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Enforcement of STAR ID set to begin no sooner than 2016
In order to receive a STAR ID, an individual must present various forms of identification to their local Department of Motor Vehicles office in order to verify their identity and date of birth, such as a birth certificate or a valid, unexpired U.S …
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MyEG: Bosses stand to gain the most
“Why are the maid agencies against us? They view our service as … “Employers will also need to make two trips to the agency to apply for the renewal of permit and to collect the maid's passport,” the spokesman said. He said employers who opted to do …
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Top court approves revoke of Gülen's 'special passport'
Although a special passport allows the bearer to travel visa-free to certain countries, the United States is not on the list, so Gülen's residence in the U.S. will not be affected by the decision. Gülen has to apply to a Turkish consulate in the U.S …
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Global Entry at DIA speeds travelers through customs

Global Entry at DIA speeds travelers through customs
Granted, I'm nowhere near the first to try the program, which allows expedited entry for low-risk international travelers arriving in the United States. But until now, I was too cheap to pay the $ 100 to apply for the five-year enrollment. Then in …
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US, Cuba embark on a new future
In the South Florida exile community many are still struggling to come to terms with the new reality that the United States and Cuba will have diplomatic relations and soon an American flag will fly over a U.S. Embassy in Havana. For some, there's …

Ex Danish MP freed after 12 years in US prison
… and imprisoned in 2006 for his plans to smuggle four containers filled with weapons to the paramilitary group the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), which has been designated as a terrorist organization by both the United States and Europe.
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Five-day mobile consular mission on Saipan this month

Five-day mobile consular mission on Saipan this month
According Tangayan, the consular team cannot extend expired passports unless the holder's passport will be simultaneously processed for renewal. “The consulate general is well aware of the issues faced by our nationals who cannot renew their passports …
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EU citizens must renew driving licences
Proof of identity (national identity document, NIE or valid passport) and proof of residence and the original driving licence plus a copy must be presented at the initial appointment, during which a contact telephone number or email address will be …
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The 'best' and 'worst' passports
In the GCC, citizens in the UAE, Qatar and Oman saw their passport ranking increasing from 2013 to 2014. The UAE, ranked 77th in 2013, moved several places up to occupy the 56th position, while Qatar jumped from the 75th to the 56th place and Oman …

WirePOLITICS: Ex-congresswoman Allyson Schwartz plans to stay active in
The staff helped constituents in ways ranging from obtaining a passport for their honeymoon to securing health coverage for a child with special needs. “I think our office was known for good constituent service and responsiveness,” she said. The …
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Leader of Multi-State Scheme to Obtain Real Driver's Licenses with Fraudulent
State agencies that issue driver's licenses rely on these forms to verify the authenticity of an applicant's foreign passport and to verify the applicant's lawful presence in the United States. One version of this form can be used to show eligibility …
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What's happening in Central Jersey: Dec. 21 and later
Information about the cost and how to apply for a passport book and/or passport card is available at U.S. citizens may also obtain passport information by phone, in English and Spanish, by calling the National Passport …

Ways to Cut Foreign-Travel Hassles in 2015

Ways to Cut Foreign-Travel Hassles in 2015
On-arrival visas are now available at India's key international airports to travelers with U.S. and Mexican passports. Apply and pay online (; $ 60) at least four days before arrival, receive authorization by email, print it, and …
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France's Le Pen says Paris attacks work of US or Israeli agents: report
He compared this to the “miraculous fact” – beloved by conspiracy theorists – that one of the passports of the 9/11 hijackers was found on the ground in New York after two planes collided with the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in 2001, the …
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Supreme Court To Consider Case On Passports Of Jerusalem-Born Citizens
The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Monday for a second time in a case that combines Middle East policy with the dueling foreign policy roles of the president and Congress. It's a political hot potato that asks what U.S. passports should say about …
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passport plans spark human rights fears
“We should never forget that these are exceptional powers which could be mistakenly used against any of us, and in a civilised democracy there must always be processes for subjecting the claims of the state to independent scrutiny,” Mr Francis said.
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MATTA: Passport fees to boost travel
It was reported that the fee for a new Malaysian international passport and renewal had been reduced to RM200 from the previous RM300. On a separate matter, Hamzah said the association was also in favour of visa exemptions being granted for up to 14 …
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Bill: Accept Military ID's For Florida Driver's License Identification
“The vetting and clearances they undergo are certainly more detailed than getting a passport or birth certificate or other forms of identification. Yet, under current law, a military ID is not sufficient proof of identity to apply for or renew a driver …

Military IDs sufficient for Fla. driver's license soon

Military IDs sufficient for Fla. driver's license soon
Documents satisfying a form of identification, as listed on the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, can be a certified U.S. birth certificate, valid U.S. passport, certificate of naturalization, consular proof of birth abroad or an alien …
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Spies Scramble to Unravel Hebdo Mystery
Although French authorities had records of the older brother, Saïd, traveling to Yemen in 2011, officials now believe Chérif may have used his brother's passport to make the trip. Saïd did not have the same long rap … They see the operations as the …
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How The GOP Can Beat Obama On Immigration While Sticking To Conservative

How The GOP Can Beat Obama On Immigration While Sticking To Conservative
… the passport stamp prominently reads “No recourse to public funds.” The stamp serves the dual purpose of reminding both the traveller and all who open the passport that the government will not financially support that visitor. … Of their entire …
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Indian author's 'death' raises questions about freedom
In August the tech-industry-dominated southern state of Karnataka classified all press and speech violations, along with digital piracy and other such crimes, under what is called the Goonda Act. Roughly equivalent to the United States' Racketeer …
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French terror attacks bring new scrutiny to visa waiver program in US
This is the program that enables U.S. citizens to travel to countries in Europe (as well as a few others) with just a passport in hand, instead of having to go through the somewhat onerous process of securing a visa, and it also allows nationals from …
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Research and Markets: Global E-Passport and E-Visa Market 2015-2019

Research and Markets: Global E-Passport and E-Visa Market 2015-2019
As the global population is increasing, individuals are traveling to other countries as tourists or investors which have increased the need for access control at the borders. Because of the unique qualities of e-passports and e-visas they are less …
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Petition to Malawi govt by CSOs seeking redress of bad leadership and
We are concerned that the impression created by NAC in this regard might jeopardise Malawi's application for funding from the Global Fund for HIV//AIDs. All this coupled with reports suggesting that this may not be the first time for National Aids …
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Questions of Cash: 'Price match' with online holiday failed to materialise
A. Despite your circumstances, the Home Office says that technically you are not applying for a first passport, as you were on your mother's passport. Therefore your application was submitted on the wrong form and – even though this seems strange – you …
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Ranchi faux passport hub
"Casual police verification ends up embarrassing us. Our image suffers nationwide," he said. Now, no … In one of the columns of the passport application form, the woman had written she was a native of Bangladesh. But, the police report called her an …
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