Busuttil slams 'embarrassing and insulting' PBS

Busuttil slams 'embarrassing and insulting' PBS
"The IIP turned Malta into the world's laughing stock. What Malta cherished and what the previous PN governments had persisently worked so hard for went down the drain as the government, in a matter of nine months, came up with the idea of selling …
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How simple photos are leading to full profiles of ordinary people
Now, millions every day rush to reveal pictures and more rush to view them and pass them along, sometimes with tragic results. "You can do the stupidest thing, and pretty soon the whole world knows," said privacy expert Frank Ahern. When Saratoga …
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Holiday gift idea: 'Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure' VIP ticket giveaway

Holiday gift idea: 'Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure' VIP ticket giveaway
"Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure" will take audiences on a sightseeing journey to the magical worlds of "The Lion King," "The Little Mermaid," "Peter Pan" and "Lilo & Stitch." Each performance features an international team of award-winning figure …
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Getting a passport to become quicker
Presently, after documents are submitted at the PSK, the data is sent online to the SB at the Commissioner of Police's office, which dispatches printouts to respective PS, which then need to physically verify the data with original documents of the …
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Airlines and airports look to take the pain out of boarding planes

Airlines and airports look to take the pain out of boarding planes
"The specific application of this trial is to remove the need for a passport check," Mark Walker, passenger process program manager at Heathrow, told CNN. He said the trial resulted … "It works very well for us and we board faster, 20% faster," van …
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2013 SAVE Award finalists announced
Ideas for improving the efficiency of Veterans Affairs Department prescription tracking, the State Department's handling of passport applications and government training certifications are among the four finalists for the 2013 SAVE Award. The winner …
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Indian Diplomat's Arrest in New York Sparks Row With US
Khobragade is accused of submitting false documents on an application for her housekeeper to live and work in the U.S. and not paying the housekeeper a minimum wage. Khobragade's …. Her official passport and visa revoked. Starts her illegal stay and …
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Mustbin is a new way to save your documents
If you have vital documents in paper or plastic form — like a will, favorite photos, insurance policies, driver's license, credit cards, passport and Social Security card — they could be destroyed by a flood or fire. Last fall, a friend of Brian Shin …
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Passports Please
It was clear that we weren't getting to our destination that night; at least we did get to see the Sox win the World Series. The three of us get to the head of the customer service line. … need passports to travel in and out of a Washington airport …
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A child's passport to protection
Later in life, it is also often impossible to apply for a job, get a passport, vote, or open a bank account, as was the case for Mahendravalli. Unicef calls on the Government of Malaysia, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to step up …
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The ugly, the uglier, and the ugliest
When it comes to monuments and other high-profile jobs (which also get the choice locations, obviously), the hideous-clueless are wheeled out. I don't think this is at all incidental. Rather, it probably has something to do with the fact that good art …
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Goin' Postal Opens Royal Oak Location
The national franchise, which has over 300 locations nationwide — including eight other Michigan locations — offers USPS, FedEx, DHL, stamps, color copying, notary, faxing, packaging, packaging supplies, laminating, passport photos, binding and …
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Who, what, when,where and why: Conor Compton
Anyone who goes to all eight locations and stamps their passport with the stamps can bring in their passport to the Parks & Recreation Office at Town Hall and you will receive a pin to wear. I got to know my town in a new way. I didn't know the trails …
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Holly Shop Hop extended to accommodate weather obstacles

Holly Shop Hop extended to accommodate weather obstacles
Holly Shop Hop furnishes shoppers with a passport stamped by participating businesses when shoppers spend $ 5 or more. Passport holders can enter for a chance to win $ 250 after filling 75-percent of the squares are filled. Passports are available at any …
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Barefoot airline passengers can test the patience of others
With the holiday travel season approaching, when patience will be as essential as a passport, the time seems right to seek some understanding about why we behave the way we do on airplanes. Psychological and anthropological scholarship suggests it …
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County learns about aging agency
If a client has Medicaid and meets the level of necessary care for a nursing home, they can be in the Passport Program, which allows individuals to have care plans including transportation and care services, she said. The program is also administered …
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