Choose a Group Trip – Vital Things to Consider and Make it a Memorable One

Are you planning to go on a group trip for your next vacation? If answered yes, you can be ready to meet some like-minded people and make the most out of your dollars. When you see the others being interested in the same itinerary, you tend to be satisfied to be on a trip with people who have the same interest as yours. The cost of the entire trip will cover some sight-seeing of popular tourist spots, meals and some other inclusions will lead to big-time savings. As long as choosing a group trip is concerned, there are hundreds of options. Know how you can find the best group for you. Continue reading

All That You Need to Know about Same Day Passports in Los Angeles

Same day passport to Los Angeles is something a lot of you may be considering if you have to travel urgently on business or even for personal reasons. However, there are certain things you need to know before you can consider getting a passport at such urgent basis. It is very important that you completely understand how to set your expectations in these matters. Let us find out the Top 3 things you need to know.

The purpose of same day passports

Trips, when planned well in advance can be really organized because Continue reading

Potential Reasons for Your Passport to Get Denied – Steer Clear of Such Mistakes

Are you preparing yourself for world travel? If yes and if you’re planning to travel outside the US, for most part of your journey you will require your passport to be able to fulfill your trip. But did you know that getting that blue booklet for yourself can sometimes turn out to be a big hassle? Although with prior planning and little bit of dedication, you can save yourself from such troubles but how many of us know what to do? When it comes to getting a passport, there is a 6-month expiration rule and the present long processing times. Keeping this in mind when you plan to get yourself a new passport or renew your old one, you need to be careful enough so that there are no reasons for your passport application to hit a roadblock. Here are some possible and potential reasons behind your passport application getting denied. Continue reading

Plan a Caribbean Tour: No Passport Required

Many a US citizen still think that a trip to the culturally sound, relaxing and beautiful islands of the Caribbean is not possible without the possession of a passport. Inspite of the fact that there is the option of the passport card which helps you travel to these islands through land and also by sea, the primary requisite to get that is a passport which is issued earlier. Thus, ultimately it requires holding a passport in itself. But the recently there has been certain changes in regulations which suggest that you can travel to the following Caribbean destinations without having to bother about your passport.

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Photo Regulations for US Passports Change from November 01, 2016

Rules and regulations regarding documents, application forms and photos keep on changing for US passports from time to time. And all this is done to enhance the security measures in the country.

The new rule that is implemented regarding getting a new passport in USA is related to the passport photo. From November 01, 2016, the candidate has to remove his glasses while clicking photo for the passport. Infact this rule will also be applicable for people who are looking to renew their passports as photos are needed at the time of passport renewal as well. As per AAA Northeast, without this step, it is becoming difficult to process passports fast. Continue reading

Many European Nations Don’t Accept U.S Passports – Know the Reason

Planning an international vacation with your family to some European destination? Well, it might sound strange but it is true that many European countries will not accept US passports. So before you start the procedure of planning, here is some important information that might be of help to you.

I know a couple who had immaculately planned their European holiday. With the Monaco Grand Prix dates colliding with the holiday dates, they had decided to take a halt in France and enjoy the grand event. This was among the ‘wish list’ that the couple had. But, things didn’t seem as smooth as they had thought. Continue reading

New Passport Rules to Come in Force from November 2016 for USA Citizens

Citizens of USA, who are looking to get a new passport or renew their passport, will need to follow some new rules and regulations for the same. Rules regarding passport photos are changing and it will come in effect from 1 st November 2016. As per information obtained from AAA Northeast, candidates looking to apply for fresh US passport or passport renewal need to remove their spectacles while clicking pictures for the passport.

This step is being taken as it is getting difficult for the U.S State Department to verify the identities of various travelers. Continue reading

The Inter-state Passport Looks at Enhancing the Completion Rates for Graduates

This far, the transfer rules of the United States of America were not pretty pleasant for the students in the middle of a course to say the least. When the matter was regarding an intra-state transfer, things looked pretty normal where students were allowed to carry on with their courses without losing any credit and as such without any hiccups. But when it was about an inter-state transfer, it meant that the students who were enforced to change their location in the middle of a course would have to lose quite a few credits if not the entire ones forcing them to start all over again from the block. Continue reading

Tips on Preserving Your Passport While on Travel

Your passport is probably the most important document that you can possess when you are travelling abroad. Thus, keeping them in safe custody while in an alien country demands some attentive measures as this is the one document which is the proof of your identity and if you are amidst any trouble, this is what bails you put of your critical situation. Losing your passport abroad might fetch you into consequences which would be far-fetched to say the least. Thus, we would try to figure out through this discourse the necessities and the ways out of preserving your most important possession during the span of your travel. Continue reading

Good News for the Spanish Supporters Residing at US During the Euro Cup 2016

Perhaps for the first time in the history of football two major tournaments are going on simultaneously. With the US obsessed with the Copa Centenario the residents from the European nations would also like to have a glimpse of the Euro and that too directly from the stadium. This thought is specially applicable for the Spanish people as they are the only team in the history of Euro cup to have defended the title over the last two editions and winning the current tournament in France will definitely cement their position in the history for being the first team to achieve hat-trick of success in the Euro. Continue reading