What To Do When Your Airline Shuts Down

It’s not every day that a massive inter-country airline shutdown, but that’s exactly what happened to Thomas Cook Air. The UK based airline suddenly ceased all operations midday, forcing planes to land and passengers to disembark aircrafts ready for take off. With the airline now kaput, there was no one to pay for the plane’s lease or the fuel used for transportation. Lucky for the passengers, the UK government offers services to those who missed flights as Thomas Cook is a UK based company. The government requires that should an airline go out of business, the burden shall be picked up and paid for by the government of the UK. 

But if your airline isn’t based in the UK, you may have some trouble getting your reimbursement. So, what do you do if your airline goes kaput? Today we’ll be looking at the steps you can take to prepare for such an event, and what you can do should such a thing happen to you.

The Signs

First off, we should note that this is much more likely to have in Europe. Most of the airlines that end up going defunct are local airlines which focus on short economy flights to nearby airports. In the USA, we don’t have as many competing airlines as the entirety of the EU does. In the cases where two companies are competing in a similar niche here in the states, it’s much more likely that the companies merge and that flights continue you. But what are the signs of an airline on the verge of collapse?

Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on the news. A controversy rocking Delta doesn’t have the same effect that it does on a much smaller airline. The news is also quick to point out when an airline announces low earnings. Typically airlines rake in the majority of their earnings during the summer travel season, so if an airline announces consecutive low summer earnings you know they might be in trouble. Typically an airline will announce closure ahead of time and cancel flights before you arrive at the airport, but this isn’t always the case.

What to do if it Happens to You?

A canceled flight might mean wasted vacation days. This doesn’t always have to be the case though. In many cases, the airline will attempt to offer you credit with a competitor so that you don’t take any monetary legal action to acquire reimbursement. In some cases, competitors will offer discounted fares simply to lure in disgruntled fliers. These competing airlines might be taking advantage of the situation to acquire new customers, but in this situation it’s hard to complain.

Make sure to notify your hotels that you may be arriving late, and see if you can re-book your dates if your new flight is on a different date. You don’t have to miss out on your vacation if you stay calm and try to move things around a bit. Most will be sympathetic to your situation, especially considering you are not in control of the circumstances. Try to stay calm, stress will only make the situation worse as we all tend to make rash decisions while stressed. Decisions like blaming the airline closure on the now unemployed attendant trying to explain that their employer just went out of business. 

What if you have a Visa?

Unfortunately if your passport has a visa in it, it won’t suddenly extend because your flight got canceled. This can be especially troublesome if you’re attempting to enter a country with a particularly strict visa application process that only issues short term stay visas. In this case, having your flight pushed back a few days could mean permanently shaving a few days off your trip even if you’re able to rebook. If this is the case with you, you may not have any other choice but to reapply for the visa or request an extension from the consulate that issued the visa. While this rarely happens, it can if the reason is good enough. If this is not an option and you have sometime before your new flight, you can always reapply for the visa using an expedited service which can get you a visa in only a few days.

In some cases, you simply won’t be able to do anything. A small airline closing with no competitors offering cheap flights, and a consulate that refuses to extend your visa could always be your situation. If this happens to you, the most you can do is hope that the airline you are buying your replacement ticket from has good on flight snacks. In all seriousness, this can happen, and should it happen while you’re in a foreign country, it may be best to contact the local consulate servicing your nationality to see if some form of compensation can be agreed upon.

Need a Passport or Visa?

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Passport Renewal Process for Beginners

The passport renewal process - a photo of a passport and an airline ticket

Applying for a passport renewal can be tedious if you aren’t already familiar with the application process. The stress of applying can only be compounded if you plan on leaving on a deadline. So, what do you need for a successful passport renewal application? What does it take to get through the process with no faults? Today we’ll be looking at exactly what you’ll need to be prepared for your passport renewal application.

Am I Eligible for a Passport Renewal?

First thing’s first, you’ll need to determine if you are even eligible to apply for a passport renewal. Remember, children’s passports cannot be used for a passport renewal. This means that if your passport was issued before the age of 16, you won’t be able to renew it! Children are issued 5 year passports, so if you’re unsure if whether or not your passport was issued before or after your 16th birthday, just check its validity. If you don’t have possession of your passport book because you’ve lost it, you won’t be able to renew it either!

On top of that, if your passport has received any major damage, you won’t be able to renew either. Minor fraying of the booklet is not considered sufficient damage to prevent renewal, however a damaged information page is. Finally, your passport can’t be over 5 years expired. So essentially you can renew any 10 year passport in good condition that has been expired for less than 5 years.

TIP: One other thing to note, your passport does not have to be expired for you to renew it. As long as your passport is within a few months of expiring, or has all of its pages used up, you’ll be able to apply for a passport renewal!

Submission Materials

Man preparing a Passport Renewal Application

So, you’ll now need to gather the required materials now that you’ve determined your eligibility. The first thing you’ll need to do is fill out the application, which you can do here on the US Department of State’s website. Make sure you answer every question honestly and that you double check your application before printing it out! Make sure that you sign the application after it’s been printed.

After you’re done with the application, it’s time to get your passport photo taken. This passport photo must be printed on 2×2 glossy paper and must follow certain criteria to be accepted. Unless you plan on taking the photo and printing it yourself you won’t have to worry about the specific requirements. Vendors who sell passport photos are familiar with the requirements and will be able to tell you if your photos are eligible. You can get your passport taken at most post offices or at Walgreen’s or CVS. If you are processing a passport renewal with us, we also offer passport photos at a discounted rate.

Payment and Extras

You’ll also need a check or money order for the amount of $110 if you are applying for standard service. This number jumps up to $170 if you are applying for expedited service. We recommend money order as checks have specific rules which can lead to them getting denied. Some examples of issues with checks are that your ID license and the address on your application should match your check’s address. Some people move around and don’t update their IDs which could lead to this issue if you do use a personal check. While money orders cost a bit more to attain, they typically don’t get denied.

If you are applying for a name change with your passport renewal you’ll also need to submit documentation proving your name changed. This is typically provided in the way of Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or a court order stating that the applicant has petitioned for a legal name change. 

Where Do I Send My Passport Renewal Application?

Now that you have everything you’ll need, it’s time to send off your application. Depending on what process you’re doing and who you’re doing it with, the place you’ll go may change. If you are processing at standard speed, you can go to a local post office to mail out your application to the USDS. You can also pay an additional $60 to expedite through the US Department of State. Paying to expedite can get you your passport back in as soon as same day. However this can only be done if you go directly to one of the USDS’s physical locations. If you are unable to be present, you can still mail in your application to get expedited, albeit at a longer 3-4 week speed.

If you don’t live near one of the US Department of State’s locations, but still need to rush service, there are many private courier companies that can represent you. These private couriers will guide you through the passport renewal process and rush your passport. Since these couriers work directly with the USDS, they can process at roughly the same speed. This means same day processing is available, but do keep in mind shipping time when considering a purchase. A same day passport, for example, would arrive to you not the next day, but the day after. One day to ship to the USDS, one day to ship back.

Leaving in a Rush?

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Passports and Visa, a Breakdown

A woman stressing over a computer, probably applying for a visa.

If you’ve never traveled before and don’t have a passport, travel to a country that requires a visa can be a long and confusing process. Even if you’ve had a passport, especially an American one, most countries do not require a visa so finally needing to obtain one can rattle one’s brain. First off, what even is a visa and why do you need one for some countries but not others? A visa is essentially a country’s government allowing you into the country. You need a visa to travel to countries which may have an unstable relationship with your country of origin. For example, ongoing tension between nations which once heavily leaned towards Communism (think China, Russia, Vietnam) all require US citizens to obtain visas to enter. Likewise, all citizens originating from the three aforementioned nations must obtain a visa to enter the USA.

Luckily, most countries do not require a visa to visit if you hold a US passport, and even some countries that do will allow you to apply for a visa on arrival. Regardless, when you do need a visa the shock of finding out can ruin a trip, especially if you don’t find out until the day you depart. Most airlines will allow you to book a trip to a country that requires a visa without having you confirm whether or not you hold a valid visa. This leads to situations where people book trips that they cannot attend due to not being aware of the necessity to obtain a visa!

What Countries Require Visas and Where Can You Apply?

As mentioned above, the list of countries that require visas change depending on your country of origin. We’ll be focusing on countries that require visas for US citizens though, in particular we’ll be looking at visas you’ll have to apply before arriving in the country. To begin, here’s a list of every country that requires a visa for entry for those entering with a US passport:

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Australia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Benin
  • Bhutan
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • China
  • Congo
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Gabon
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • Nauru
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uganda
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela 
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen

A notable exemption from the list is Brazil, which recently waived visa requirements for US citizens. Applying for a visa varies from country to country. Some countries, such as India and Australia offer the option to apply online, which can take a few days. Other countries such as Nigeria require you to apply directly at their embassy and get your bio-metrics taken at a nearby facility. In the case of Nigeria, you don’t even have the option of applying through a third-party. Consequently, this means you’ll need to be physically present.

This rule does not hold true for all visa. China and Russia, two of the most visited countries on the list, allow you to apply with third-party services. These private couriers can greatly reduce the headache of the entire application process. While this does incur an additional cost on top of the base visa application fee, it does save you time and money.

How Can Third-Party Services Save You Time and Money

A Jurisdiction Map for the Chinese Consulates in the US.

So, how can applying through a third-party courier service will save you money on your visa? It’s a good question, one would think that doing everything yourself would be the most optimal way of applying as it gives you full control of the process. This isn’t always the case though. Unless the country allows you to apply for your visa online, you’ll most likely have to make a trip to the nearest consulate or embassy which might not even be in your state!

Let’s use China as our example. There are several Chinese Consulates dotting the United States, but you may only apply to the consulate that serves your jurisdiction, your jurisdiction is determined by the state which issued your driver’s license (or state ID). You can find a jurisdiction map for US citizens above. Let’s say you live in Utah, while the consulates in Texas, San Francisco, or LA may be closer to you geographically, you’ll still be required to apply out of the Embassy in DC because of where you dwell. As a result, third party couriers can come in hand.

A private courier is registered with the consulate and may take the application to the consulate on your behalf. Couriers are also permitted to pick up your application once it has been completed. Because of this, they are able to ship it to you using their preferred method of shipping. So while you may be paying a bit extra for shipping and courier fees, you save yourself a trip to the Consulate to drop off your application, as well as the return trip to pick it up. 

Do I Need a Passport to Apply for a Visa?

In most cases you will need a valid passport to apply for a visa. The reason why is because your passport information will be registered with the country you are entering with in order to obtain your visa. Not only this but, assuming you won’t be applying for your visa online, you’ll have to submit your physical passport. This does mean that if your passport is expired or if you are out of valid passport pages, you’ll need to either apply for a new passport or a passport renewal. 

If you don’t have a passport at all and are traveling to a country that requires a visa this does mean you’ll need to acquire a new passport as well as applying for a visa. Depending on how you go about obtaining the passport and which country you intend to visit, this process could take upwards of a month.

How Do I Get Started?

If you don’t want to wait a month for your passport, you can always apply with us, here at The Passport Office. We offer professional private courier services that allow us to get you your passport in as quickly as one day depending on your situation. You can apply online, or visit one of our many offices across the nation to get your application started today.

Likewise, we offer many visa services over at Visa Service Department, and we offer specialty services with China Visa Department. As veterans in the travel documentation industry, we offer you secure passport-to-visa services with some of the lowest rates in the business. Our offices offer both passport and visa services, so give us a call, visit us online, or stop by in person to inquire about what you’ll need to travel or to get the process started today.

What not to Pack when Traveling out of the Country

You just applied for your new passport and you’re ready to travel out of the country. Remembering to bring your new passport with you on your trip is not the only thing you need to think of. You also have to remember what not to bring.

Map with scattered travel items

While traveling internationally can be both fun and exciting – whether you’re traveling for work, pleasure, or to visit family – it’s essential to make sure that the belongings that you take with you are both practical and legal. The fact is, many things that are perfectly logical to own in your residence in the United States is not only unnecessary abroad, but could also lead to you getting arrested.

Before you travel out of the country, take a quick look through your luggage. If you see any of these four things in your bags, you should remove them immediately.

Your Toiletries

Many of us take our personal hygiene very seriously. We live in a culture that values cleanliness, which is why it’s so tempting to throw your entire medicine cabinet into your suitcase. While you may think that you can’t live without your expensive face cream or feel like you absolutely must bring your economy-sized tube of toothpaste with you, they can get left behind. Furthermore, TSA is extremely picky about what can make it through security, which means that your hygiene products will probably get tossed even before you make it to your gate. Most countries have fully stocked drugstores and pharmacies, allowing you to stock up on your essentials after you land.

Your Valuables

When you travel, you want to look your very best. It’s understandable to want to bring your Rolex with you, or your great grandmother’s heirloom earrings. That said, unlike your toiletries, some things simply cannot be replaced if something happened to them. Not only do expensive, flashy belongings make you a target for dishonest people, it’d break your heart if you lost or misplaced them. If the object in question – whether it’s a piece of sentimental jewelry or an expensive gadget – is priceless to you, then you should just leave it behind.

Your CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) has been a miracle for millions of people. It’s been shown to help treat a huge array of health concerns, such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and even epilepsy. If you take CBD for your wellbeing, it’s tempting to want to bring it with you on your international travels. Despite being completely legal in the United States, though, many countries (including China, Belgium, Russia, as well as others) outright forbid the possession of CBD. Not only will it likely get confiscated by customs, you may also get arrested if you try to take it along with you. Before you leave, you need to first check to make sure your CBD is legal in the country that you’re visiting. Doing so can help save you a lot of stress, time, and money in the long run.

Your Entire Wardrobe

Very rarely do people under pack for a trip. Nevertheless, this is a huge fear that drives many people to overstuffing their luggage with all of their belongings from their closet. What if it rains? What if it gets cold? What if you do wind up needing that hideous color blocked, poorly fitting sweater that’s tucked far back in your closet even if you wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole in a normal day? Look, you don’t need half of the things you’re trying to take with you. A couple pairs of pants, a few shirts, some practical shoes, your new passport, and some fashionable accessories. No, you don’t need to pack fifty pairs of underwear. Prune back your suitcase and try to travel light. When you wind up wearing the same three shirts on rotation the entire time you’re there, you’ll be glad you left all that unnecessary stuff behind.

Traveling internationally can be full of its ups and downs. To help ensure more ups (time with family, new sights and new foods to try, and loads of fun adventures) than downs (international prisons, long lines in customs, and a disappointing trip overall); however, stick to our packing recommendations. By packing light, leaving your expensive valuables at home, making sure you bring your new passport with you, and skipping the CBD, you can help make sure you have a safe, happy, and pleasant trip – no matter where your travels with your new passport take you!

A Detailed Checklist of Documents Required for the Passport Renewal of a Child

Are you planning an international trip with your family? If you’ve realized your child’s passport is expiring soon, it’s time to apply for a new one. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled this comprehensive checklist of documents that you’ll need to gather before the renewal appointment.

This checklist details the documents required for passport renewal for children under 16. U.S. passports issued for children under the age of 16 are valid for 5 years. There are some differences in the documents needed for passport renewal for 16-year-old and 17-year-old children. More details about these requirements for older children are listed later in this article.

Young girl with passport

Completed Passport Application Form

The first thing you should do is complete the application. While adults use the renewal application (DS-82) to renew their passports, children must use the application form (DS-11). You can find form DS-11 at Travel.State.Gov.

Complete the application before your appointment with your passport renewal agency. Be sure to answer all the questions completely and accurately. The emergency contact person you list on the application form must be living in the United States. Do not sign the application until instructed to do so in person. After completing the application, print the form and bring it with you to your passport appointment.

For any child who does not have a Social Security number, the parent must submit a signed and dated statement along with the passport application form that includes the following specific phrase:

<em>”I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the following is true and correct: (Child’s full name) has never been issued a Social Security Number by the Social Security Administration.”</em>

Child’s Current Passport or Other Proof of Citizenship

The application form is just the first step. You’ll also need several other passport renewal documents. When renewing a child’s U.S. passport, you’ll be asked to submit their current passport along with a photocopy.

If your child’s passport has been lost or destroyed, you must still submit the documents to prove the child’s citizenship. An older, expired U.S. passport is acceptable, but it must be undamaged.

A U.S. birth certificate is also commonly used to verify citizenship. The certificate must be issued by the city, county, or state of the child’s birth. It must list the applicant’s full name, birthday, place of birth, as well as the parents’ full names.

Additionally, the date in which the birth certificate was filed with the registrar’s office must be within one year of the child’s birthdate, and the birth certificate must include the registrar’s signature. To be accepted, the birth certificate must also feature the seal of the issuing authority. To prove citizenship, it cannot be a photocopy or a notarized copy, nor can it be laminated, as that could be grounds for instant rejection.

For those kids not born in the U.S., a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth is acceptable to prove citizenship. A Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship can also be used.

Document to Show Parental Relationship

Another one of the documents required for passport renewal is a document that shows the parent-child relationship. It must list the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the child that needs the passport renewal. The original document plus one photocopy must be turned in with the passport application. The following documents may be used to establish a parental relationship:

  • U.S. birth certificate.
  • Adoption decree.
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad CRBA).

The parental relationship documents must be original or certified copies.

Document to Prove Parental Identity

Parents or guardians must also prove their own identities with one of the following documents needed for passport renewal:

  • Undamaged U.S. or foreign passport.
  • Original Naturalization Certificate.
  • Current government employee ID.
  • Current military ID.

You need to bring both the original documents proving parental identity as well as one photocopy to your appointment. You should also be aware that if the parent’s name on his or her ID does not match the name on the document used to establish the parental relationship, you may need to submit additional documentation to establish a name change for the parent or guardian. 

Parental Consent for Issuance of the Passport

Parents also need to provide consent for their child to get a new passport. The best way to show parental consent is for either parents or guardians to appear with the child in person at the appointment. However, if both parents/guardians cannot be there, there are several other options to show consent, depending on your situation.

If you have sole custody of the child

You must submit evidence such as a complete court order, granting you sole legal custody of the child or specifically permitting you to apply for the child’s passport. A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or adoption decree listing you as the only parent will also be accepted. A certified copy of the other parent’s death certificate and a judge’s declaration of the other parent’s incompetence are also acceptable options.

If one parent is unable to appear

The parent or guardian who cannot appear to apply for their child’s passport renewal can grant permission by completing Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent.” The form must be signed, dated, notarized, and submitted along with the application. Notarized consent is only valid for 90 days.

If you cannot locate the other parent

Along with the passport application and other documentation, you must submit Form DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances.” The form needs to be completed with as much detail as possible. Bring additional supporting evidence if possible.

If neither parent is able to appear in person A third party can apply for the child’s passport renewal if neither parent/guardian can appear. The third-party must have a notarized statement from either parents or guardians granting the third-party permission. They must also have a photocopy of the parents’ or guardians’ identification.

One Passport Photo

Of course, your child’s picture is one of the key components of the passport. One photo must be submitted with the child’s passport renewal application. The photo must be in color and must have been taken within the last six months. It needs to be a clear, natural image of the child’s face – no filters or enhancements. It must use a white or off-white background. The photo should not be a selfie. Both eyes must be open, and the expression should be neutral or a natural smile. The angle should be face-forward and the full face in view.

The child cannot wear eyeglasses, hats, head coverings, or headphones in the photograph. If hats or head coverings are worn continuously for religious or medical purposes, a signed statement from the parent (for religious) or from the doctor (for medical) needs to be submitted with the application. The child should not wear any type of uniform or camouflage attire. They should simply wear everyday clothing. The photo should be high resolution – not blurry or pixelated. It should be printed on photo quality paper with a matte or glossy finish. It shouldn’t be smudged or damaged in any way. The correct passport photo size is 2 x 2 inches with the child’s head between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches from the chin to the top of the head. Do not attach the photo to the application.

Documents Required for Passport Renewal for 16- and 17-year-old Children

If you have older kids, the passport renewal process can be a little different. Passports issued for applicants 16 and older are valid for 10 years. Many older kids can handle renewing their passports on their own with just a little help from Mom and Dad.

Children who are 16 and 17 years old should fill out form DS-11 and provide citizenship evidence along with one passport photo as detailed above. However, 16- and 17-year-olds do not necessarily need to bring their parents with them to renew their passport. They must only show that one parent or guardian knows they are renewing their passport. If a parent or guardian submits a written objection, the renewal application can be denied.

To show parental awareness, teens should ask one of their parents or guardians to appear with them when applying for passport renewal. The agent will then ask the parents or guardians to sign Form DS-11. If they cannot come along, the applicant can bring a signed, notarized statement of consent from a parent or guardian, along with a photocopy of their identification.

An ID, original and photocopy, is one of the necessary passport renewal documents when applying to renew a passport for ages 16 to 17.

Acceptable types of identification include:

  • Fully valid, in-state driver’s license (out of state ID requires an additional form of identification).
  • Fully valid, undamaged U.S. passport (expired is acceptable).
  • Valid foreign passport.
  • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship (only if the photo looks like you).
  • Current government employee ID.
  • Current U.S. military (or military dependent) ID.
  • Mexican Consular Identification (Matricula Consular).

Gathering all the documents required for passport renewal of a minor can seem like a hassle. However, preparing the passport renewal documents months ahead can make the renewal process more convenient and hassle-free!

Learn more about how to apply for passport, get a quick passport, renew your passport, replace a damaged passport, and much more through The Passport Office – the top passport renewal agency.

The Business Travelers’ Guide To Success

When you travel for business, there are a few things to keep in mind. In order to save time, feel on top of your game, and be prepared for the business matters that come your way on the trip, follow these tips to be a successful business traveler. 

The first step before getting onto the plane, train, or boat for your international business trip is to secure your paperwork needed to travel. It can be easy to forget about your passport expiring and many times you’ll be expected to jump on a plane instantly for work. This is why The Passport Office offers expedited passports so that you can get a quick passport and be on your way to your next trip in no time. You can apply for your passport renewal with a few clicks of a button and The Passport Office will deliver your new passport to the address you provide in a matter of days. 

Smiling business man handing ticket to flight attendant

Being properly prepared and having your things in order before traveling is imperative to make a good impression on your coworkers and collaborators that you are bound to meet during your next business trip. Whether it is your first trip with a new company or if you regularly travel for work, be sure to look into these steps so that you can be well-equipped for your next business venture.  

Plan Ahead

Careful planning and making sure to give yourself enough time to make arrangements is the key to every successful trip, including when you travel for business. In fact, it can be even more important to be properly prepared when you have your coworkers and business partners relying on you for a successful and well-organized trip.  

Business travelers who are known to be planners leave nothing to chance. If you want to be super organized, you can go so far as to book your exact seats on a plane to all your restaurant reservations. This can be comforting, as knowing what to expect when you arrive frees your mind for other things.    

At a minimum, it’s vital to map the route to your hotel and to double-check the dates on your lodging and rental car reservation. Bring a watch or some sort of extra alarm so you can be sure not to miss your flight or any of your business meetings. If you are going on a shorter business trip, plan to bring carry-on luggage to prevent the chance of your luggage getting lost or delayed.  You should also be sure to order your passport ahead of time. If you happen to forget about your passport until the last minute, The Passport Office can help you apply for and order a quick passport so that you can make sure to catch your flight and successfully travel for business. 

However, it can be possible to over-plan, and in so doing, you can miss out on an opportunity that might be valuable or exciting. While planning every minute is a good thing, take some time out and let the day naturally progress on its own. You might find a break from your constant planning a welcomed relief.  

Pack Light  

Pack the basics and then just a few more. There’s no need to over-pack when you travel for work. However, it’s wise to bring a few essential comfort items to help keep your sanity while traveling with coworkers. For instance, a pair of earplugs and a small pillow can be a lifesaver if you need to catch some sleep on the plane or block out the sound of a snoring roommate at night. Packing snacks and a book are good ways to pass the time and can cut down on airport food costs and provide entertainment for you the whole way to your destination. Bring a pack of cards, which don’t take up too much room, can fit easily in your purse, and can provide a bonding opportunity for you and a coworker during a layover or a meeting break. 

Don’t forget the essentials like your passport, plane ticket, and any work materials. Keep these on hand and nearby so you can easily access them at the airport and can move quickly and efficiently through security lines.  

When packing your clothing, bring a few extra tops in case there are any food or drink spills that accidentally happened. Solid colored blouses or button-downs are always a good choice, as they’re easily interchangeable and will match with an assortment of your pants and blazers.  

Dress For The Job You Want 

Business woman at the airport on the phone with luggage.

As long as we’re on the subject of packing, remember to bring clothing that not only fits the occasion, but clothing that is a step or so above your current position. Dressing to impress is always a wise decision and is bound to show your coworkers and other businesspeople at your conferences what you’re made of.  

If you’re flying with coworkers or are meeting clients at the airport, make sure that your comfortable airport attire is still work-appropriate. Opt for something that is cozy yet still professional, like flats or a flowing dress. 

Often, companies like to save a few dollars by pairing coworkers up in hotel rooms. If you know that you’ll be sharing a room with a coworker, don’t rely on the hotel to provide you with a robe. Be sure to pack a set of modest sleepwear so that you’ll feel comfortable and still be respectable to the coworker you’re sharing the room with.  

Have Fun, But Not Too Much Fun 

You’re most likely going to be spending a lot of your travel time in meetings and with coworkers or clients. By getting up early and staying up a little later than usual, you can still make some time for yourself and explore whichever new exciting city you’re in. Everyone must eat, so when you and your coworkers go for a meal, make it somewhere fun!  

Even if you aren’t in a major city or headed to a beachside resort, work trips can still be a fun adventure. Every destination, no matter the location, has something to keep you and your coworkers entertained. During your planning stage you can look into restaurants you’re interested in and tourist destinations or shows to see.  

While everyone is entitled to make a work trip enjoyable, keep in mind that the purpose of this trip is to travel for business and as such, it isn’t your personal vacation. Even when you’re technically off the clock, when you’re at after-hours events with your co-workers, you should maintain a professional demeanor. It is not the time to ride the mechanical bull, drink more than your share, or go all out at karaoke. What happens at the work conference doesn’t necessarily stay at the work conference, and you want to maintain a professional standard, especially when it will be getting back to your supervisor. A good rule of thumb is not to drink more on a work trip than you would at any other business function. 

Be Flexible 

It’s inevitable that changes in the itinerary will come up or something won’t go according to plan. Part of traveling is embracing these fluctuations in life! Any experienced traveler will tell you the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude, especially in a time of stress or crisis. Thinking on your toes can be rewarding when you find a solution at the last second. Laughing off an unpleasant interaction at the airport will keep everyone around you feeling light and moving past any negative tension. After all, attitudes are infectious, and a good one can set the tone for everyone involved on the trip. 

If your passport is lost or stolen, you can always order a passport from the respected expedited passport agency, The Passport Office. With a new quick passport, you won’t need to interrupt any of your business travel plans and can keep your cool around all your coworkers and clients. With just a few clicks online, The Passport Office can replace your lost or stolen passport, get a passport renewal or receive an expedited passport in no time! 

4 Situations that Call For Expired Passport Emergency Renewal

If you’ve got a big international trip coming up and an expired passport sitting in your travel bag — and you only have a few days until takeoff — you’ve got a problem.

But just because everyone’s expecting you doesn’t mean you can jump to the front of the line and get an expired passport emergency renewal in less than six to eight weeks, the standard turnaround for a ticket out of the country.

Or does it?

Actually, there are certain scenarios where you can get a renewal of an expired passport today, sometimes in as little as a few hours.

The secret is to go to your local Passport Agency.

But here’s the catch: you must have travel already booked (with proof), a filled-out passport application with supporting documentation (expired passport or birth certificate), and a 2″ by 2″ color photo in front of a white or off-white background.

And be prepared to wait in line and pay an extra $60 on top of the cost of your passport ($110 for a renewal and $145 for a first-time passport).

passport renewal form

1. Life-or-Death Emergency

If there’s a serious illness, injury or death in your immediate family and your flight leaves within 72 hours, you have what the Department of State calls a Life-or-Death Emergency, and it gives you the highest priority.

That means you can call your local Passport Agency and schedule an appointment to meet with an agent and get your expired passport emergency renewal before your imminent flight.

But you still need to gather a bunch of materials and bring them to your appointment — like a filled-out form, a 2″ by 2″ picture, a copy of your ticket and your old passport.

Make one mistake, however, and you could be sent to the back of the line for a few more hours, or they might even send you home to come back another day if you’re missing something big.

And if you don’t have an appointment or your flight leaves tomorrow and you don’t have time to make one, you better show up early.

That’s because, like the DMV, they’ll serve people with appointments on time, but everyone else gets a number. And if you’re not there hours before they open, you could end up waiting behind dozens of people all day instead of catching your flight.

2. Urgent International Travel Plans

If your flight leaves within two weeks and you don’t have a life-or-death situation, you can still book an appointment at your local Passport Agency and get an expired passport emergency renewal.

The catch is that you can’t book an appointment more than two weeks out from your travel date, so make sure you’re not calling your local Passport Agency too early because they’ll just tell you to call back later.

You can, however, try your luck by showing up sans-appointment at a Passport Agency, but there are no guarantees.

Even if you’re one of the first in line, a simple mishap like a missing piece of documentation or an unacceptable photo can hold up your renewal of an expired U.S. passport.

And even if everything’s perfect, a stubborn agent might not take too kindly to someone skirting the rules and block your renewal.

3. You’d Rather Not Wait

If you’re like most people and you’d simply rather not wait the couple months it can take to get a new passport in the mail — longer if it gets lost or there’s some kind of hang-up — you can apply for an expedited passport emergency renewal at a passport acceptance facility or through the mail.

The best part is that you don’t need a reason to expedite, and you also don’t need proof of travel or even real travel plans at all; you can expedite your passport just because you don’t want to go through the regular channels and wait forever.

That all sounds good until you realize you need a different form than what’s required by a normal passport renewal, and it’s not clear how long it’ll actually take — the Department of State says under six to eight weeks.  Generally, it’s known that a “typical” expedited renewal will take two or three weeks, to use this approach, but you will not be provided a delivery date and things can get lost in the mail. 

The kicker is that your passport will be sent via First Class Mail unless you pay for 1-2 day delivery service on top of the $60 expedite fee and the $110 passport renewal application fee.

4. The Non-Emergency Expired Passport Emergency Renewal

But if you really don’t want to wait — and you don’t have an emergency but you do have tickets and travel plans — you can try what we call the expired passport emergency renewal for non-emergencies.

It works like this.

Gather all your materials, including a copy of your ticket, a filled-out passport renewal application, your old passport or a birth certificate, a correctly-sized color photo and enough cash to cover all the fees, and bring everything to the closest Passport Agency.

Keep in mind, however, that there are only a couple dozen Passport Agencies nationwide, so even if there’s one in your state — most states have none — you may have to travel and book a hotel to make this work.

The idea is you want to be first (or close to first) in line when they open, but give yourself a couple hours’ buffer here. Trust us; if they open at eight, show up at five or six.

And if you’re at the front of the line when the doors open and you get a helpful agent, you could be walking out of the Passport Agency with a brand new passport. Just think of the places you could go!

But not so fast. If they’ve got a lot of appointments or you’re missing the smallest little thing, you’re out of luck, and you’ll have to come back another day.

Let The Passport Office Help

If all that sounds like a nuisance, we agree.

Here at The Passport Office, we can help you get an expedited passport renewal without all the fuss.

We’ve helped thousands of travelers just like you skip the lines, confusing forms and complicated picture requirements by helping you through every step of an expired passport emergency renewal.

And if you’re missing anything, we’ll courteously walk you through it, not kick you back to the end of the line.

Just check out our easy-to-use passport renewal application form or call or click today to see how we can help you!

Six Benefits of Expedited Passport Services

There are many benefits associated with getting an expedited passport. Taking advantage of expedited passport services is a much-needed solution for many travelers, especially those who need immediate travel.  The Passport Office is here to help you get on your way as quickly as possible.   

International travelers have plenty of things to organize before their trips, and loose ends always seem to appear shortly before the departure date.  If one of those “loose ends” involves remembering that your passport is expired or you need a new one, expedited passport services is the way to go.   

An expedited passport service can send you on your way to your dream vacation!

The Passport Office is a renowned expedited passport agency in our industry, with locations in several major cities.  Whether you prefer to walk into a business or click away online, you’ll always receive top-notch customer service and will be ready to take off on your next adventure with quick and efficient expedited passport services. After reading through these six wonderful ways in which an expedited passport can make your travels smoother and simpler, be sure to visit The Passport Office for the best quality expedited passport services. 

1. Avoid Unforeseen Delays 

The number one benefit of an expedited passport is without a doubt the ability to avoid long delays. No one enjoys waiting in long lines whether it is at the grocery store, post office, or any other business. With The Passport Office, all you need to do is spend a few minutes online completing your application and your new passport will be sent to your home address within a matter of days.  

The Passport Office has unparalleled customer service, with a team of experts available to answer any questions you may have about your passport application process. There are also locations across the US, so if you’re more comfortable applying in person, The Passport Office has you covered!  

It is common for people to make errors on their passport applications, especially if it is your first time applying for a passport.  A mistake on your application may mean a delay in receiving your passport and thereby cause other problems. Thankfully, you can avoid the delay of waiting in the mail for an approved application and passport. With The Passport Office, you will know quickly if your application is error-free and can choose your personalized option of delivery time based on how quickly you are taking off and how much you’d like to pay. 

2. Receive Personalized Services 

Instead of opting for regular passport services through the State Department, choosing an expedited passport service will guarantee you quick and efficient services. The Passport Office’s top priority is to make sure you receive quality service and all within your time constraints.  

You can choose from a multitude of delivery options depending on how quickly you need your new or renewed passport. No matter if you need a passport in two weeks or are willing to pay a little extra for overnight expedited passport services, you’ll be able to pick what suits your custom needs. 

The Passport Office focuses on helping you secure your passports as seamlessly as possible. Our team of professionals will ensure you have all the necessary information you need for a new passport and to receive it as quickly as you need. 

3. Skip Long Lines and Maintain Your Schedule 

Another wonderful benefit of expedited passports is that you can skip the unnecessary long line. There is no need to wait in a sweaty, cramped line at a crowded agency while you miss work or other important things. You can simply apply for an expedited passport with a few clicks of a mouse or by walking into a conveniently located local building of The Passport Office.  

Let the team at The Passport Office do the waiting around for the application approval, and you can kick back and rest comfortably knowing that your new or renewed passport will be arriving in the mail in just a matter of days. 

By applying online, not only do you get to skip the long lines at an office, but you can also skip the traffic lines and avoid any parking fees and gas prices.  Let the Internet work for you. 

4. Reduce Stress 

In these modern times, it can be difficult to find some down time. Especially when you’re planning an international vacation or business trip when there are so many things to get done ahead of time. Don’t let applying for a passport be another stressful to-do item on your checklist. By applying for an expedited passport through The Passport Office you can be sure that you’re in good hands and your passport will be on its way to your front steps in no time.  

An expedited passport grants you peace of mind in moments when things just don’t seem to be going right. If you’ve lost your passport or your passport has been stolen, The Passport Office will get you a new one right away so that you can be sure to travel as soon as you need to. There could also be times when you’re on top of all your travel details but fail to notice that your passport has expired or is just about to expire. The Passport Office takes care of those moments of panic by helping you obtain an expedited passport to make sure you’ll travel on your schedule. 

5. Free Up Family Time 

For those traveling with their entire families, taking time to apply and wait for a passport can be nearly impossible with little ones to take care of before and during your trip. There are much more important priorities for families who are about to travel.  Everything from packing to organizing lodging to putting together entertainment on the plane to food prep is much more involved when families with children travel together.  Adding several new passports to the mix can also be extremely difficult.   Eliminate that aspect of your planning by looking into expedited passport services for you and the entire family. 

Visiting a regional passport agency can be extremely time-consuming. During peak travel time periods, you could even be waiting for hours in lines. Even for those not traveling with children, with an international trip forthcoming, there are much better ways to spend your time prepping for your trip than waiting in passport application lines. By going through an expedited passport agency like The Passport Office, you can obtain your travel documents with convenience and ease in order to free up your time to invest your energy in more important matters. 

Excited family traveling

6. Get Your Passport Quickly 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of an expedited passport is that you’ll be guaranteed to get your passport quickly. There is really no need to wait up to six weeks or more for your passport. For that matter, there’s no need to wait for even three weeks for expedited services. Through The Passport Office, you can have your new or renewed passport within a day or two. If you really need a passport immediately, you can even receive one as quickly as the next day. Look into applying for an expedited passport through The Passport Office today and be on your way to your next international adventure. 

Top Five Cheapest Countries To Fly To Out Of LAX

Ready for your next international vacation? There are so many cheap flights from LAX that will have you up in the air and off to your next adventure in no time. Los Angeles is a place with many people coming and going, so this major international airport has prioritized quick international flights. Whether you’ve been wanting to dance the night away in Spain or grab a pint in Ireland, you should search for cheap flights from LAX to take you to your enticing destination.  

Los Angeles International Airport is currently one of the largest airports on the planet. As such, LAX has created international flights serving Southern California locals at a price that is easy on the wallet. It’s no wonder over 60 million people annually hop aboard the planes departing from this premiere airport.  

Before you book that luxurious vacation, make sure that your passport is up to date. Even if you’re making last-minute travel plans, The Passport Office has you covered with expedited passports. Specializing in fast passports in Los Angeles, The Passport Office of Los Angeles will help you navigate applying for a new or renewed passport and will deliver your passport to your home or work in a matter of days. And for that last minute time crunch, The Passport Office even offers same-day delivery service. By visiting your local LA Passport Office or using the online service, you will be able to access the top quality expedited passport services in Los Angeles. 

Bring your sunglasses on cheap flights from LAX to countries all over the world.

Travel To Barcelona, Spain 

LAX regularly offers some incredibly cheap flights to Barcelona, Spain, a top travel destination for vacationing families and young travelers alike. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Barcelona truly has a little bit of everything for everyone.  

Barcelona contains both the authentically historic and a wildly curious nightlife. It is a city that is richly steeped in history, with places like the Barri Gothic dating back to Roman times. There is also stunning architecture – Gaudi is everywhere – and unique and scrumptious food.  

There is a wide variety of things to do and places to see in Barcelona, Spain. No matter what your interest, whether it be dancing the night away at beachside nightclubs, exploring scenic trails on the vibrant Park Guell or in the narrow alleys of Barri Gotic, Barcelona draws all types of people to its wondrous city.  

Depending on where you’re coming from, especially if you’re from the bustling city of LA, Barcelona may seem incredibly relaxed for a city. Slow down and enjoy all that this city has to offer. So much of the activity in Barcelona revolves around Las Ramblas, a series of narrow streets and alleys with restaurants, markets, and nightclubs. So be sure to check out this popular scene and the rest that Barcelona has to offer by booking your cheap flight from LAX and making sure to book a fast passport in Los Angeles with the Passport Office. 

Head For London, England  

Cheap flights from LAX can be found all over the map.

As an American taking off on a cheap flight from LAX, you’ll be in for a rich history lesson in London that relates to America’s roots. London is not just known for its history though, as the fun pubs, interesting museums, exciting theatre, and vibrant royalty also draw people here. London is also a world capital of culture and fashion. It has amazing restaurants and markets to eat at and is an exciting place to go out in the evenings.  

London is split into North, West, South and East London – as well as the commercial and tourist hub of Central London. Every district has its own recognizable neighborhoods and there is always something to see and do in each of these locales. With some of the world’s best art, entertainment, shopping, dining, and history, London is a place well worth experiencing. 

Hyde Park is the most famous and enticing park in London, as well as one of the largest. Historically significant, it has hosted a number of demonstrations and protests including protests by the Suffragettes. 

Westminster is more of the political hub of London, and is home to the Houses of Parliament and the iconic Big Ben. Big Ben is the name of the bell housed within the clock tower, and it continues to chime hourly. 

A trip to London really isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic London Eye. The Eye is a giant Ferris wheel offering gorgeous views across the city. It was originally constructed to celebrate the millennium, and continues to be celebrated and admired by tourists and locals alike. At night, the wheel is lit up in seasonal colors and is the centerpiece of London’s annual New Year’s fireworks display. 

For those who budgeted for a cheap flight from LAX and are looking for a more wallet-friendly vacation, it’s important to note that London is a bit more expensive than America. However, just as you can plan ahead and get a fast passport in Los Angeles through The Passport Office, you can also plan ahead to get the best deals and book restaurants and theatre tickets in advance there. 

Say Bonjour To Paris, France 

It’s always a good time to visit Paris, France. Each season brings different allure and magnificence. The warmer months bring more picnics and time to be spent exploring parks. In the colder months, skies may be grey, but there are fewer tourists and fewer lines. There even happens to be year-round events, from outdoor summer concerts to holiday extravaganzas in the winter.  

Paris is best known for it’s delicious and rich cuisine as well as its historic art collections. The River Seine gently flows through the city and passes famous museums, churches that are centuries old, and blocks of Rococo and Neoclassic designed architecture. The electrifying atmosphere alone in Paris is reason enough to book a cheap flight from LAX. 

When visiting this romantic city, be sure to explore Musee d’Orsay, shop major designers on the Champs Elysees, and of course take in the view atop the Eiffel Tower. You can even plan a day trip to Versailles Palace to really soak in all that Paris has to offer.  

Vacation in Moscow, Russia  

Moscow may not be an obvious choice for an American tourist destination, but Russia has so many sights and places to explore which you can get to easily with a cheap flight from LAX. Once you get through the bureaucratic hurdle of obtaining an entry visa, you can fly to Moscow as easily as you would to many other places across the globe. 

Moscow, Russia’s renowned capital, has its classic attractions that you won’t want to miss checking out. From the red-walled political stronghold known as the Kremlin to St. Basil’s Cathedral, a masterpiece of Russian architecture, to Gorky Park, the Central Park of Russia, you’ll never grow tired of experiencing something new.  Moscow also has so much to show travelers who venture off the beaten path while maintaining some degree of street smarts, including offbeat bars, exotic meals, and intriguing and unusual people. 

The Metro is also easy to use and wonderfully maintained in Moscow. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it covers the entire city. The Metro’s lines are continuously updated and expanded, even into present day. The longest you’ll ever wait for a train is perhaps three minutes. 

A downside of visiting Russia is that pickpocketing is a real danger; so carrying your passport with you is best avoided. If you have a lost or stolen passport, The Passport Office of Los Angeles will assist you in replacing your passport, along with expedited passport services in Los Angeles. 

Fly To Dublin, Ireland  

Dublin is filled with jolly, nice people, and has a stunning old-timey aesthetic. With old cobblestone streets, vintage pubs, and little shops instead of massive malls, people from all around the world love visiting Dublin. And with such cheap flights from LAX, Dublin Ireland should not even be a question of whether or not to travel here. 

Known for its traditions, fine literature, folklore, customary music and dance, and Irish whiskey, there is an endless amount to do and experience in Ireland.  One major tourist destination is always The Temple Bar. It is one of the most iconic bars in all of Dublin.  Although the history of the bar dates back to the early 1300s, it still remains popular to this day due to its famous red exterior, its great location in the heart of the city, and of course being a huge part of Dublin’s central nightlife scene.  

Dublin is also well known for Trinity College. Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest and most notable college. Among its alumni are world famous writers like Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde. Today, visitors from around the world come to explore the college’s stunning campus and towering Gothic-style halls. 

No matter where your next adventure takes you, you can always get a fast passport in Los Angeles through your local Passport Office and be off to your next quick international flight in no time! 

Emergency Trip? How To Get Your Passport In a Hurry

Getting a passport in a hurry allows you to travel the world.

There are lots of reasons you may need a fast passport. Here at The Passport Office we’ll make sure you get your new or renewed passport as soon as possible so that you can make it onto your flight. Whether you qualify for an emergency passport, or simply want an expedited passport in the next few weeks – or even the next day – we’ve got you covered.  

You can take a deep breath and rest easy knowing that you’ll have your updated passport in no time. As the number one expedited passport agency, The Passport Office will make sure you receive your passport in a hurry. 

Common Reasons For Needing A Passport In A Hurry

Typically, getting a passport can be a drawn-out process. Waiting is always the hardest part and when you have a plane to catch it can be stressful not knowing how quickly your passport is arriving. Sometimes there are emergencies or unavoidable circumstances that arise, forcing you to try to obtain a fast passport. The Passport Office makes sure that you receive an expedited passport as soon as you need it so that you can be on your way to whatever country and adventure awaits you next. 

There are multiple reasons people may need a passport in a hurry, and one of these reasons may apply to you! One of the top reasons is your passport simply went missing. You have your bags packed, itinerary stored, and as you’re going over your checklist you just can’t seem to find your passport. No matter how cautious you are about keeping your passport in a safe place, anyone can misplace their passport. If you realize your mistake shortly before your trip, you’ll have to get your passport in a hurry. 

The second reason you may need a fast passport is that your passport expired. Even if you remembered to store your passport in a safe place, it can be difficult to keep track of the expiration date – especially if you haven’t traveled recently. Passports are valid for 10 years for adults before they need to be renewed.  It’s important to keep in mind that some countries won’t allow you to enter their country unless you have at least 6 months left before your passport expires. 

Reason number three for needing a passport in a hurry is that a sudden need to travel arises. Whether an overseas family member has an impromptu wedding or falls ill, you never know when you’ll be needed in another country. If your passport is not up-to-date, The Passport Office will get you equipped to be on a plane and visit your loved ones at the times they need you most. 

The final reason is confusion about whether or not you need a passport for your trip. For most cases, you need a passport to travel anywhere internationally. However, several years ago you weren’t required to have a passport for traveling to Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean from the US. Visit The Passport Office today for assistance on passport tips and requirements and for applying for a fast passport with our simple and easy application process. 

Requirements For Expedited Passport Services 

An expedited passport is obviously a need that arises when you have to leave the country quickly. The Passport Office can get you set up with an expedited passport with proof of travel, and you can have your new passport in the mail within a matter of days.  If you suddenly face the need to travel internationally on very short notice, contact your local Passport Office to learn more about the best way to proceed.   

Have The Essentials Ready 

Getting a fast passport allows people of all ages to hit the road.

When applying for a new or renewed passport at one of our offices, make sure you bring proof of international travel. This proof generally involves airline tickets or tickets proving some other form of travel. If you are traveling by land, such as driving into Mexico, you can write a letter explaining your travel circumstances.  We can help you expedite the passport from there. 

This next piece is the most important! Fill out the application form ahead of time. If you aren’t sure how to fill in some of the information, ask for assistance at The Passport Office. You will also need a standard 2X2 inch photo for your new passport. There are specific standards that passports require, so either double check the requirements or get your picture taken by a service that guarantees to meet the standards.  Examples of these specific standards include: 

Photo Basics 

  • Submit a color photo, taken in the last 6 months 
  • Use a clear image of your face. Do not use filters commonly used on social media. 
  • Have someone else take your photo. No selfies. 
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo. 
  • Use a plain white or off-white background 

Resolution, Print Size, and Quality 

  • Submit a high-resolution photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated. 
  • The correct size of a passport photo is: 
    • 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)  
    • Head must be between 1 -1 3/8 inches (25 – 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head 
  • Printed on matte or glossy photo quality paper 
  • Do not digitally change the photo 
  • You cannot submit a damaged photo with holes, creases, or smudges. 

Pose and Expression 

  • Have a neutral facial expression or a natural smile, with both eyes open.  
  • Face the camera directly with full face in view.  


  • You cannot wear glasses. 
    • If you cannot remove your glasses for medical reasons, please include a signed note from your doctor with application. 
  • Taken in clothing normally worn on a daily basis.   
  • You cannot wear a uniform, clothing that looks like a uniform, or camouflage attire.  
  • You cannot wear a hat or head covering. 
    • If you wear a hat or head covering for religious purposes, submit a signed statement that verifies that the hat or head covering in your photo is part of traditional religious attire  worn continuously in public. 
    • If you wear a hat or head covering for medical purposes, submit a signed doctor’s statement verifying the hat or head covering in your photo is used daily for medical purposes. 
    • Your full face must be visible and your hat or head covering cannot obscure your hairline or cast shadows on your face. 
  • You cannot wear headphones or wireless hands-free devices. 
  • You can wear jewelry and keep on your facial piercings as long as they do not hide your face. Permanent tattoos are acceptable for passport purposes as well.  

For a complete list of requirements, see the information available here from the United States Department of State.   

Last but certainly not least – bring your checkbook. A new passport costs $110 if it is not expedited.  An expedited passport costs $170 and a child’s expedited passport costs $140.  You can pay with check, money order, or credit card. 

How Fast Is Fast? 

The Passport Office offers same day service for those who really need a fast passport. Depending on your circumstance, you can receive a rushed passport at varying prices. Emergency passports will differ from expedited passport costs.  

If your passport gets lost or stolen, you will also need to act quickly. It’s important to immediately report a lost or stolen passport to the police or the authorities in the country you are in. The urgent services you’ll need with a lost or stolen passport will move along quicker the sooner you report your incident. 

The Passport Office is the number one ranked expedited passport service in the nation. By completing the 3 easy steps for a new or renewed passport, you will receive a new fast passport within a matter of days. With priority service, you can receive your passport in 3-4 business days, and if you’re really in a rush, with a premium fee you can opt for same day service. 

Final Quick Tips 

The Passport Office wants you to be prepared for your next travel adventure. Some key insights will help you apply for a passport in a hurry successfully. When we’re feeling rushed it’s easy to overlook some important pieces. So here are some final quick tips to assure you are ready to apply for your new or renewed passport. 

Become familiar with what is on a passport. A passport contains a person’s legal name, date and location of birth, head shot, passport number, signature, and date of issue and expiration. By knowing where the expiration date is on your passport, you can be sure that your passport is up-to-date. Keep in mind that some countries require your passport to be within 6 months of expiring.  

If this is your first passport, if your passport was lost or stolen, or if it’s been 15 years or more since you were last issued a passport, you’re required to go in-person to a local passport acceptance facility to apply. The Passport Office can help you locate the nearest acceptance facility if you happen to be in the United States.   

For special circumstances with place of birth, keep these things in mind. If you were born to American parents while they were traveling outside of the country, you should still have a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. You can contact the country’s consulate or embassy if you are unable to find this report. If you were born on a military base abroad, you may need to contact the hospital where you were born as you may not have been registered with a US embassy. 

When you apply for a renewed passport, the good news is you will get your old passport back! Your old passport will be sent with your new passport. That means that you can keep all your stamps of cherished memories from travels abroad. 

Contact The Passport Office today to get assistance with a fast passport. As the top-ranked expedited passport service in the US, you can be sure to get the friendly customer service you deserve and all your passport needs to be met. There are many reasons you may need a passport in a hurry. The Passport Office has you covered, so feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you.