Poland hopes for EU approval of visa free travel for Ukrainians

Poland hopes for EU approval of visa free travel for Ukrainians
Poland gave up control of its visa policy, when joining the Schengen area, where passport and all other border controls have been abolished. All EU member states, except the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia belong to the visa union, …
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Zim Thanks South Africa
PRESIDENT Mugabe has thanked South Africa for its patience in dealing with the problem of illegal Zimbabwean immigrants in that country, while also calling for recognition of the contributions by his other countrymen and women in making that country …
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Our own Stalin? – Zaid Ibrahim
Your passport is impounded as well. You are treated like a terrorist. No other country in the world puts religion in the public sphere and makes it a … It will apply even to you. Let's say your sister is entangled in a custody dispute and is unable …
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CBP Tests Passport Facial Recognition Air Entry Pilot Program
Since 2007, US passports have had a chip embedded in them that securely stores the same information that's on the photo page of the passport, which includes a biometric identifier in the form of a digital image of the passport photograph. This …
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The Replacements: 10 of the best
One night, frontman-to-be Paul Westerberg was walking home from his job as a caretaker in the district office of US senator David Durenberger when he heard the band practising in the Stinson family home. He was …. But Westerberg knew alcohol wasn't …
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Continued closures drive passport customers out of county

Continued closures drive passport customers out of county
Darwin Valladares holds daughter Keilany Valladares as his wife Marcia Diaz and their other children Yumalay Valladares and Cheisy Camila Valladares read the closed notice on the passport office at the main post office in downtown Jacksonville. With …
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Students apply for US passports Nov. 19
The Office of Study Abroad will host a UALR Passport Day Wednesday, Nov. 19, during the 2014 International Celebration Week, to give students an opportunity to apply for their U.S. passports. us-passport–150×150 Students who RSVP by Friday, Nov.
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Beware the 'six-month' rule for passport validity
Check your passport's validity. An adult's U.S. passport is valid for 10 years. … Within the Seattle city limits there are 10 places (including the King County Courthouse, post offices and neighborhood service centers) to submit passport applications …
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Travvy Awards Winners Spotlight: VAX VacationAccess
… including TSA updates, reference guides, destination overviews, offers and agent incentives (including social media incentives), and international travel details such as currency conversion, emergency assistance, healthcare, entry requirements …
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Compliance Takeaways From PayPal's OFAC Settlement
On March 25, 2015, the Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control announced that PayPal Inc. agreed to pay $ 7.7 million to settle 486 violations of U.S. economic sanctions. … Though the PayPal risk operation agent who was alerted …
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Travellers face severe disruptions over Easter weekend
Once Easter is over, there could be serious delays at ports when strict new passport exit checks for departing passengers are introduced on April 8. As is usual during … He went on: "This Easter is set to be a hectic one with 16 million of us getting …
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Cape Town in NEW Monopoly world edition
The new game will be available from Spring 2015 and will feature iconic landmark tokens and new gameplay – where players race round the board to visit as many locations as possible, collecting passport stamps along the way. Players will collect cash …
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[Executive Edge] The business of mystery in Manila
The fact that Mystery Manila is expanding into more locations and sprouting a sister brand points to its clear success. Yet some might … Money brings us happiness when people use it as a ticket or passport to new and novel experiences. And it is hard …
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Australia's immigration department bans email autocomplete after G20 leak

Australia's immigration department bans email autocomplete after G20 leak
On Monday the Guardian reported an employee of the department had inadvertently disclosed the passport numbers, visa details and other personal identifiers of the world leaders attending the G20 summit in Brisbane after an email was mistakenly sent to …
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Iran nuclear deal has hungry investors circling
The first time he answered his phone, Xanyar Kamangar was in the passport queue at Tehran airport, the day after Iran and world powers agreed on the framework for a nuclear deal. The second time was a couple of days later, well past midnight Tehran …
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Bram Fischer's Legacy
The West and in particular the United States no longer needed South Africa as a strategic ally against the Soviet Union. The following year there was the wholly unexpected unilateral … At a memorial service for Mandela in Westminster Abbey …
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Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health
29, the Coast Guard in Miami was notified by his father, Frank Jordan, that he hadn't seen or heard from his son in a week, agency spokeswoman Marilyn Fajardo said. Alerts were issued from New Jersey to Miami, according to the … Grenz said he made a …
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Ex-passport supplier pesters state printer

Ex-passport supplier pesters state printer
Since its contract with the Foreign Affairs Department to supply e-passports expired on January 15, 2015, the French company has been spreading disparaging comments about the credentials and capability of state-owned APO Production Unit Inc. to do the …
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Mistreated in Malaysia
Around the corner, he ran into a policeman, who asked his name and then for his passport—a regular occurrence in Malaysia, where its police have the right to ask a civilian for his identification card. The citizens of the country carry what is called …
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Roger Williams Univ. law students swap R&R for public service in 'Alternative
“They had questions about how to get a driver's license or a passport or renew things that expired during the time they were in prison,” Johnson said. The week made Johnson, who intends to pursue a career in criminal law, reflect on the importance of …
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Syrians fight for passports in Berlin

Syrians fight for passports in Berlin
According to him, he and his fellow campaigners have documented some 1,800 cases of Syrians being "abused by the embassy in consular questions." For instance citizens whose passports were not renewed, or who were refused copies of birth certificates.
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336 applications received at passport camp
New applicants filed their application on the websitewww.passportindia.gov.inand took the copy of their Application Reference Number, which contains the registration details, at the camp. Applications for new passports and renewals were also received.
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