minority schools and the passport problems such officials encounter. According to one complaint, religious officials were given passports that expired after just six months.
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The Widow of a Paris Terrorist and Other Real Wives of Islamic State
ISTANBUL—On the CCTV footage released by Turkish police, the widow of one of the Islamic fanatics responsible for last week's terror rampage in Paris comes across as prim, even drab, as she goes through passport control at the airport here. …. The …
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Asian soccer tournament is field of dreams for Palestine's players
But as Moussa Abu Jazar's Jerusalem-based soccer team approached an Israeli checkpoint en route to a Bethlehem match in 2010, he knew he could be caught for having an expired permit. So he circumvented the checkpoint on foot, rejoining his teammates …
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Judge stops Asian businessman's deportation

Judge stops Asian businessman's deportation
Basar through his attorney Martin “Internash” Dlamini also wanted his passport and temporary permit that expired in February 2014 surrendered to him by the police. He also prayed for government to grant him a temporary valid permit whilst his working …
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Israeli-Palestinian conflict reflected in US passports
Also, having those individuals listed as being born in Jerusalem will only facilitate their passport renewal in the future. Their birth certificate would show a hospital in Jerusalem so, if Jerusalem was to become the territory of one of the regions …
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Palisades Park ringleader in massive Asian ID theft ring sentenced

Palisades Park ringleader in massive Asian ID theft ring sentenced
Park, 48, topped the government's organizational chart of thieves and accomplices who bilked banks and other financial establishments using the stolen identities of Asian immigrants who worked in Guam and other American territories. The crew got Social …

Senate passes 'REAL Hope'
The Washington State Senate passed a measure allowing children of undocumented immigrants to receive state college financial aid through the federal government, according to legislature passed by the Senate on Friday, Jan. 31. The Senate proposed to …
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