Travel to The Caribbean With No Passport

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The Caribbean is a major hub for tourist destinations. The Caribbean offers picture perfect views, crystal clear beaches, and undeniable culture spread throughout its locals and their spectacular cuisine. There really is no wonder why so many tourists flock year round from all over the world to visit these tropical destinations. 

You may have considered travelling somewhere in the Caribbean, but maybe you don’t have a passport or you just aren’t looking to travel internationally. This doesn’t mean the Caribbean is a no-go, because America luckily has stunning territories located in the Caribbean that do not require you to have passport to visit.

Puerto Rico

Colorful image of city centre of San Juan with large Puerto Rican flag above the street. Blue and pink buildings in the street. Sunny day. Red and white stripes, white star and blue colored national flag of Puerto Rico.

For one reason or another, U.S citizens tend to forget that Puerto Rico is a U.S territory. Because of this, U.S citizens and permanent residents do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico. However, in May of 2023 Puerto Rico will be implementing Homeland Security’s REAL ID Act. If your state is not compliant with the requirements, you may need a passport to travel there. 

Why Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is in the heart of the Caribbean and has so much to offer its tourists. For one, Puerto Rico is warm, tropical, and beautiful, but that is not all it has to offer. Puerto Rico has amazing scenery and fantastic food traditional to its culture. Cocina Criolla is what Boricuas (Puerto Rican Natives) refer to their cuisine as and you don’t wanna miss out on the opportunity to try an authentically made Mofongo.

If you are looking for some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico might just be your next destination. A great thing about Puerto Rico is its flexibility. Its warm climate allows for beaches to be open year-round and they have so many beaches scattered around the islands of Puerto Rico. 

Isla Verde, Carolina and Old San Juan 

There’s Isla Verde beach, in Carolina which offers clear blue beaches and white sand, but it is also located on a strip of restaurants and boutiques which make for a very walkable vacation spot. 

Once you are done with your beach experience, you can go experience Old San Juan. Carolina is about a 10-minute Uber from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico’s historic capital. San Juan has these beautiful 5-century forts and stunning architecture that can be described as romantic and brightly colored. Just standing in the middle of a road or alley with Old San Juan’s romantic ambiance can make for the perfect Instagram picture. 

Crash Boat, Aguadilla 

If You prefer snorkeling and scuba diving, go visit Crash boat beach in Aguadilla. Aguadilla is known as a playground for everybody, with its huge underwater wildlife, and with El Natural, a perfect place to dive just a few feet away, you will have the underwater experience of a lifetime. 

I can go on and on about Puerto Rico’s stunning beaches but, most travelers do not leave Puerto Rico without mentioning the locals, the Boricuas, that make the experience of going to Puerto Rico that much more worth it. 

The U.S Virgin Islands

aerial view of Cruz Bay, St.John, US Virgin Islands

The U.S Virgin Islands is another U.S territory in the Caribbean that does not require American citizens and permanent residents to have a passport for entry. The Virgin Islands is brimming with tourist possibilities and year-round perfect weather. From St, Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas you are sure to find a great reason to make the U.S Virgin Islands your next travel destination.

St. Croix 

If you are the type of tourist who likes to be immersed in history, St.Croix may just be for you. St. Croix has stunning, historic buildings that have remained there since the 18th century. In addition to that, there’s Fort Christansvaern which remains one of the most well-preserved colonial forts that the Caribbean has to offer. 

Once you’re done sightseeing, check out its more adventure-based activities such as ziplining or snorkeling. If you want to grab a drink St. Croix is the place to do so. St. Croix has been distilling its own spirits, especially its own rum for ages. If you’re a big fan of rum, try checking out a local distillery that is sure to satisfy your needs. 

St. Thomas

St. Croix might be the place to go to learn the history of the Virgin Islands but St. Thomas is the go-to place for experiencing the culture. If you want to shop till you drop at duty-free prices, St. Thomas is the way to go.  St. Thomas is brimming with boutiques and local shops and vendors but that is not all. They have amazing nightlife with locals who are so gracious in their recommendations for the best food and lounges that show that St.Thomas is truly the place to go for spectacular nightlife. 

If you’re a big fan of extraordinary views, you have to visit Drakes Seat to get the best view of Magens Bay. And if you love art, visit Danish-French impressionist painter Camille Pissaro’s childhood home. If you want the tropical beach experience, no worries because they have that too!


 St.John is for those travelers who are passionate about nature, and want to see the diverse beauty that the Virgin Islands have to offer. St. John has arguably some of the best beaches not only in the Virgin Islands but in the Caribbean. The beaches are crystal clear which makes them perfect for those excited to snorkel. You can also go hiking at the Virgin Island National park located in St. John that takes up almost two thirds of the land there. If you like more of a routine, there’s tons of nature and wildlife tours, as well as private sightseeing tours that will fulfil your craving for beautiful views and diverse wildlife. 

St.John also offers over 3 dozen hiking trails. Speaking of foot traffic, St.John is pretty small and one of the less crowded tourist spots in the Virgin Islands which is a plus for many travelers.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Passport

The main reason you may use a passport to travel to any of these U.S territories is for security. If You only have one form of ID and you lose it or it gets stolen, you may not have another form of ID to get back to the states. It does not hurt to have two forms of ID, and it is especially helpful in these kind of situations.
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