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US Consular Officer to hold office hours for US Citizens in St. Kitts and Nevis
All applicants must provide: completed passport application, two passport-size photos (2” x 2”), proof of U.S. citizenship such as previous U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate, or U.S. naturalization certificate, and social security card. Please …

A primer on passports
To renew a passport, send a DS-82 application form (available on the State Department website, post offices, and travel agencies), your most recent passport, a 2-by-2-inch photo, and a check for $ 110 made out to the U.S. Department of State. If your …

SHUTDOWN IMPACT: 13 Days after the federal government closed, affects are
The State Department continues processing foreign applications for visas and U.S. applications for passports, since fees are collected to finance those services. Embassies and consulates overseas remain open and are providing services for U.S. citizens …
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What services are affected when the US government shuts down
The State Department will continue processing foreign applications for visas and US applications for passports, since fees are collected to finance those services. Embassies and consulates overseas will continue to provide services to American citizens.
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Today is the last day to register to vote
Monday is the last day residents can register to vote in the November election. Registration application forms can be downloaded online or picked up at a variety of locations, including any Harris County Tax Office location or U.S. post office. For …
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Book date for passport renewal, Filipinos reminded
DUBAI: The Philippine Consulate General (PCG) has released a new set of reminders with regard to the first-time application and renewal of passports for its nationals in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, for more efficient, quicker and hassle-free services.
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HC raps passport authorities for sitting on Monica Bedi's plea
Irked with the Regional Passport Office's failure to respond to a petition filed by actor and companion of gangster Abu Salem, Monica Bedi, the Bombay High Court directed the passport authority to file its reply within two weeks. Bedi had approached …
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Note: If You Commit A Crime In Philly, Do Not Try To Get A Passport In The
We bet the people who he asked for a passport pulled the old “Oh, just hang on, it's taking a bit longer than usual” move while they contacted the FBI: When 71-year-old Santiago Pedroso went to the United States Embassy in Manila, he didn't expect to …

Debt default is scarier than federal shutdown
At Fort Stuart, Ga, on Thursday, a U.S. Army honor guard member unveils a granite marker honoring the service of Spc. Nicholas Burley, who was killed in action this summer in Afghanistan. U.S. troops are in danger of not being paid if there is a …

She's a seasoned traveller! Sock-footed Beyonce carries Blue Ivy to their
… another picture, Sasha Fierce relaxed in a multi-coloured halter bikini and matching headscarf on the back of a speedboat. Blue Ivy has amassed numerous stamps on her passport in the last year – South America, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Poland, and …
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Latest Us Passport Application News

AIFMD: challenges facing US and other non-EEA managers
Consequently, as a result of the Directive all EEA managers need to make an application for authorisation by July 22, 2014 Regulators are urging the industry to apply sooner rather than later in 2014. From the date of authorisation these … Non-EEA …
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Gaza: The Epic Struggle of a Trapped Student
I pulled myself together and decided to re-apply again in the US consulate in Jerusalem, knowing that, for a Palestinian from Gaza, going to Jerusalem is almost a mission impossible. The visa application process took a … In order to cross Eretz and …

Passport application and failure

Indian passport is a legal instrument that enables you to travel abroad with a valid visa. Almost all countries require you to hold a valid visa and a passport. The instrument declares you as a valid citizen and authorized for International travel. In a way this acts as a security document with your record in the database.  

Unauthorized travel often leads to criminal activity and the country being visited can suffer. Many criminals travel on fake passport obtained by unscrupulous means. In many countries there is a big racket going on for manipulation of legal documents.  Under many circumstances especially in case of people with criminal record are not authorized to travel outside India.

Terrorists, smugglers and escapees use illegal documentation to travel abroad. The passport prevents all such travels as it is a security document. People with legal papers can be immediately held responsible for any nefarious acts.
With each and every update the passport in India is being added with more and more features to prevent misuse. During the application process the applicant is scrutinized for the authenticity of the documents he has submitted. The documents required to fulfill application are identity proof, address proof and to check out the citizenship.

The applications of people with past criminal records and facing trial in the courts are rejected.  If the applicant has been proven guilty five years before the date of application and has not served a minimum sentence of two years can have is application rejected.  

In case a warrant has been issued for a person to appear in a criminal enquiry the application can be denied.

Usually such criminals are prevented by order to leave the country. The court can set many conditions for International travel and issuance of necessary travel documents.  

Improper submission of documents can also result in failure of the application. Many people fail to get clearance because of incorrect filling of the form.  One has to fill the application form exactly as the manner in which it to be done. The passport website of the Government of India offers full details how the form has to be filled and submitted. The documents required and acceptable are also mentioned on the official website. Hence one should read this very carefully.

The details given online are for fresh applicants, reissuance and those applying under special circumstances. The details of fee structure are also available on site. An Indian citizen can also apply for fast acceptance of application under the Tatkal scheme. This is subject to terms and conditions.

Once you have applied for the passport you can frequently check the status online. There is search tool on the Government website that lets you check the status online. 

Uday often writes on how to apply for passport in India hence the article.  He also writes on Tatkal Passport available in the country for emergency travel. Uday writes on many legal instruments issued in India.

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Tips on Filling Out a US Passport Application

Many people postpone trips overseas because they do not want to fill out a US government passport application. What they don’t know is that the application process is actually simple. Even if you are not planning to leave the country any time soon, it is advisable to get a passport just in case.

Finding the application: The US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website should be the first place you visit. It has all the information you need about applying for a passport. At this website, you can print out the application. You can also type in your address and find passport offices in your area.

Submitting the application: If you are a minor, are applying for your first passport, got your last passport more than 15 years ago, or do not have your current passport for any reason, you will need to go to a passport office to submit your application. If you have your current passport and it is less than 15 years old, you can submit your application by mail.

How long it takes: If you have a time-sensitive situation that requires a passport, you will need to turn in your application very early. It generally takes about four to six weeks to get your passport. Try to plan ahead so that you do not have to worry about getting your passport in time.

Expedited passports: You can get your passport application expedited if you are in a hurry. If you opt to do this, your passport will arrive in two to three weeks. There is an additional $ 60 fee to use the expedited service and you will have to pay overnight shipping costs.

Photographs: When you fill out your application, you will need to submit two photographs of yourself. There are very specific requirements for the photographs.

It is a good idea to have these done by a professional photographer or the passport office to make sure the requirements are met.

Form DS-82: If you want to submit your passport application by mail, you will need to fill out Form DS-82. Follow the instructions carefully and write clearly. In addition to the form, you will need to send the two photographs, your old passport, and documentation of name changes.

Form DS-11: If you have never had a passport before or are completing the application on behalf of a minor, you will need Form DS-11. In the case of minors, both parents and the child need to go to the office. This form cannot be submitted by mail. You will need to bring your passport photographs, proof of US citizenship, and proof of identity.

Completing a US government passport application is an easy and beneficial process. You never know when you are going to need to leave the country. It may seem like a lot of information to think about, but it is actually quite simple. If you need to get a passport, make sure you plan ahead and apply well in advance so you get it in time. Once the application is completed, your part is done and they will send you your new passport.

C.L. Hendricks has been a Jill-of-all-trades and become an expert in some. She has also traveled extensively and now writes about travel destinations around the world for Family Vacation Spots and Best Vacation Getaways

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Wait for passport may shorten by a month
A downloadable mobile application for smartphones—mPassport Seva—provides information on passport-related services and enables tracking the status of a passport application that has been launched. The application is currently available for the …
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'Passport' app by MEA tops Apple app store in India
The 'passport app' launched by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to ease the process of passport application has topped apps charts in the free category, India section. Thus, becoming the most popular app of India sooner than anticipated. The app …
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Passport application of ex-militant's son cleared: J-K govt
Jammu and Kashmir government today said it has already cleared the application of the engineer son of a former militant for issuance of a passport. "On the instructions of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, I checked the IGP CID about the application of …
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Pinoys in Saudi discouraged from multiple online application for e-passport

Pinoys in Saudi discouraged from multiple online application for e-passport
Pinoys in Saudi discouraged from multiple online application for e-passport renewal. August 13, 2013 11:40am. Tags: Saudi Arabia. Filipinos in Saudi Arabia were discouraged Wednesday from making double or even multiple online applications for the …
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Don't fall for application form scams online
If you require a passport, driving licence, EHIC Health card or Esta application, or are booking your driving test or theory test, experts are urging vigilance over websites which look like they are taking a fee for the full cost of processing and …
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Changes When Applying For British Passport
Previously, during the hurricane season, applicants were able to send a copy of their passport with their renewal application rather than the original. The UK Passport Office is stopping this practice because of the risk of fraud. Original passports …
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