Gwynne Dyer: EU citizenship is the gold standard in terms of passports

Gwynne Dyer: EU citizenship is the gold standard in terms of passports
A U.S. passport is no longer so desirable, because U.S. tax and reporting requirements apply to American citizens no matter where they live in the world, and many countries impose tit-for-tat visa requirements in response to U.S. border controls …

The Independent View: Non-gender-specific passports – why the EDM matters
This motion would help to give us an equal place in society. It would help, not hinder, identification, as many of us would then find our bodies more closely matched our ID, avoiding the familiar confusion and unpleasantness at passport control. It …
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US embassy in Latvia announces new visa scheduling and payment system

US embassy in Latvia announces new visa scheduling and payment system
Through this website, visa applicants will be able to fill out visa application forms, determine what documents are required, pay required visa application fees, and schedule an interview at the U.S. Embassy in Riga. From that same day, a new call …
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Harassment Of Women Is Nothing New—The Internet Just Makes It Easier
If we understand online harassment to be an outgrowth of other forms of abuse of women, from cat-calling to rape and domestic violence, then the pat assertion that it's a modern, Western phenomenon is much harder to pull off. …. *Ailes was so alarmed …
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The Benefits Of St Kitts Passport

If you have been dreaming of an excellent investment opportunity, here’s a way to kill two birds at a shot. St Kitts and Nevis allows investors to combine two highly attractive offshore benefits into a single attractive package – investing in international real estate and an opportunity to obtain a second passport.

There are many benefits associated with a St Kitts passport. As a person’s right to complete privacy is being demolished in their home country through legislation, more and more people are looking at the possibility of obtaining a second passport. Specifically, if the second passport is a St Kitts passport, there are several advantages:

– Not mandatory to reside in the country

– No dual citizenship restrictions. Applicants and their family may enjoy full and irrevocable citizenship rights when the passport is issued

– Visa free travel to more than 125 countries which includes most members of the British Commonwealth and Schengen European nations.

– The pleasure and ease of belonging to a tax free nation. Even those who settle in St Kitts do not have to pay wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, Capital Gains Tax and the like.

– There is no personal income tax to be paid in St Kitts

– Businesses may repatriate profits earned on their business and import capital too

– Qualifying investment projects may enjoy certain tax holidays

– Incentive packages offered are highly attractive and include complete exemption from import duties, export allowance, corporate tax incentives and tax relief benefits.

– Permission for tax free trade with Canada

– Permission to carry out duty free trading throughout the Caribbean islands.

St Kitts is an attractive place, not just because it is a piece of lush South Pacific paradise. St Kitts is beautiful, no doubt with its densely forested mountains, lakes, waterfalls and other water bodies. But, in addition to the natural beauty of the Islands, St Kitts has been encouraging foreign investors to buy valuable real estate in the Island nation. With the prices of real estate climbing steadily in recent years, this is a sound investment for people who have the money. The economic citizenship program is one of the oldest as it has been running since 1984. It is also structured to be highly inclusive because it is expensive.

The St Kitts passport program has always adhered to the highest standards (it is not easy for individuals to qualify) and the high cost of obtaining passports has severely restricted the number of passports that are sanctioned. Due to the limited number of passports issued, the high value of St Kitts passport has been maintained. This makes the prospect of obtaining a St Kitts passport even more attractive.

A passport from a peaceful, neutral and non-controversial country such as St. Kitts & Nevis carries many benefits. To know more about St. Kitts passport, visit

'Shemale' category on driving licences upsets LGBT community, demand

'Shemale' category on driving licences upsets LGBT community, demand
On one hand you want to acknowledge the rights of the community, but on the other hand you demean us in this way,” said Urmi Jadhav, a transgender working with the LGBT community. Shemale (also she-male) is defined by Wikipedia as “a derogatory term …
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Brian Chesky: The 'Sharing Economy' and Its Enemies
They launched a lite version of the website for the gathering: no online payments, no reviews, no bookings, no search function. "We got 50 people to list their homes and we ended up … In 2011 a guest burglarized a San Francisco apartment, stealing …
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New Job? Tax Deductions for Your Job Search Can Save You Money on Your
If you searched for a new job last year, you might find that you spent more money than you thought on your efforts. Fortunately, many job search expenses are tax deductible, and knowing what job hunting deductions you qualify for and having your …
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Postal Service honors 28 longtime employees in North Jersey

Postal Service honors 28 longtime employees in North Jersey
Known to his post office colleagues as “Grandpa,” David Stellingwerf still carries biscuits to feed the dogs along the route in the Pompton Plains section of Pequannock he has walked for 45 years. After receiving a special award plaque, John Popek …

Porto in bid for Brazilian midfielder Gabriel
The 21-year-old impressed scouts from the Portuguese club while playing for Botafogo during the 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro, Xinhua reported Saturday citing football news site Sambafoot's report. A transfer would be aided by Gabriel's European passport, …
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Latest Passport Replacement News

Revised citizenship law may gift millions to Henley & Partners
… government opted to build its own capacity to process citizenship by investment applications, including by recruiting a former Canadian government official on a two-year contract to set up and manage an appropriate authority and prepare for his own …
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Michael White: Can any ministers pass the Farage test?
Continuing chaos over the replacement of NHS Direct with NHS 111 is a self-inflicted wound by coalition ministers. So is news that NHS Property Services, the £3bn company set up to sweat health service assets (mostly by selling them off?) … At the …
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Cuban travel in record numbers a year into reform

Cuban travel in record numbers a year into reform
13, 2014, Berta Soler, leader of the Cuban dissident group Ladies in White, poses with her passport outside the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba, to apply for a U.S. travel visa in Havana, Cuba. Cubans are taking advantage of a travel reform that …
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Extra costs factor into study abroad
Although the process of obtaining appropriate documentation and traveling to unknown places may seem intimidating, students can find information on how to apply for a passport on the U of M's study abroad homepage. Passport applications are also …
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MEPs to slam Malta's plan for EU passports
Even Cyprus, a country that has often attracted investors with the promise of an EU passport, refused Aliyev's request for the document. Aliyev went through great trouble to apply for a Cypriot citizenship, investing millions of euros in real estate there.
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