New Emergency Passport Office Opens in New York

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Residents of New York state can now choose between two different emergency passport offices: One in New York City and a new office in Buffalo, New York. State officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, October 18th, 2010 to mark the occasion. The new passport office is located at 111 Genesee Street, in Suite 101 of the Genesee Gateway building.


The new office is a Regional Passport Agency office, which means it can issue emergency passports or passport cards, usually within 24 hours. Previously, to get an emergency passport, Buffalo residents would have to make a trip to New York City to visit the passport office there. Demand for passports is up since they became a requirement for travel to Canada in 2009 as part of the final phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.


Regional Passport Agency offices are meant for travelers who need emergency assistance only, so you do have to meet certain qualifications to get an appointment. Basically, you are eligible to use these offices if you need a passport to travel within 2 weeks and you have already booked your tickets. However, you can also use a passport agency office if you are traveling within the next 4 weeks to a country that requires you to apply in advance for a travel visa.


The office operates by appointment only, and walk-ins are not permitted. To make an appointment, call 1-800-209-4565.


You will need to bring a copy of your itinerary to the appointment.

You’ll also need to bring all of the documents necessary to issue your emergency passport, including proof of identity, proof of citizenship and photos.See How to Submit a Passport Application for details. Check when you make an appointment to make sure that your documents are acceptable and that you know what kind of payment options are available at the facility.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Emergency Passport Appointments


Travel experts recommend that you apply for your passport well in advance of a trip outside the country-months in advance, if possible. However, life doesn’t always go according to plan, and sometimes you need an emergency passport. If you need your passport to travel in 14 days or less, you can call 1-800-209-4565 make an appointment at the nearest Regional Passport Agency Office to have an emergency passport issued.


Of course, the appointment won’t do you any good if you show up without the appropriate documents and paperwork. Here’s what you’ll need to get inside and get your passport:


A copy of your travel itinerary showing that you’ve booked tickets to leave the country in the next 14 days. However, if you need your passport to apply for a travel visa, you can make an appointment and bring an itinerary showing that you plan to leave within 4 weeks instead.

The confirmation number for your appointment

All of the documents you need to get your new passport. If you are applying for a new passport, you’ll need proof of citizenship and proof of identity. See How to Apply for a New Passport for details.

If you’re applying for a passport renewal and you still have your old passport, in most cases you can use your old passport to prove both your identity and your citizenship.

See Passport Renewal for details on what you’ll need to renew your passport. Also, since you are making an appointment at a passport agency, you should not mail in your passport and the renewal application form. Bring both the form and your old passport with you to the appointment.

Whether you’re renewing your passport or applying for a new one, you’ll need to bring two passport photos with you to the appointment.

Regional Passport Agency offices are federal buildings. That means you may have to pass through a medical detector to enter and you must not attempt to bring any weapons.

Be on time-you won’t be allowed in more than 15 minutes before your appointment time or more than 15 minutes after.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance author and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Expedited Passport Forms

When you are requesting an expedited passport, it’s important to be sure that you’re filling out all of the appropriate forms. After all, there’s really no time for a redo. Here’s a rundown of some of the different expedited passport forms that you might encounter:


Expedited Passport Form DS-11


Form DS-11 is an application for a new passport. It is used when you have not previously been issued a passport, or if your existing passport was issued when you were 16 or younger. You must submit form DS-11 in person at a passport acceptance facility or passport agency office, along with proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and 2 passport photos. Don’t sign the form until you are at the acceptance office and the acceptance agent tells you to.


Expedited Passport Form DS-82


Form DS-82 is for people who are eligible to renew their passport by mail. You are eligible for passport renewal by mail so long as your passport is undamaged and in your possession, was issued when you were 16 or older and is less than 15 years old, and you have documentation to support any name change requests. When you mail form DS-82, include your current passport, 2 new passport photos and documents to support any name changes. Don’t forget to sign the form before you send it!


Expedited Passport Form DS-64


Form DS-64 is used in conjunction with Form DS-11 to replace a lost or stolen passport.

This form requests that you provide information about the lost or stolen passport, the circumstances in which it was lost or stolen, and the efforts you made to get it back. This information goes into the Consular Lost or Stolen Passport system, and the passport will be flagged in case someone else tries to use it to get in or out of the country.


Authorization Letter


An authorization letter is used when you are applying for your passport through a private visa expediting company. The letter gives the company permission to meet with the Department of State on your behalf and submit your application.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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How to get US Passport, Passport renewal, Second passport – instructions

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Services that Any Reliable Passport Agency Should Offer to People

A passport is a national identification document that is issued by the government of a country. Individual cases may create different formalities and documentations. Knowing what steps to follow will make the process less complicated. Your resources can be found at a Private or State passport office such as or

If you do not have much time on your hands and need the passport in short notice, you can get in touch with a passport agency or expediting passport service. There are many such agencies that carry out these kinds of jobs for different clients and customers. Getting the passport via the agencies might seem a little expensive, but becomes a time saving affair. Here are some of the services that any reliable passport agency will definitely offer to people:

  • Application for a new passport – This is probably the most common service that is provided by any passport agency. People applying for new passports need to fill out an application form along with all other supporting documents. The agency will make sure that there are no mistakes on the form, no missing documents and get the passport at the earliest convenience for the client.

  • Lost and damaged passport – It might happen that a person loses their passport some how. In such cases, has to apply for a new passport by reporting the loss of the old one. A passport agency can help in solving the issue quite fast and cut down the anxiety. It might also happen that in an unfortunate incident the passport gets damaged badly. Therefore it requires to be renewed. The agency will be able to provide services in such situations as well.

  • Renewal of passport – Passports have an expiration date. After that date the passport does not remain valid any longer and needs to be renewed. The passport renewal form needs to be filled out along with other documents. A reliable passport agency or expediting service can get the process of a renewal in as little as one day. Normally, it will take a longer time for the renewal process to be complete elsewhere such as an acceptance agent or post office.

  • Change of name – This is more applicable for women who want to change their surnames in the passport post marriage. Many people also have their names and surnames changed and have affidavit for them. The same changes are to be made in the passport as well. This work is also handled by a passport agencies.

Packing Light – Carry Less and Travel Comfortably

I’ve got to say with all the things to do for a trip the one task that seems to get less attention than it need’s is packing. Most of the time we have to travel directly after work, school or any other obligation to come back home and quickly prepare to travel.This may relate to a lot of your experiences with trips of all sorts. What we are going to discuss is helpful ways to really get all types of people to be able to ensure there is less stress when packing and more “I’m ready to vacate my home” mode.

First thing to remember is the importance of packing light. I know we’re going to be snapping all these fun pictures and a few are going to be framing quality but we can look great and pack smart. Whether the trip is going to be a week end get away or a lengthy one, let’s get you ready comfortably.

Let’s begin by doing some prep work. You have a calendar so put it to great use as a check off list that won’t get lost. We know where, we’re going and a general idea of what that environment is like so why not pick some staple items. If its shorts or skirts your going to need, picking colors like black, khaki, or even a white pair will match with almost any top. By throwing two to three tops that match during the weeks prior, will allow you to have in mind some go to outfits to pack. It lets you feel more confident about what you’re going to wear and stay focused on packing light. Flip flops come in handy for many reason and don’t take up much space. If you’re going to be traveling for more than a week take advantage of U.P.S. and their luggage box. You can even skip the box and send your bare suit case to your location and avoid the high price luggage fees. You’ll find the money you saved creates a big smile and less baggage you have to carry up and down stairs or transportation.

Now visit the check off list calendar and write down that clothes is complete. Think about what we’re going to need to take with us to stay relaxed or entertained during take-offs. Like your iPod, reading material, the much needed camera charger. You’re going to also want to learn how to properly fill your suit case. Throwing things in there without order is going to work against your light packing goal. So here are some helpful tips.

  1. Place your long clothes such as pants on the bottom.
  2. Begin by adding shorts or shirts that wrinkle easy in side.
  3. Roll your t-shirts up so that the ones you picked to go with your bottoms will fit more compact.
  4. Place socks and undergarments along the side of the suitcase. Go ahead and pull
    the excess hanging over on top like a present.
  5. Put a towel on top so that you can lay your hygiene products on top. Just incase
    anything expands due to pressure or handling.
  6. Put all things that can burst open such as tooth paste or perfume into a zip lock bag to avoid getting it all over your clothes.
  7. By doing these steps you are carrying less weight and only have what you need.

The perks of packing light are that you can take it as a carry on, and will not lose anything. Also it creates less time looking at the baggage check. You’ll find what you thought you could not live with out will have you tackling your vacation a lot smoother.

US Passport Card – Preferred Choice of Many People

The US Passport Card has become very popular with people traveling between US and Canada as well as Mexico, Caribbean and Bermuda by land or sea. Like the US passport, the passport card is also issued by the US State Department. The greatest advantage of the passport card is that it is easy to carry as it is smaller than a passport. It is also a less expensive alternative to a passport book. However, the only drawback of the card is that international travel via flights is restricted. Traveling only in the above mentioned areas is permissible via waterways or roadways. Here are some more details regarding the US passport card:

Application for the US Passport Card

The US passport card can be obtained by all US citizens. People who possess a US passport and have the eligibility of using form DS-82 can apply for the passport card via mail. Form DS- 82 is also used for passport renewal in the US. Both passport renewal and application for US passport card can be done at the same time. However, there are many people who do not have a US passport and do not also have the eligibility of using Form DS-82. Such people have to use form DS-11 and have to apply for the passport card in person.

Cost to be incurred for the US passport card and validity of the same

The costing and validity of US passport card will depend on age. The charges as well as validity of the cards will be different for adults and minors.

  • For adults – Sixteen years of age or above come in this age group. The passport card remains valid for 10 years for adults. If the adult is a first-time applicant for the card then he will need to pay $55.00 for the same. However, if the person is a previous passport holder, then he will need to pay $30.00.
  • For minors – This group comprise of children below 16 years of age. The validity of the US passport card is for 5 years only for this group. The cost incurred for minor’s passport card is $40.00.

Documents needed for applying US passport card

The same kinds of documents need to be furnished for the passport book applies to the passport card. Documents proving identity of the person are must. Along with that, documents are also needed that prove the US citizenship of a person. However, if a person already has a passport, applying for the passport card becomes easier via mail.