Get A US Passport Renewal and Use Your Vacation Days This Year

Ahh, vacation…a time to relax and unwind. Did you know that according to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, American workers leave a grand total of 459 million vacation days unused every year. Additionally, giving up the stress-reducing benefits of vacation can also potentially affect your health. For example, Royal Caribbean’s press release quoted John de Graaf, Executive Director of Take Back Your Time, who stated that men who take vacation days have a 32% lower risk of having heart disease, while women who take all of their vacation days cut their risk of heart disease in half.


It’s amazing what a vacation can do, and there’s no better way to get away from it all than to leave the country, even if you only go as far as Canada or Mexico. After all, when you leave the country, you suddenly have to deal with roaming charges for cell phone calls and roaming data charges for accessing the internet on your phone, so you have a perfect excuse to not be “always on.”


Before you book an international vacation, make sure to check the expiration date on your passport. Adult passports expire 10 years from the date they were issued, while child passports expire within 5 years.


Applying for your US passport renewal well in advance can help keep your vacation from inadvertently adding to your stress.

Remember, it generally takes about 6 weeks for a US passport renewal application to be processed with normal processing. If you pay a $ 60 expedite fee and fork over the money for overnight shipping to and from the passport office, you can cut the processing time down to 3 weeks door-to-door. For even faster service, you’ll have to make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office capable of issuing same-day passports, or use a private passport expediting company for an additional fee.



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Second Passport

A passport is a legal symbol of one’s nationality and trump card to enjoy legal and other rights by an individual. Getting a second passport is a smart move to secure your future, financial liabilities and escaping political unrest. It is basically a traveler’s card, issued by a country to allow its citizen to move to another country and enjoy their stay there.

A legal passport contains name, nationality, date of birth, signature and other identification, which confirms citizenship and allows citizen to move freely to another country and carry out their business interest or others. Therefore, for moving to another country, every citizen must have a valid passport that signifies the validity of visit.

In absence of a valid passport, an individual is liable to face severe consequences. Fine in cash or jail term or both can be given depending upon the purpose and nature of visit.

Role of Second Passport

Having a second passport is really beneficial. It gives you the added advantage to enjoy the benefits and facilities given by another country. With your second passport, you are liable to enjoy all the rights like other citizens are enjoying. Honored by the government of another country, second passport legalize your stay and you can enjoy tax rights and custom duties equally like other natural citizens.

Types of Second Passport

Second passport are of different types, acknowledged by the governments of the countries. Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Alien’s Passport, Collective Passport, Look-alike Passport and other different kinds of passports can be issued to an individual for his foreign stay.

Issuance of the passport is entirely depended on the requirement of the visit. Like the natural passport, second passport carries vital information like name, signature, nationality, purpose of visit, tenure of stay and other key information. Specific in nature, second passport can be asked to produced before the government of another country in case of emergency.

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Obtaining A Children Passport Applications

Just as every U. S. adult must present a valid passport for international air travel, so must each child have their own passport. At one time, children under a certain age could travel on their parent’s passport but that law has changed and now each must have their own. The requirements for a children passport applications are similar to that of getting an adult passport except for a couple of major particulars to which careful attention must be paid.

Every child under the age of 16 must apply in person with the application for a new passport, DS -11. DS-11 is the standard application for a new passport. The form DS-11 should be filled out but should not be signed until the agent requests it.

The child also must have acceptable proof of citizenship which can be a certified birth certificate, naturalization certification, consular record of birth abroad or citizenship certificate. If it is not possible to access these primary documents there are some secondary documents that can be used such as baptismal certificate, public school records, public records or family bibles. However, secondary documents will require a combination of documents rather than one.

In addition to documentation proving the child’s citizenship, the parents of the child must be present and submit identification such as a valid passport or government issued identification. Proof of relationship to the child for whom the passport is being issued is required for minors under the age of 16. Court adoption records, birth certificates naming both parents or legal guardianship papers can be used for those purposes.

Requirements for passports for minors aged 16 and 17 vary slightly but in a couple of significant ways. The minors aged 16 and 17 must appear to apply in person and they must either present photo ID or have a parent present their photo ID if they don’t have their own. A express passport application for a minor 16 or 17 can be presented by the minor with themselves as the applicant, unlike younger persons who require the presence of both parents for an application.

There are circumstances wherein children might be able to travel to a foreign country without the necessity of a passport. A cruise ship which leaves from a US port and whose destination is a port in the Western Hemisphere might not require the passengers have a valid passport. On the other hand, it is important to know that the country where the ship arrives may require visitors to have one.

Groups of US or Canadian children traveling with school, religious or sports organizations to countries which are adjacent to theirs may present a birth certificate rather than a passport. This regulation is applicable to arrival by land or sea. Air travel still requires a US passport for the child to travel.

When applying for a passport for child fast, it will normally take four to six weeks for the passport to arrive. If the passport is desired sooner, an urgent passport might be requested which can shorten the wait time to two to four weeks.

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