The Top Honeymoon Destinations for Every Type of Traveler

When it comes to exploring honeymoon locations, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a cold weather person and love the snow, or you prefer tropical temperatures and laying by the beach, there is no shortage of international destinations to consider.  

So, where should you start? How about applying for a new passport before your trip; what does that process involve? We’re diving into several exciting honeymoon destinations for every type of traveler. Whether you prefer fun adventures or total relaxation, we’ll let you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the passport process.  

Let’s get started!         

#1. The Adventure Seekers 

Costa Rica 

Calling all adventure seekers! If you and your significant other love the thrill of outdoor activities like backpacking through the wilderness, zip-lining and/or horseback riding, consider a honeymoon in Costa Rica. The warm weather makes nonstop outdoor activities possible almost every day of the year! And in Costa Rica, there is simply no shortage of things to do, from exploring volcanos, exotic rain forests, to visiting a local outdoor market.    


Alternatively, Guatemala also offers incredible adventures! If you and your beau prefer a more diverse option that isn’t a traditional destination for honeymooners, consider this beautiful country. Although there are plenty of bustling bars and restaurant options for you to explore, there are also pristine lakes, historic landmarks (be sure to see San Pedro!), and many hiking trails to discover as well.  

#2. For the Nature Lovers 

Bora Bora

Looking to spend most of your time outdoors, soaking up as much time in nature as possible? Then consider a trip to the small island of Bora Bora. Located approximately 160 miles away from Tahiti, Bora Bora is only 6 miles long but full of incredible scenic views, and jaw-dropping beauty. The small island includes tropical jungles, a dormant volcano, warm ocean water on all sides and much more.     

Sydney, Australia 

If you’re located in the U.S., Sydney, Australia requires a full day of flying but it’s absolutely worth it. If your ideal honeymoon includes gorgeous white sand beaches and amazing marine wildlife, this is the place for you. Additionally, the city has a state-of-the-art aquarium, botanical gardens, and the Taronga Zoo to also visit.    

#3. Looking for Total Relaxation?  

Cayman Islands 

If the inside of a spa or the umbrella above your beach chair is the only thing you’re interested in exploring on your honeymoon, we have you covered. Consider a trip to the Cayman Islands and fill your days with exploring the islands many beaches, exquisite spas, and yoga studios. If you feel like being adventurous one day, there are plenty of opportunities to charter a local boat to see the turtles and dolphins who frequent the area.     

Bali, Indonesia 

Bali is an ideal honeymoon spot for couples looking for lowkey fun. From its renowned resorts that overlook the beach, to the beautiful walking trails, there is no shortage of activities to take part in. Bali offers visitors animal sanctuaries to explore, yoga studios, serene beaches and much more, all for a relatively inexpensive cost compared to other international destinations.      

#4. The Ultimate Cultural Experience   


If you prefer to use your honeymoon as an opportunity to experience new and exciting cultures, consider a trip to Paris, France. Few things are more romantic than seeing the Eiffel Tower at night or walking the historic cobblestone streets of the city with your significant other. The Luxembourg Gardens are another great place to explore during your trip, as well as the Arc de Triomphe. Between the incredible tourist opportunities and French cuisine, there’s a chance you may never want to return home again.    

Rio de Janeiro Brazil 

Rio de Janeiro may not be the first place that comes to mind when you consider honeymoon destinations, but you’ll want to add it to your list. Known for its gorgeous beaches, incredible scenery and the Carnival celebration, Rio de Janeiro has many landmarks to explore. Brazil is also home to the Maracanã football stadium, one of the largest in the world and a tourist favorite. The spectacular cuisine, outdoor farmer’s markets, and all the bright colorful buildings make for a fun and exciting trip.      


Tips on Getting a New Passport Before Your Honeymoon

Before you’re able to start packing your suitcases, it’s important that you’ve properly planned for your honeymoon trip. For example, have you considered getting a new passport? If you’re planning on changing your last name immediately after your wedding ceremony, you’ll need to take into account that you’ll be required to get a new passport that reflects your new last name.   

If you’re wondering how to change your name on your passport, don’t worry, getting a new passport and dealing with a passport name change is incredibly simple if you know where to turn to for help. 

1). First, be sure that you’ve left yourself enough time to have your new passport processed before your trip. If your updated passport isn’t ready, you most likely will not be able to travel internationally. Please note, it can take anywhere between a few days up to 6 weeks to receive your new passport. This depends on how quickly you choose to have your passport processed, whether or not you properly submitted your paperwork and required documentation, and if there are any issues during processing.   

2). If you’re worried about the timing of obtaining a new passport in relation to your honeymoon, opt for expedited passport services. This will significantly cut down on the amount of time to takes for you to receive your new passport!  

3). To save yourself time, stress and hassle, consider turning to a professional passport agency. Chances are, after planning your wedding, you’re ready to let someone else handle the details of the passport process.  

The Passport Office specializes in helping people with the passport process, from start to finish. Whether you need a new passport or are trying to navigate the process of a passport name change, we can help. We offer both in-person and online passport services, for your convenience.  

Online, getting a new passport is just three easy steps. You start by filling out an application with several questions. Once submitted, you’ll receive detailed instructions on what to do next. From there, The Passport Office staff will prepare your documents for processing. And that’s it!  

Grab Your New Passport and Explore These Top Honeymoon Destinations This Year

Don’t let the idea of getting a new passport dampen your excitement for an incredible honeymoon trip. By hiring a professional and experienced team to handle the passport process for you, you’ll be able to focus on which destination best suits you and your beau, rather than which travel spot allows you to avoid the passport process.  

If you’re in need of name change services, help with how to change a name on a passport, or getting a new passport, we would love to assist you and your significant other. Begin the process online or schedule an appointment at one of our locations.