News and Notes from the City of Canyon Lake

News and Notes from the City of Canyon Lake
The nearest facility for passport services is Sun City Main Post Office, 26822 Cherry Hills Blvd. in Menifee. The phone number is 301-3657. The City of Canyon Lake has launched, an interactive virtual …
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Paying through the nose to have the no-travel blues
My passport. I opened my passport book, humored by the idea that I once harbored dreams of traveling the globe. I had obtained a passport solely for our honeymoon to Barbados, a trip that took place almost 10 years ago. Its lack of cool travel stamps …
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Passport service fees approved at Bel Air library
"We based our fees alongside other models at local libraries like the ones in Howard County and post offices," Mary Hastler, executive director of the Harford County Public Library, said. The passport office is on the branch's mezzanine level and …
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Impulse buying: facing the consequences

Impulse buying: facing the consequences
You arrive at the airport well in advance, check-in for the flight and proceed to passport control before clearing security screening ready for the long journey ahead. …. Baggage has to be retrieved from the aircraft resulting in a missed takeoff …
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Travel Posters To Movie Locales Are A Roaming Film Buff's Ideal Christmas Gift
These resealable and element-proof bags come in all shapes and sizes to fit your every need (protect your passport and cellphone, or keep that pesky leaking shampoo bottle under wraps), and are transparent and odor-proof. Packs range in <a href="loksak …
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5 commercial banks to collect online fees for MRP, MRV
To deliver hassle-free and quick service to the applicants of Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and Machine Readable Visa (MRV), the government, for the first time, permitted five private commercial banks to collect fees through their online network.
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Japan Inc. Needs to Get Off Galapagos

Japan Inc. Needs to Get Off Galapagos
The reference, of course, is to fellow French passport holder and Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn, the CEO Japanese call "Le Cost Killer." When he took over the faltering automaker in June 2000 and began cutting jobs and downsizing everything in sight, Ghosn …
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Passport Picks: Main Street at Christmas in Stockbridge, Mass.
Commemorative buttons, at a cost of $ 5 apiece, offer admittance to any of the day's activities, while children under the age of 12 are welcome at no charge. Horse-drawn wagon and carriage rides are to be available for an additional fee. Other holiday …
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Cell Phones on Planes? Let's Hope Not.
Most people fail to realize that the average airfare in 2013 is about half of what it was three decades ago—and that's after factoring in the various add-on fees that have become so popular. The average fare has fallen 18 percent since 2000 alone …
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Stansted starts campaign for long haul flights

Stansted starts campaign for long haul flights
Stansted will contact over 300 of the region's top companies to develop a detailed picture of their travel requirements which will provide a base of evidence to show airlines the strong demand for business travel within the region and the opportunities …
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Definitions of Transmittal of Funds and Funds Transfer
Because the new section 919 of the EFTA defines "remittance transfers" broadly, most electronic transfers of funds sent by consumers in the United States to recipients in other countries will be subject to the new protections. … END FOOTNOTE The …

MY VIEW: Katrina Hall in form to hate

MY VIEW: Katrina Hall in form to hate
This week, a woman called our home phone and offered us pet insurance. I fell off my chair, first because the home phone rang, secondly because there was someone on the other end offering me something other than a better deal on electricity. And …
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More details revealed over allegations of Australia spying on East Timor
A former ASIS officer has signed an affidavit on the spying allegations which will form part of East Timor's legal case against Australia, challenging the validity of the deal. The case is scheduled to be heard in the Hague on Thursday. Peter Lloyd …
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Cuba suspends consular services in US, blames embargo

Cuba suspends consular services in US, blames embargo
MIAMI (Reuters) – Cuba is shutting down nearly all of its consular services in the United States until further notice after it said no bank would handle its business, the government announced on Tuesday, blaming the situation on the longstanding U.S …
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Former Daily Mirror and Daily Express news editor Leigh tracked down Mrs Darwin in Panama City with staff photographer Steve Dennet for news agency Splash. He told Press Gazette that nothing had been paid to Darwin for the exclusive. And in a bizarre …
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Dog treats pilfered from drop box

Dog treats pilfered from drop box
The man was eventually able to get out of the room on his own. A man calling from Shady Lane reported that … A woman calling from U.S. 2 near Coram reported that she was thrown to the ground and pushed against a wall by a man, who was subsequently …
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Hong Kong has a long way to go on disabled rights and attitudes
In that situation, we wait until the check-in staff are distracted by their next passengers and then make a run (or "wheel") for it to passport control – where security staff happily process us, without the need for a porter. And so, at Ocean Park, we …
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Kenya slum embraces alternative currency
They could get some nonprofit backing, generate a large amount of this new currency, give it to the community and let its value multiply as members spent amongst each other. Productivity would spike, wealth would … The Great Depression was the golden …
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UPDATE 1-Cuba suspends consular services in US, blames embargo

UPDATE 1-Cuba suspends consular services in US, blames embargo
Many of them must seek entry visas if they do not have a valid Cuban passport. Cuban emigres who lack U.S. citizenship must keep their Cuban passports up to date through the Cuban Interests Section in Washington. Close to 100,000 Americans also visited …
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Live! vs. IPFW (w/video)
Says he'll draw a paycheck playing the game once day, though it's more likely to happen with a passport. The last game Illinois played, Flavor Flav was sitting courtside. Don't think … For those of you not out there shopping — hope no one here was …
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Fugitive driver arrested in India over Melbourne death
… October 1, 2008. In 2009, Puneet used a friend's passport to fly back to his home country after entering the plea. … UPDATE: FUGITIVE killer driver Puneet Puneet was arrested as he went to meet a friend, after Interpol tipped-off local police …
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Strangers Help Homeless Father Make His Way Back Home to Family (VIDEO)
He traveled to NYC to find work, but was robbed of all his money ($ 1,000) and his belongings including his passport and his phone after falling asleep at Port Authority. He was already having a lot of trouble finding work and living off the last of his …
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