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Helga Rome’s Passport
obtaining a passport
Image by JWA Commons
"After Kristallnacht, my grandmother went to Brazil and then we sponsored her to come here. It was difficult at the beginning for me. School was difficult, language was hard. But we graduated at 16. My father had problems with the language. My grandmother was more educated then any of us. She went to boarding school – fluent in English and French."

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Abu Salem jailed for 7 years
The third additional special court for CBI cases held him guilty of charges under several sections of the IPC, for obtaining passports under fictitious names and addresses in Kurnool district in 2001. Mr. Salem was present in the court when the …
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Abu Salem held guilty in the 2001 fake passport case
Mumbai: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday pronounced gangster Abu Salem guilty in the 2001 fake passport case. The quantum of the punishment will be decided on November 28. Trial against Salem for obtaining a passport under a …
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Nigeria-Baiting From India to America

Nigeria-Baiting From India to America
Every explanation seemed to end with the referral to the provenance of my Nigerian passport requiring extra attention and hence the wait. Eventually, I was forced to withdraw my application for the visa in the 5th week of application after I envisioned …
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US seeks to end Cuba consular services suspension
The Obama administration said Wednesday it was “actively” assisting the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington find a new bank willing to handle its accounts so it can resume issuing passports and visas to people who want to travel to the island. In a …

Informer: Passport applications accepted at clerk's office
Passport applicants age 16 and older must pay a $ 110 application fee and a $ 25 execution fee. The first fee goes to the U.S. Department of State; the second goes to the Calcasieu Clerk of Court's Office. For passport cards — good only for cross-border …
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Black Friday Travel Deals

Black Friday Travel Deals
Loews Hotels: At 16 locations coast to coast, this sale knocks up to 40% off rates at these luxurious properties and is throwing in free Wi-Fi during the stay. Reservations must be made by midnight Tuesday. Smart shoppers should sign up for the email …
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AC IV's Controversial, Online Singleplayer Features Make Game Easier
While Ubisoft has yet to comment or clarify the extent to which it is gating some features with its Passport, we think we've been able to figure most of it out. …. There are also white whale locations that let you hunt the game's version of Moby-Dick …
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Albany Area Coming Up Calendar – Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2013

Albany Area Coming Up Calendar – Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2013
Children receive a free F.U.N. Passport that is stamped on each Sunday visit. Once you receive 4 stamps, you … Farmers' Market: 1402 S. Slappey Blvd (across from main post office); open Friday, 2 to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more …
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Voter ID cards are just months away in Mississippi
Issuance of the cards is expected to begin in early 2014, months before the U.S. House and Senate primaries in June. Mississippi was among the handful of states that … In Mississippi, acceptable forms of ID include a driver's license, passport, gun …
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Flying Squirrel
As of this writing, the State Department ( is taking about four weeks to process passport applications. If you submit your application by the third week of November, for example, you'll have it back in time to put under the tree. With …
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Low NEXUS enrollment keeps lines long at Vermont-Canada border, official says
The NEXUS card is an alternative to a passport for air, land and sea travel into the United States for U.S. and Canadian citizens, according to the agency. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency are cooperating to …

CBI sends Nepal fresh reminder for info on Ramdev aide
In the absence of a treaty for mutual legal assistance between India and Nepal, the agency is unable to get the response expedited, said a CBI source. Around two years ago, in December 2011, the CBI had sought the details from Nepalese authorities via …
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Flexjet curates air and land experience in .5M world-tour package
“Passport to the World” aims to bring together families or groups up to eight seeking a unique holiday experience and will be curated with the help of luxury adventure travel brand Abercrombie & Kent and air carrier Jet Solutions. The $ 1.5 million …
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Exclusive: Pat Boone calls for 'renewal,' 'restoration' of great nation. Published: 13 hours ago. author- … Our current president promised, on the eve of his election, that he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” and …

Democrats shake up US Senate
The U.S. Geological Survey says an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 has been recorded in the south Pacific. The agency's National Earthquake Information Center said the … Saturday's decision comes after Turkish Prime Minister Recep …

Journalist Paul Mooney On Why He Was Blocked From China And How Things
According to Mooney, the Chinese government is more wary of denying visas to journalists who are renewing from inside the country than outside. If China denies a visa to a journalist inside … In the end, I agreed to sign a statement saying I'd …
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Mississippi to start making voter ID cards in early 2014; read facts of the
People who already have an acceptable form of photo ID — including a driver's license, a U.S. passport, a gun permit or a college identification — will not need a separate card. "If you have those, of course, we will thank you for coming, but we will …
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11000 beggars arrested in Jeddah last year
The arrest of beggars is a coordinated effort with several government agencies including the police, passport office, Mujahideen teams, traffic department, task force, field force and criminal investigation. Once they are apprehended, he said, they are …
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Exclusive: Torturing Abu Zubaydah and the art of deception
1, 2002, the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel sent the White House a memo drafted by attorney John Yoo, and signed by his boss, Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee. It authorized the … The Pakistanis were trying to force Abu …
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us passport replacement
Image by fearghalonuallain

There have been way too many things that could have gone wrong recently, things that if chance had been against us, could have ended our circumnavigation adventure. We’ve had to grapple with the beurocrats to get the last of our visas, get a replacement for my broken frame and I had to cycle while trying not to cause further harm to my legs, having crashed a few weeks ago.

I managed to get my Iran visa pretty swiftly though, and did the initial part of the appliation for the Turkmenistan transit visa, so with that all sorted, I hopped on my damaged bike and pedalled with my swollen legs towards the fabled silk road city of Samarquand. Each time I bent my knee at the top of the pedal stroke, I would get a pain in my quad muscles which made the cycle a cumbersome affair. Normally in such circumstances, I would put ice on the swelling. Of course I had no ice packs, but nature provided suitable cold, with the air temperature dropping down to around -3 degrees C or so. The weather wasn’t great for my bike though, as on a pretty miserable rainy day, some water had managed to get into the bearings of my bottom bracket (the bit that allows the cranks to spin), and each time I stopped, the water would turn to solid ice which prevented the cranks from spinning. I had to stamp on the pedals to break up the ice and get the whole lot
moving again. The water thrown up from my wheel also froze around the front chainrings and dereilleur which left me only able to use my big chainring, making the climbs a slow grind and putting even more strain on my knees. I arrived in Samarquand after an unplanned 165km days cycling, in the freezing rain, at night, and with the roads beginning to resemble an ice rink.

By then my new frame had been sprayed by KTM in Austria, which was then routed to Damian from Freewheel, where he popped in a lovely new Catlike helmet for me, my last lid being cracked after smashing my head off the road. The whole package was then FedEXed to Tashkent for me to collect when I returned to pick up my Turkmen visa. I was told the package would arrive on the 18th, but with my Uzbek visa expiring on the 22nd, I only had four days to get back to Samarquand, reassemble my entire bike and cycle the 350km to the border. It was very tight!

I met up with Fearghal in Tashkent where we both waited apprehensively outside the unnecessarily large and opulant Turkmenistan embassy. Fearghal had been up at 5 to put our name on the queuing list, which you would think is supposed to give some order to the proceedings. It didn’t though as the guard first let in his mates and the people who shouted the loudest and pushed the hardest. Eventually though, after 3 hours of waiting, we got in. I got a fright when a Japanese guy who was in front of us was told to come back in a week, his visa wasn’t ready. If that happened to us, we’d be truely stuck, as both our Uzbek visas would have expired by then. Luckily though, both of us got the required permission slips that had been approved by the ministry in Asgabat and we walked out with the last of our visas in our hands, we were both elated!! A serious celebratory piss-up followed, drinking a bottle of Champagnski and a litre of local vodka between us. We’re
both absolute lightweights these days when it comes to drinking and so it was a loud, short and very messy affair indeed!

The good fortuned continued and my frame arrived in Tashkent on time, so I jumped on the first train back to Samarquand, put my bike together and headed off towards the border. It was a very boring cycle, the road was flat, the weather was grey and murkey, and the scenery was dull and monotonous. I enjoyed the last of the Uzek hospitality though, each night staying overnight in the restaurant where I had eaten, and in some cases not being allowed to pay for my food. The problem with staying in a restaurant though, is you need to wait until all the clients leave, and many of them enjoy the vodka too much. One local insisted that I drink some vodka with him and despite the resistance from my stomach that was still very objectionable to alcohol after the aforementioned drinking session, I managed to down a couple of big shots. It was only after hiding my cup in my handlebar bag and by feigning nausea, that the guy stopped trying to ply me with booze.

I made it to the border on the 22nd with my legs feeling much better, a new frame on my bike and the last of the visas in my passport. Chance was with us and everything had gone according to plan, I just hope our luck continues.

Judith Kerr and the story behind The Tiger Who Came To Tea
"He'd been warned by somebody he'd never met, a policeman, that they were trying to take his passport away. A crowd of … He wanted us all out of Germany before the elections because he thought they'd hang on to us to get him back," says Judith Kerr.
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China's World: Why the Electric-Car Market Is Low Wattage
All that's required is a valid driver's license and a passport. And it's surprisingly cheap: eHi Car Service Ltd. charges the equivalent of just $ 25 a day for a Chinese-built Roewe with … On the supply side, state carmakers dropped the ball, says …
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Nepal deports foreign tandem paraglider pilots in clampdown in Pokhara
… seasonally in the country, many have worked under a tourist visa, which costs about $ 2US a day. However, at the start of October this year the Nepali Airsports Association (NAA) asked all overseas tandem pilots working in Pokhara to submit their …
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