Special Report: US visa program for crime victims is hit-or-miss prospect

Special Report: US visa program for crime victims is hit-or-miss prospect
Huang hired a lawyer to help with her application. On one of the forms, an NYPD sergeant attested to Huang's help. Then Huang hit a snag: Police headquarters must officially verify her cooperation before her application can be submitted to United …
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Blame Canada?
The last item: “Two US officials told Reuters that he was a convert to Islam, but there's no public evidence to that effect nor any indication that the shooting was related to his faith.” (The Reuters report also mentions that he was born Michael …
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Can't Sing the National Anthem? No Passport For You
In the U.S. the answer is no, but in South Korea it's a clear yes. That's what a 52-year-old Chinese woman found out when she failed to pass an interview in November to become Korean. According to the Justice Ministry, the woman, known only by her …
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Diaspora Nigerians Want to Vote in Elections

Diaspora Nigerians Want to Vote in Elections
… of this year and that the biometric advancement made in the renewal of international travelling document could be replicated for the elections. "Today some of us do not need to travel to Nigeria to either obtain or renew our international passport …
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Travel letters: Passports are needed for Canada, Mexico
Regarding the Sept. 21 "On the Spot" column on passports by Catharine Hamm: She neglected to mention that passports are now required for travel to Canada or Mexico. This is undoubtedly a factor in the dramatic increase in the number of passport holders …
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Sounding Off: Dallas County readers tell us what they think of the state law

Sounding Off: Dallas County readers tell us what they think of the state law
Identification requirements, if used, should cast a wide net and include not only driver's licenses and passport, but also student IDs, out-of-state driver's licenses and maybe even two forms of ID without a photo, such as credit cards, social security …
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Sounding Off: Northwest Dallas County readers tell us whether they agree with
I support voter ID for the same reason I support having a photo ID for a passport. I support voter ID the same reason I support having to show a picture ID for flying. I support voter ID the same reason as having a photo ID for driving. I support voter …
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AIFM Directive for US Private Fund Managers
The AIFM Directive will not apply to a US AIFM managing a non-EU AIF where that non-EU AIF is not marketed to investors in the EU. …. (c) Reporting to the regulator in the EU country or countries where the AIF is marketed7 (using the prescribed risk …
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Judge questions million settlement of NCAA concussion lawsuit
Facing NCAA and plaintiffs' attorneys who crafted the deal, U.S. District Judge John Lee questioned why sports like rifle teams, golf and swimming would be covered by the proposed agreement along with football, hockey, soccer and other contact sports.
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ASIO fears extremists slipped net

ASIO fears extremists slipped net
Going overseas brutalises them, it militarises them, it gives them far more capacity to do us harm then they had before they left,” the Prime Minister said. Canadian terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had his passport cancelled before he attacked Canada's …
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Migrant Workers Don't Need to Live in Slavery
But you have an unexpected need for cash because your kids are sick, or maybe because your family business has gone under, so you decide to apply for the job. Your new employer, acting through … You can't leave, because you don't have your passport …
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$18M sticker shock: City cancels north Omaha industrial park deal because of

M sticker shock: City cancels north Omaha industrial park deal because of
The City of Omaha has backed out of a north Omaha redevelopment deal because of sticker shock over the projected environmental cleanup cost: $ 18 million. That's vastly more than city officials had expected to spend on environmental remediation for the …
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Fund gives .1 million in aid this year to private school students
The Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha helped substantially more families this fall than it did in 2013. The group, which works with private schools to offer financial aid for K-12 students, awarded $ 2.1 million in scholarships for the 2014-15 school …
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AT&T To Sell Blackberry Passport
It is currently available at BlackBerry's retail website, and various other online retailers, for $ 599. The price is slightly less than Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which cost $ 650 and $ 750, respectively, … Considering T-Mobile's spat …
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American Samoans Stuck in Legal Loophole Seek Full Citizenship

American Samoans Stuck in Legal Loophole Seek Full Citizenship
Those nationals — born on the 55,000-person US island territory in the South Pacific — receive US passports, can serve in the military and work and live on the mainland United States. But they are legally excluded from basic rights enjoyed by all …
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Andrews Mother Denied Child Pickup After Showing Mexican Passport As
ANDREWS – An Andrews mother was barred from picking up her son from school. She claims it's all because she didn't have a U.S. driver's license. The mom used a Mexican passport instead but it wasn't accepted. Now, she just wants answers about a new …
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'No need to arrive early'

'No need to arrive early'
The greeter will ask to see your confirmation letter, which you printed when you completed your online application, your passport, and two photos (2 inches by 2 inches in size, against a neutral background). After verifying that you brought these …
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New Medicare Plan, Clinical Study Results, ANDA Filing Confirmation, Strategic
According to UnitedHealthcare, the plan has a $ 0 monthly premium beyond the Part B premium, and includes coverage of prescription drugs, a SilverSneakers fitness membership and UnitedHealthcare's Passport program. … On October 16, 2014, Actavis plc …
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'We're in limbo': the families marooned at a British military base for 16 years
The SBA administration rejected Farhad's application for refugee status in 1999, saying he had failed to show he had a “well-founded fear of being persecuted” in Iraq. He was given the right to appeal, which he lost several months later while … “The …
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Obama's Legacy in the Middle East: Passing the Baton in 2017

Obama's Legacy in the Middle East: Passing the Baton in 2017
He also expedited assistance to Iraqi Security Forces and the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Regional Government. On September 10, the eve of the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11, Obama …. Its brutal beheading of two American journalists, its threat to the …
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With Immigration: The Advent of Global Entry
The program, which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon entry to the United States, is part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) efforts to provide a quicker, more efficient process for arrival while …
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SkyVision to Sponsor AfricaCom 2014
(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has emerged as the only airport in the United States (U.S.) that offers all expedited Customs clearance programs for international travelers, making it the easiest and most efficient …
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Delay in police verification affects passport issuance

Delay in police verification affects passport issuance
He hoped the situation to improve after the introduction of tablets to the police. It is being considered by the central government to hand over the tablet which will contain database of the passport applicants. Police have to verify the details and …
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Curbing Passport Forgery: 84000 lost passports on Interpol site
The website of the Passport Department updates the list of passports replaced by the District Administration Offices and Nepali missions abroad on a regular basis. The department also uses its own database for the purpose. “We will continue to update …
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Travel-planning tasks that can't wait until the last minute
That's all to say that it's a good idea to download new apps and update any apps you'll rely on while traveling (since older versions may crash or just not work as they should) the day before you leave, at the latest. … Check your passport's …
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How Microsoft is taking on the cross-platform challenge with Office
What's in the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview update (build 9860)? Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: hands-on experiences at McDonald's · What happens to Windows 7 on October 31, 2014? BlackBerry Passport review: Aimed squarely at business.
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Latest Passport Renew News

Travel Tips Learned on 'The Amazing Race'
A: Strap your passport and emergency supplies (cash and credit cards) to your body — they should never leave you. Leave valuables in the hotel safe only in a modern city. That doesn't include your passport, by the way; I think it's always better to …
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Joint Chiefs chairman, Chuck Hagel defend Obama's plan to fight Islamic State
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, left, and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. Related Stories. Related: Will Chuck Hagel's past doubts about U.S. military …
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State board adds gender identity to proposed anti-bias rules
LINCOLN — A state licensing board added gender identity to proposed anti-discrimination rules after hearing support for the change from mental health professionals and two transgender people Thursday. The Mental Health Practice Board also decided to …
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