LifeSize intros LifeSize Passport Connect

LifeSize has announced LifeSize Passport Connect, an HD video conferencing system optimized for cloud-based platforms with plug-and-play technology and a price that can enable broader deployments for telecommuters and remote offices. LifeSize Passport Connect is a product that leverages both Logitech and LifeSize technology. Combining features and capabilities from LifeSize Passport, the industry’s leading price performance and interoperability endpoint, LifeSize Passport Connect includes a Logitech HD camera and delivers a video and audio experience that’s open and interoperable.



Cloud-based platforms are poised to expand the video conferencing market from the SMB to the enterprise, changing the way businesses use HD video collaboration. LifeSize Passport Connect is specifically designed to provide a simple user experience when communicating through cloud-based platforms. Because the product also works with SIP-based IP PBX systems, customers can enjoy a plug-and-play, high quality user experience. Additionally, LifeSize Passport Connect helps eliminate the need to locate another user or search for a lengthy IP address with its directory name-based dialing for intuitive calling.



LifeSize Passport Connect delivers the best price performance available today, with 720p call quality at U.S. $ 1,499 and less than U.S. $ 1,000 with a one-year LifeSize Connections subscription. LifeSize Connections is a cloud-based, business-class HD video collaboration platform that makes instant face-to-face connection possible with anyone, anywhere. LifeSize Connections is designed to drive video calling adoption by bringing the enterprise-class features that businesses expect – encryption, bandwidth management and scalability – to a solution that’s easy to deploy, manage and use.

The fusion of LifeSize Passport Connect and LifeSize Connections is ideal for companies that want to enable broad video collaboration throughout their organization as well as with customers and partners outside of the network. LifeSize Passport Connect is designed to be interoperable with leading cloud-based solutions such as LifeSize Connections and prominent UC solutions including those from Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Microsoft Lync Server 2010.



LifeSize Passport Connect is expected to be available globally in the third calendar quarter of 2011 for U.S. $ 1,499 or U.S. $ 999 with the purchase of a one-year subscription to LifeSize Connections.


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